Chess in 1864

by Bill Wall


In 1864, the Georgetown, British Guiana chess club was founded.


In 1864, Gay wrote BIBLIOGRAPHIE ANECDOTIQUE DU JEU DES ESCHECS, published in Paris.


In 1864, the NEUE BERLINER SCHACHZEITUNG was edited by Anderssen & Neumann.


In January 1864, the Philadelphia Chess Club defeated the Paulsen Chess Club in New York in a one game match by telegraph.


In June 1864, former Union Captain George H. Mackenzie (1837-1891) was marked as a deserter, was arrested, and was forfeited all pay and allowances.   He was released in May, 1865, and moved to New York and started playing chess.  By 1867, he was U.S. chess champion.


On August 29, 1864, the 4th West German Chess Congress was held in  Dusseldorf.  It was won by Max Lange.


On November 11, 1864, Pierre d'Orville died in Regensburg, Germany.  He was a chess problemist.