Chess in 1876

by Bill Wall


In 1876, the first Russian chess magazine, Schachmatny Listok, was published by Mikhail Chigorin (1850-1908).


In 1876, CHESS: THEORY AND PRACTICE, by the late Howard Staunton and edited by Robert Wormald, was published.


In 1876, the Mephisto automaton was first exhibited at Westminster Aquarium in London.


In 1876, the first correspondence all-play-all tournament was organized by Rev. T. Archdall.  There were 17 entries.  The winner was John Crum.


In 1876, the Royal Library in The Hague bought the van der Linde book collection.


In February, 1876 Wilhelm Steinitz played Joseph Blackburne in London and made a clean score of 7 wins, no losses or draws. This was the first time spectators were charged and entrance fee (half a guinea) to see a chess match. After this match, Steinitz did not play any serious chess for 6 years.


In 1876 Steinitz began a chess column in the London Figaro, which lasted until 1882. The magazine was owned by Napoleon III.


On Mar 27, 1876, Blackburne won the London (cigar divan) tournament.


On May 17, 1876, Carl Hamppe died in Gersau, Switzerland.   He was 61.  He was a chess theoretician.


On May 28, 1876, George Allen died in Worcester, MA.  He was a chess author and professor of Greek languages.


On May 29, 1876, Walther von Holzhausen was born in Troppau (Opava), then Austrain Silesia.  He was a German chess master and problemist.


On July 21, 1876, Johann Jacob Loewenthal died in Hastings.   He was 70.  He was a Hungarian master.


In August 1876, George Mackenzie won the Cafe international tournament in New York.


On Aug 15, 1876, Wolfgang Pauly was born.  He was the greatest problemist of Romania.


On Aug 17, 1876 the 4th American Chess Congress began in Philadelphia.  It was the first US tournament to attract foreign masters.  There were 9 players.


On Aug 31, 1876, James Mason won the 4th American Chess Congress.


On Sep 1, 1876, the 1st brilliancy prize, a silver cup, was awarded to Bird over his victory against Mason.


On Sep 20, 1876, Mason won the New York Clipper tournament.


On Nov 23, 1876, Arved Heinrichsen was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.  He was a Lithuanian chess master.


On Dec 1, 1876, Josef Kling, pioneer endgame analyst, died.