Chess in 1873

by Bill Wall


In 1873, Henry Blackburne was nicknamed the 'Black Death' after playing in Vienna.


In 1873, Henry Bird introduced the Bird's Opening against Wisker.


In 1873, George Walker ended his chess column in Bell's Life after 38 years.


In 1873, the 1st Netherlands Chess Federation was held at The Hague.  It was won by H.W. B. Gifford and B. W. Blijdenstein.


On Mar 28, 1873, the first official Oxford-Cambridge match was played.  Oxford won with 9 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws.  The match was played at the City of London Chess Club.


On May 16, 1873, the first Canadian Championship was held at Toronto.  Albert William Ensor (1843-1883) took 1st place.


On May 23, 1873, the Dutch Chess Federation founded.


On June 24, 1873, Juan Corzo y Principe was born in Madrid.  He was Cuban champion in 1902.


In August 1873, Steinitz and Blackburne tied for 1st at the Vienna InternationalSteinitz won the play-off.  Adolf Anderssen took 3rd place.


In Aug 1873, the first tie-breaking system, Sonnenborn-Berger, was used by Gelbfuhs in Vienna.


On Aug 15, 1873, Horatio Bolton died in England.  He was a chess problemist.  He was born in 1793.


On Sep 16, 1873, James Creevey was born in Ireland.  He was Irish champion in 1933 and 1934.


On Sep 19, 1873, Rudolf Charousek was born in Prague.   He was a Hungarian chess master.


On Oct 17, 1873, Bernhard Guretzky-Cornitz died in Berlin.  He was an endgame analyst.


On Dec 6, 1873, Percy Blake was born in Manchester, England.  He was a chess problemist.


On Dec 12, 1873, John Finan Barry was born in Boston.  He was a very strong amateur.


On Dec 14, 1873, Oscar Chajes was born in Brody, Russia.   He was an Austrian, then American chess player.