Chess in 1802
by Bill Wall

Mdme. de Remusat

Claire elisabeth Jeanne Gravier de Vergennes de Remusat (1780—1821) was a French woman of letters. She married at sixteen, and was attached to the Empress Josephine as dame du palais in 1802. She played chess with Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802.
In January 1802, the Philadelphia Aurora General Advertiser advertised a subscription for a Philadelphia edition of the English translation of Philidor's Analyse du jeu des echecs. It was to be published by James Humphreys and Joseph Groff, but the American edition did not appear until 1826.

On April 26, 1802, Francois Charles Devinck was born. He was an amateur chess player and played Paul Morphy in a few games at odds. He was president of the Paris chamber of commerce.

On May 23, 1802, Domencio Ercole Del Rio (born in 1718) died in Modena, Italy. He was an Italian lawyer, chess player, and author. He was nicknamed the anonymous Modenese and was known as "the Devil who could not be beaten."

In 1802, the first American book devoted solely to chess, Chess Made Easy : new and comprehensive rules for playing the game of chess, was published, printed, and sold in Philadelphia by James Humphreys (1748-1810). It is a reprint of an earlier London edition of Philidor's Analyse du jeu des echecs. It contained 97 pages. The American book also contained Benjamin Franklin's essay, The Morals of Chess.

In 1802, Les Stratagemes Des Echecs was published in France. The author was Alfred de Montigny. The book is about chess with hand-painted engravings of chess positions.

In 1802, Frederick Lokes Slous was born. He was a strong amateur player in England.

In 1802, Ossia il Giuoco degli Scacchi was published in Genoa, Italy.

In 1802, the second edition of Johnann Baptist Allgaier's (1763-1823) chess book, Neue theoretisch-praktische Anweisung zum Schachspiel, appeared. It was first published in 1795.

In 1802, the first chess club appeared in New York City.

Madame Claire de Remusat—Napoleon Bonaparte, Paris, 1802 (some sources say 1804)
1.e4 Nf6 2.d3 Nc6 3.f4 e5 4.fxe5 Nxe5 5.Nc3 Nfg4 6.d4 Qh4+ 7.g3 Qf6 8.Nh3 Nf3+ 9.Ke2 Nxd4+ 10.Kd3 Ne5+ 11.Kxd4 Bc5+ 12.Kxc5 Qb6+ 13.Kd5 Qd6# 0-1

NN—Du Mont, Paris, 1802
1.f4 e5 2.fxe5 d6 3.exd6 Bxd6 4.g3 Qg5 5.Nf3 Qxg3+ 6.hxg3 Bxg3# 0-1

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