Chess in 1774
by Bill Wall

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In 1774, the Parsloe's Chess Club was founded in London on St. James Street. It was limited to 100 members. Philidor frequently played chess there as the club raised money for him to stay there for four months. Philidor gave chess lesson at the club for 5 shillings (60 cents) each. [source: Hooper & Wyld, The Oxford Companion to Chess, 1984, p. 251]

In May 1774, King Louis XVI (1754-1793) of France came to power after his grandfather died, and continued the pension to Philidor.

In 1774, the oldest Danish chess book was published in Copenhagen. [source: Murray, A History of Chess, 1913, p. 854]

In 1774, Wolfgang von Kempelen toured Germany with his chess-playing automaton, the Turk.

In 1774, Greco's book, Le Jeu des Echecs, was reprinted in Paris.

On May 1, 1774, Friedrich Wilhelm von Mauvillon (1774-1851) was born in Germany. He was an army officer and played the first known correspondence chess games in 1804.

In December 1774, Benjamin Franklin played two games of chess with Caroline Howe, the sister of Rear Admiral Viscount Lord Richard Howe (1726-1799).

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