Chess in 1867

by Bill Wall


In 1867, the first issue of LA STRATEGIE JOURNAL D'ECHECS, a French chess magazine, was published.† It ended in 1940.† It was first edited by Jean Preti.


In 1867, the Danish gambit was introduced by von der Lasa.† He published analysis on the opening in the Schachzeitung.


In 1867, a chess club was formed in Charlotte, NC.


In 1867, Edward Harrison May (1824-1887) painted ďLady Howe mating Benjamin Franklin.Ē


On January 7, 1867, James F. Magee was born.† He started the Good Companion Chess Problem Club.† He died in 1955.


On January 31, 1867, Judge Pliny Merrick (born in 1794) of Boston died of paralysis while playing a game of chess at a friendís house.† He was 73.


On April 22, 1867, Alexander Dmitrievich Petrov died in Warsaw.† He was the first strong Russian master.† He was born on Feb 12, 1794.


On June 3, 1867, George Henry Mackenzie (1837-1891) won the US championship match against Gustavus Reichhelm in Philadelphia (+7-0=2).† The match was played at the Philadelphia Atheneum.† (source: New York Tribune, June 5, 1867)


On June 4, 1867, the Paris Congress opened during a World Fair in Paris.† There were 13 players.† It was a double round robin.† It was the first international chess tournament in France.



On June 12, 1867, Frederick Gustavus Hamilton-Russell was born in England.† He was President of the British Chess Federation and a chess patron.


On June 24, 1868, a telegraphic match between New York and Detroit was held.† Detroit won.


In July 1867, Paul Morphy returned to Paris.


On July 11, 1867, Ignatz Kolisch won the Paris tournament.† He was presented a Sevres vase by Napoleon and 5,000 francs.


On August 31, 1867, the 6th West German Chess Congress (WDSB-Congress), was held in Cologne.† The tournament was won by Wilfried Paulsen.


On September 1, 1867. it was the first time that draws counted as 1/2 point and did not have to be replayed - Dundee international.


At the Dundee tournament, Steinitz got in an argument with Blackburne.† He then spit on Blackburne, who promptly knocked Steinitzís head through a window.


On September 14, 1867, the Dundee International was won by Gustav Richard Neumann (1838-1881).


On October 1, 1867, the last issue of the CHESS PLAYER'S MAGAZINE was published, edited by Lowenthal.


On October 27, 1867, Karl Behting (Betins) was born in Berzmuiza, Russia.† He was a Latvian chess master and chess composer.