Chess in 1851

by Bill Wall


In 1851,  Lowenthal became Secretary of the St. George Chess Club.


In 1851, Samuel Boden introduced the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit.


In 1851, Chess Studies (208 studies) by Kling and Horwitz was published.


In 1851, Lionel Kieseritsky played 4 games blindfolded simultaneously.


In January 1851, Paul Morphy's first published game appeared in La Regence, published by Kieseritsky.


On January 31, 1851, Ivan Butrimov died in St Petersburg.  He published the 1st Russian chess book in 1821.


On April 2 (March 21, Old Style), 1851, Adolph Brodsky was born in Taganrog, Russia.  He was a chess player and violinist.


On April 14, 1851, William Crane was born in Castle Hill, Australia.  He was Australian champion in 1888 and 1897.


In May 1851, Lowenthal left Cincinnati and went to London to participate in the London International.  The winner was to receive 500 British pounds and crowned as the king player of the world. (source: Nashville Republican Banner, May 26, 1851).


On May 27, 1851, it was the opening day of the 1st international tournament (the Grand Chess Tournament), London. It was held at St. George's Chess Club, RoyaL Polytechnic Institute Building, 5 Cavendish Square during the Great Industrial Exhibition (World’s Fair).  There was no entry fee.  Admission to the tournament was three guineas.  There were 32 participants in this knockout event.


In 1851, during the London International Tournament, a telegraph match was planned between London and Paris.  Due to disagreements with the French government, the telegraph match did not take place.  Thus, the organizing committee of the London tournament arranged a telegraphic match between the St. James Hall Chess Club and the London Chess Club.


On June 11, 1851, Theodor von Scheve was born.   He was a German chess master and writer.


On June 16, 1851, Maarten Van’t Kruijs won a knockout tournament in Amsterdam.  There were 38 players.


On June 21, 1851, the Immortal Game, Anderssen-Kieseritzky, was played in the Divan.


On July 9, 1851, Berthold Englisch was born in Holtzenplatz, Austria.  He was German champion in 1879.  He died in 1897.


On July 15, 1851, the 1st international tournament ended in London.   It was won by Adolf Anderssen.  Marmaduke Wyvill took 2nd place, winning 55 British pounds.   The winner was supposed to have received 500 British pounds, but the organizing committee did not raise enough money.  Anderssen only got 183 pounds (and a silver cup) and gave 1/3 of his money to Szen on an agreement before the tournament started.



On July 15, 1851, Samuel Boden won the London Knockout Provincial tournament.


In July 1851, Kieseritzky played 4 players at once blindfolded at the Café de la Regence, and won all 4 games.


In August 1851, The Chess Player, a weekly magazine, was edited by Kling & Horwitz.


On August 8, 1851, Adolf Anderssen won the London Club tournament.


On December 27, 1851, Max Judd was born.  He was the US Open winner in 1903.  He was US consul in Vienna.