Chess in 1881

by Bill Wall


In 1881, the Blackmar gambit was first analyzed and published.†


In 1881, there was a ladiesí chess club in Brighton.† It lasted until 1894.


In 1881. van der Linde published his 3rd book on the history of chess, Das erste Jahrtausend der Schachliteratur.† He cited 3,462 works on chess and draughts


In 1881, Mattia Cavalotti introduced the Albin Countergambit against Salvioli in Milan.


On January 1, 1881, the first issue of BRITISH CHESS MAGAZINE was published.


On Jan 17, 1881, William Napier was born in London.† He was British champion in 1904.† He married Pillsbury's niece.


On Jan27, 1881, Jean-Louis Preti died.††† He was a chess writer and started LA STRATEGIE magazine.


On Feb 16, 1881, Gustav Richard Neumann died in Allenberg.† During the late 1860s, he was among the five strongest players in the world. He suffered from mental illness.


On March 24, 1881, Vasily Platov was born.† He and his brother Mikhail (1883-1938) were famous chess composers.


On April 2, 1881, Clarence Howell was born in New York City.† †He was an American chess master.


In June 1881, Frank Melville Teed won the first Manhattan Chess Club championship.


On June 14, 1881, George Thomas was born in Istanbul.† He was British champion in 1923 and 1934.†


In August 1881, †Blackburne won the second German Chess Fed, held in Berlin.


On Oct 5, 1881, Leo Fleischmann (also Forgacs) was born in Budapest.† He was Hungarian champion in 1907.


On Dec 3, 1881, Philip Sergeant was born in Gateshead.† He was London champion in 1951.


On Dec 15, 1881, Jules duMont was born in Paris.† He was a chess author.