Chess in 1779
by Bill Wall, 2021

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In 1779, Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869) was born. He devised the first pocket set in 1845. He was a British lexicographer and the creator of the Thesaurus.

In 1779, the Duke of Rutland invented a 4-player chess variation using a 14 x 10 board. This would accommodate the full complement of 16 men for each of four players.

In February 1779, Philidor set to music to Carmen Saeculare while in London. The English text was written by Baretti and Samuel Johnson wrote the Latin and English epilogue. This was the most ambitious musical composition ever based on Horace's poetry. It was performed three nights (Feb 26, March 5, and March 12, 1779) with great success at Free-Mason's Hall in London. Philidor received 450 British pounds for his work (over $70,000 in today's currency). [source: Ruxin, "Not in Fleeman," The Past as Present: Selected Thoughts & Essays, 2017. p. 186)

In June, 1779, Benjamin Franklin published The Morals of Chess while in London.

In 1779, a German edition of Philidor's second edition chess book was published by Schak Hiarte Ewald: Praktische Anweisung zum Schachspiel von Andre Danican Philidor.

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