Chess in 1868

by Bill Wall


In 1868, Ajeeb, created by Charles Hooper, was exhibited at the Royal Polytechnical Institute.


In 1868, Simon Winawer (1838-1919) won at a major tournament in Warsaw.


In 1868, TRANSACTIONS OF THE BRITISH CHESS ASSOCIATION was published by Lowenthal and Medley.


In 1868, George Selkirk wrote The Book of Chess and published it in London


In 1868, Chess World, volume III, was published


In 1868, the British Chess Association Handicap was held.  1st - Steinitz; 2nd - Wisker; 3rd – Blackburne.


In 1868, Aachen 1868 was won by Max Lange.


In 1868, Hamburg 1868 was won by Max Lange.


On January 14, 1868, Henry Bettmann was born in Cincinnati.  He was a chess problemist.


On May 18, 1868, Carl Mayet died.  He was a German master and one of the Berlin Pleiades.


On May 31, 1868, the first Northern German Chess Federation championship, held in Hamburg, was won by Max Lange.


In 1868, the Westminster Chess Club had a membership of 200 and started publishing a chess magazine called The Westminster Chess Club Papers.


On June 7, 1868, Dawid (David) Janowski was born in Woldowysk.  He was German champion in 1902.  He was World champion challenger in 1910.  He died in 1927.


On June 24, 1868,  Harold James Ruthven Murray was born in Camberwell.  He was the author of HISTORY OF CHESS.


On August 17, 1868, Duncan Forbes died in London.  He was a chess historian.


On November 23, 1868, the 2nd British Chess Championship was held in London. It was won by Blackburne.  De Vere took 2nd place.


On December 24, 1868, Richard Teichmann was born in Altenburg.  He was a German master.  He died 1925.


On December 24, 1868, Emanuel Lasker was born in Berlinchen in Brandenburg.  He was world chess champion from 1894 to 1921.  He died in 1941,