Chess in 1829
by Bill Wall

In 1829, two correspondence games were played between the Berlin Chess Club and the Breslau Chess Club. It lasted until 1833. Berlin wins both games.

In 1829, the Hoyle edition for games stated that "the King who is stale mated wins the game." It was also considered a won game by Philidor and Sarratt. However, at the London Chess Club, the rule was that a stale-mate was considered a drawn game. (source: London Times, Feb 16, 1829)

In 1829, The Turk was exhibited at Tammany Hall in New York.

In January 1829, Frederic Deacon was born in Brixton, London. He was a British/Belgum chess master.

In 1829, James Cochrane and Ghulam Kassam wrote Analysis of the Muzio Gambit, published in Madras. It was the first book entirely devoted to one opening.

In 1829, the Abbazia Defense of the Kings's Gambit was published by Hirsch Silberschmidt.

In 1829, and account of games, including chess, played in Siam was published.

On February 14, 1829, Jean Dufresne was born. He was a German player, chess composer, and writer. He died in 1893.

In April, 1829, The Turk returned to the United States for exhibions.

On April 21, 1829, Alfred Crosskill was born in Beverley, England. He was an endgame analyst.

On July 14, 1829, Henry Edward Bird was born in Portsea, Hampshire. He was a strong British amateur.

On September 4, 1829, William Wayte was born Caine, England. He was a Church of England clergyman and a British chess master.

William Lewis - NN, England, 1829
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.c3 Qe7 5.0-0 d6 6.d3 f5 7.Bxg8 Rxg8 8.d4 exd4 9.cxd4 Bb6 10.e5 d5 11.Nc3 Be6 12.Bg5 Qf7 13.Na4 h6 14.Nxb6 axb6 15.Bc1 g5 16.Ne1 g4 17.Bxh6 Rh8 18.Bf4 Ne7 19.f3 0-0-0 20.fxg4 fxg4 21.Bg3 Qh7 22.Rf6 Qg8 23.Rc1 Nf5 24.Rxf5 Bxf5 25.e6 c6 26.Qa4 Qxe6 27.Qa8+ Kd7 28.Qxb7+ Ke8 29.Be5 g3 30.hxg3 Qh6 31.Rc3 Rh7 32.Qxb6 Qd2 33.Qxc6+ Rdd7 34.Nf3 Qd1+ 35.Kf2 Rh1 36.Qc8+ Ke7 37.Bf6+ Kxf6 38.Qf8+ Kg6 39.Ne5+ Kg5 40.Qg8+ Kh5 41.g4+ Bxg4 42.Qg6+ Kh4 43.Qh6+ Bh5 44.Ng6+ Kg4 45.Qf4# 1-0

William Davies Evans - Alexander McDonnell, London, 1829
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Bc5 6.0-0 Nf6 7.d4 exd4 8.cxd4 Bb6 9.e5 d5 10.exf6 dxc4 11.Re1+ Kf8 12.Ba3+ Kg8 13.d5 Na5 14.Be7 Qd7 15.fxg7 Kxg7 16.Qd2 Qg4 17.Qc3+ Kg8 18.Qxh8+ Kxh8 19.Bf6+ Qg7 20.Re8# 1-0

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