Chess themed Restaurants

In the 1940’s Michael Romanoff (1890-1971), a Hollywood restaurateur and chess player, opened up Romanoff’s restaurant on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  It was famous for some of its chess-playing clientele such as Humphrey Bogart.  Sammy Reshevsky gave a 30 board simul there in the 1950s.  The restaurant closed in 1962.

The Pan de Amerikana in Metro Manila (92 Ordonez St, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City), Philippines is the first and only chess themed restaurant in the Philippines.  It has been in business since the 1950s when it was a bakery and is now a self service restaurant.  All the tables have inlaid chess boards and the restaurant can accommodate 100 diners.  You can also borrow a set of chess pieces at the counter and play chess while you eat.  In 2011, it built a two story chess museum featuring different chess pieces from around the world.  The sets on display include the regular Staunton design, a Star Wars chess set, a Chinese chess set, etc.  The walls are surrounded with chess paintings.   Its chess plaza, with its Roman amphitheater inspired stage, houses chess pieces that are 3 ½ feet tall.  It also has a giant chess clock for looks.

The Chess ‘n’ Checkers Pub and Restaurant in Allentown, Pennsylvania (1801 Airport Road) is a chess (and checkers) themed restaurant that advertises “the best game in town.”  The tables have chess boards inlaid in the wood.  The restaurant boasts large dining tables and swords, helmets, armor and goblets everywhere.  There is a life-sized knight in armor standing guard in the alcove.  There is King Arthur memorabilia scattered throughout the restaurant.  The upstairs focuses on chess and the downstairs focuses on checkers.  You can order Knights Naughty Nachos, The Pawn’s Poppers, or the Sicilian Dragon’s Crabby Spinach Dip.  You can play chess while dining there.

The Chess Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary (Dob Street 63) is a chess-themed bistro with traditional Hungarian cusine as well as Italian-French bistro cuisine.   The interior features a large White Queen and a large Black Queen on one of its walls.  It has an inlaid chess table  with large chess pieces as you walk in.

The chess Beachfront Restaurant in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia offers informal fine dining.  It has a black and white themed décor with a giant chess board and pieces as its main focal point.  The restaurant and bar has a giant set of chess pieces inside, where you can play chess.

Checkmate Bar and Restaurant in South Kensington, London (129 Cromwell Rd) is a black and white chess-themed venue.  The floor is in a big checkerboard square pattern and the bar always has a chess board nearby on the counter.  The place offers a cuisine of British and Thai food.