Chess in 1892

by Bill Wall


In 1892, Edward Roberts won the first South African Championship, Cape Town.


In 1892, the Manhattan Chess Club defeated the New Orleans Chess Club in a telegraphic match.


In 1892, the Princeton University Chess Club defeated the Yale University Chess Club in a correspondence match.


In 1892, William Hicks died in Montreal.† He was Canadian champion in 1874.


In 1892, Henry Weenik was born.† He was a Dutch composer, player and author.


In 1892, Samuel Lipschutz won the 4th US championship in a match against Showalter (7-1, 7 draws).


In 1892, Emanuel Lasker took 1st place at a London tournament.


On Jan 2, 1892, the world chess championship match between Steinitz and Chigorin started in Havana.


On Feb 7, 1892, Karel Opocensky was born.† He was 4-time Czech champion.†


In Feb 1892, Matthew Wilson, a well-known portrait painter, died while playing chess at the Brooklyn Chess Club.† He was 77 years old.† His portraits included President Arthur and Lincoln.† (source: New York Times, Feb 24, 1892)


On Feb 28, 1892, Steinitz (+10=5-8) beat Chigorin, 12.5-10.5, in the world championship match.


On March 25, 1892,Abraham† Kupchik was born in Brest-Litovsk, Russia.† He was an American chess master.


On June 19, 1892. Carl Ahlhausen died in Berlin.† He adopted 1.g4 as his opening.


On July 29, 1892, Peter Romanovsky was born in St Petersburg.† He was USSR champion in 1923 and 1927.†


From August 1892 to July 1893 Emanuel Lasker published his first chess magazine, 19 issues of The London Chess Fortnightly chess magazine.


On Sep 3, 1892, the Southern Counties' Chess Union was formed.


On Sep 10, 1892, Janos Balogh was born in Tirgu Secuiesc, Romania.† He was Romanian champion in 1930.


On Oct 31, 1892,†† Alexander Alekhine was born in Moscow.† He was world champion in 1927-1935 and 1937 until his death in 1946.


On November 4, 1892, a shooting occurred in William Steinitzís house in Upper Montclair, New Jersey.† His previous American secretary, Arthur Williams, shot his new French secretary, Edward Treital, in the bedroom and tried to kill his successor with a double-barrel shotgun.† Treital lost his left arm.† (source: New York Times, Nov 6, 1892)


In Nov 26, 1892, Fedor Bohatirchuk was born in Kiev.† He was USSR champion in †1927.†


On Dec 29, 1892, †Geza Nagy was born.† He was Hungarian champion in 1924.