Chess in 1835
by Bill Wall

In 1835, Chess for Beginners was written by William Lewis in London.

In 1835, Charles G. Gumpel, builder of the Mephisto automaton, was born in England.

In 1835, Peter Pratt died. He was a chess author. In 1799, he wrote The Theory of Chess: A Treatise.

On January 4, 1835, George Walker started as editor of chess column in Bell's Life that ran for 38 years.

In 1835, Carl Ahlhausen was born in Germany. He was the librarian of the Berlin Chess Association.

In 1835, James Adams Congdon was born in New York. He was elected president of the National Chess Association in 1874.

In 1835, Ludwig Bledow translated Lewis' Selection of Games from the Labourdonnais-MacDonnell match.

In 1835, the first U.S. major postal chess match was played between the NY Chess Club and the Federal City Chess Club in Washington DC (source: Chess Life, June 5, 1951)

On January 23, 1835, William Fiske was born in Ellisburg, NY. He was a chess player, musician, and chess columnist.

On May 1, 1835, George Walker published A Selection of Games at Chess actually played by Philidor and his Contemporaries.

On May 14, 1835, William Meredith was born in Philadelphia. He was a chess composer.

On September 14, 1835, Alexander McDonnell, born in Belfast in 1798, died in London of Bright's disease (kidney disease) at the age of 37. He was an Irish master who contested a series of matches with La Bourdonnais in 1834. See our article on chess in 1834 for the games.

Wayte,William - Williams,Elijah [C58], England, 1835
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 d5 5.exd5 Na5 6.Bb5+ c6 7.dxc6 bxc6 8.Qf3 Qb6 9.Ba4 Bg4 10.Qg3 Bc5 11.0-0 0-0 12.Bb3 h6 13.Nf3 Nxb3 14.axb3 e4 15.Ne5 Be2 16.Re1 Nh5 17.Nd7 Qd8 18.Qe5 Qxd7 19.Rxe2 Qg4 20.Rxe4 Nf4 21.g3 Bd6 0-1

Slous, FL - Bone [C40], London, 1835
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 3.Nxe5 Qe7 4.Qh5+ g6 5.Nxg6 Qxe4+ 6.Kd1 Nf6 7.Qh4 Ng4 8.Be2 hxg6 9.Qxh8 Nxf2+ 10.Ke1 Nxh1 11.d3 Qxg2 12.Bh6 Qf2+ 13.Kd2 Qc5 14.Nc3 Nf2 15.Nd5 Ng4 16.Bxg4 fxg4 17.Qe5+ Kd8 18.Bg5+ Be7 19.Bxe7+ Qxe7 20.Qxe7# 1-0

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