Chess in 1871

by Bill Wall


In 1871, the first county match was played in England, Yorkshire vs. Lancashire.


In 1871, the first round robin tournament was introduced in the US.


In 1871, the Mid-German Chess Union was founded.


In 1871, the Oxford University Chess Club first challenged Cambridge University to a correspondence match.


On Feb 10, 1871, Hacinth  Agnel died in West Point, NY.  He was a chess author.


On Feb 22, 1871, Fritz Carl Anton Englund was born in Vastervik, Sweden.  He was a Swedish chess player and chess problemist.


On Nov 28, 1871, Karl August Walbrodt was born in Amsterdam.  He was German co-champion in 1893 with von Bardeleben.


On Dec 4, 1871, the 2nd American Chess Congress was started in Cleveland.  One of the rules was that all games were property of the Chess Congress.


On Dec 15, 1871, the 2nd American Chess Congress was won by George Mackenzie.  He won $100 1st prize.  There were only 9 players.


During the 2nd American Chess Congress, the American Chess Association was formed.  Preston Ware of Boston was elected President; John G. White of Cleveland was elected Secretary; J.S. Turner of New York was elected Treasurer.  (source: New York Times,  Dec 16, 1871)