Chess in 1769
by Bill Wall, 2021

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On June 4, 1769, Giambatista Lolli (1698-1769), an Italian chess player, died in Italy.

In 1769, Oemenico Lorenzo Ponziani (1719-1796) published a practical chess guide to chess. His first edition of his Il giuoco incomparabile degli scacchi, was published anonymously at Modena, Italy. His book was confined to some chess openings and some chess endings.

In 1769, Wolfgang von Kempelen's (1734-1804) chess-playing Turk automaton first appeared at Vienna in the court of Maria Theresa (1717-1780), the empress of Austria-Hungary.

On August 18, 1769, Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) wrote in his diary that he told schoolteacher James Ogilvie (1773-1820) to buy him a set of chessmen. [source: Jefferson's Memorandum Books, Volume 1: Accounts with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826, p. 455]. He also wrote to neighbor and classmate John Walker (1744-1809) to bring him a chess board, and that Jefferson had chessmen, but wanted a wooden chess board.

In 1769, Philidor composed the music to the opera comique L'amant degiuse, ou Le jardinier suppose (The disguised lover, or the supposed gardener). It first premiered at the Comedie-Italienne, Hotel de Bourgogne, in Paris, on September 2, 1769.

In 1769, Philidor assisted in the composition of the music for the opera comique La Rosiere de Salency. It first premiered at Fontainebleau on October 25, 1769.

In 1769, Philidor's fourth son, Auguste Danican Philidor (1769-1802) was born. He was a soldier in the revolutionary army. He had no descendants.

In 1769-1770, Philidor composed the music for the opera comique La nouvelles ecole des femmes (The New School of Women). It first premiered at the Comedie-Italienne, Hotel de Bourgogne, in Paris, on January 22, 1770.

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