1902 in Chess

By Bill Wall


In 1902, Harry Pillsbury plays 22 blindfolded in Moscow.  A record. (+17 -1 =4)

In 1902, the last British Amateur championship was held.  It was held 10 times since 1886.

In 1902, Niemeijer, Meindert was born.  He was a Dutch chess bibliophile.

In 1902, Emanuel Lasker received a PhD in mathematics from Erlangen University.  His dissertation was on geometrical calculus and ideal numbers.

In 1902, Samuel Rosenthal died.  He was a journalist and chess teacher.

In 1902, Manuel Golmayo won the first Spanish Chess Championship.

In 1902, Mrs. W.J. Baird published 700 Chess Problems.

On Feb 4, 1902, James Congdon died in Milwaukee.  He was elected president of the National Chess Association in 1874.

On Feb 11, 1902, Jan Hartong was born in Rotterdam.  IMComp 1959.

On Feb 23, 1902, Dr. Berthold Lasker, older brother of Emanuel Lasker, won the 24th annual New York State chess championship.

On Mar 12, 1902, Maroczy won the International Masters tourney in Monte Carlo, followed by Pillsbury, Janowski, Teichmann, Schlechter, Tarrasch, Wolf, Chigorin, Marshall

On Mar 16, 1902, Monticelli was born in Venice, Italy.  Italian ch 1929, 34, 39.  IM 1950.  GME 1985.  Died 1995

On Mar 16, 1902, the USA beat Britain in the 7th cable match, scoring 4.5 to 4.5.

On Mar 31, 1902, Edmond MacDonald won the 19th Scottish Ch in Perth.

In April 1902, Juan Corzo won the Cuban Ch in Havana.  Capablanca took 4th.

In June 1902, the 1st radio match between two ships in the Atlantic was played.  The ships were 160 miles apart.

On Jun 5, 1902, Kieninger was born.  He was  German champion in  1937 and 1940.  West German ch 1947.  IM 1950.  Died 1975.

On Jul 27, 1902, Theodore Berg was born in Riga, Latvia.  Berg variation.

On Aug 2, 1902, Pillsbury played 21 games blindfolded simultaneously in Hanover.  Wins 3, draws 11, loses 7.

On Aug 9, 1902, the 3rd Western Chess Association (US open) was held in Excelsior; Louis Uedemann 1st.  19 players.

On Aug 11, 1902, David Janowski won the 13th German Chess Federation Ch in Hanover; followed by Pillsbury, Atkins, Mieses, Napier, Wolf, Chigorin.

On Sep 1, 1902, Alexander Kevitz, American player, was born.

On Sep 12, 1902, chess master Samuel Rosenthal died in Paris.  He was 65.

On Oct 3, 1902, Carl August Walbrodt died in Berlin of tuberculosis.  He was German champion in 1893.  He was born in 1871.

On Nov 5, 1902, William Boultbee died in Toronto.  1892 Canadian Ch.