Family and chess

Here is a list of family members, relatives, and spouses who are all strong chess players.

Naira Agababean (1951- ) is a woman grandmaster (WGM) from Moldava.  Her husband, Fedor, was a chess coach.  Her daughter, Almira Skripchenko, born in 1976, also became a woman grandmaster.  Almira married grandmaster (GM) Joel Lautier (1973- ) in 1996.  They later divorced.


Simen Agdestein (1967- ) is a Norwegian GM and has won the Norwegian championship 7 times.  His brother, Espen, is a strong FIDE master (FM).


Evgeny Agrest (1966- ) is a Belarusian GM now living in Sweden.  He is married to Woman International Mater (WIM) Svetlana Agrest (1966- ).  Their daughter, Inna, is a Woman International Master.


Carl Ahues (1883-1968) was a German International Master (IM).  His son Herbert, born in 1922,

became a grandmaster for chess composition.


Elena Donaldson-Akmilovskaya (1957-2012) was a woman grandmaster.  Her mother, a Soviet chess master, qualified several times for the USSR Women's Championship.  In 1988, Elena maried International Master John Donaldson. She later divorced him and married IM Georgi Orlov.


Mohamad Al-Modiahki (1974- ) is a Grandmaster from Qatar. He is married to former world women’s chess champion and grandmaster Zhu Chen (1976- ).


Alexander Alekhine’s brother, Alexei Alekhine (1888-1939), was a strong chess master.  He won the championship of Kharkov in the Ukraine and served as an Executive Board member of the USSR Chess Federation. He was also the Secretary of the Ukrainian Chess Federation and the editor of the first Soviet chess annual, published in 1927.  Their sister was also a chess player.  Alexander’s 4th wife, Grace, was also a chess player who participated in many chess tournaments.


Sergey Arkhipov (1954- ) of Russia is a GM.  His wife, Natasha Alekhina (1954- ), is a WGM.


Zoran and Goran Arsovic are twin brothers (born in 1967) and both are IMs from Serbia.


Suat Atalik (1964- ) is a Turkish GM.  He is married to WGM Ekaterina Polovnikova (1982- ).


Valery Atlas (1968) is an IM from Austria.  His twin brother, Dimitry, is a FIDE master.


Robin Ault (1941-1994) and Leslie Ault (1940- ) were two brothers who played chess. Robin was a chess master who once won the U.S. Junior Chess Championship and played in the U.S. Chess Championship, and Leslie was a U.S. Intercollegiate champion.  They both played for Columbia University, which won the national Intercollegiate Championship.


Marina Baraeva (1995- ) of Russia is a WIM.  Her twin sister, Irina, is also a WIM.


Dibyendu Barua (1966- ) is an Indian GM.  He married WIM Saheli Dhar (1974- ).  They run a chess academy in Calcutta.


Tsagaan Battsetseg (1972- ) is a Mongolian WIM now living in the USA.  She is married to IM Tegshuren Enkhbat.


David Berczes (1990 -  ) is a Hungarian GM.  His brother, Csaba (1986- ), is an International Master (IM).


Sergey Belavenets (1910-1942) was a strong Russian master.  His daughter, Ludmilla, born in 1940,

won the 4th Women's World Correspondence Chess Championship in 1992.


Juan Bellon is a Spanish GM.  He is married to GM Pia Cramling.  Pia Cramling’s brother is a Swedish IM.


GM Joel Benjamin (1964- ) of the USA is married to Deborah Quinn.  She played on the Irish Women’s Olympiad chess team.


Pal Benko (1928- ) is an American GM.  His wife is a strong chess player that played in the Hungarian national women’s championship.


Istvan Bilek (1932-2010) was a Hungarian GM.  He was once married to Edith Bilek, one of the top female Hungarian chess players.  Both were Hungarian chess champions at the same time.


Arthur Bisguier (1929- ) is an American GM.  His cousin is IM Raymond Weinstein (1941).


Peter Biyiasas (1950- ) is a Canadian GM.  He is married to WIM Ruth Haring (1955- ).


Milko Bobotsov (1931-2000) was a Bulgarian GM.  He was married to WGM Antonia Ivanova (1930-2004).


Julio Bolbochan (1920-1996) was an Argentine grandmaster.  His brother, Jacobo (1906-1984), was

an International Master.


Isaac Boleslavsky (1919-1977) was a Soviet GM.  His daughter, Tatiana (1946- ), was a chess player who married GM David Bronstein (1924-2006).


David Bronstein (1924-2006) married WIM Olga Ignatieva.  In 1984, he married Tatiana Boleslavsky (1946- ), the daughter of GM Isaac Boleslavsky.


Lazaro Bruzon Batista (1982- ) is a Cuban GM.  He is married to National Master Yanet Cueto.


Robert Byrne (1928-2013) was an American grandmaster.  His brother, Donald (1930-1976),

was an International Master.  Both played in several US chess championships.


Pascal Charbonneau (1983- ) is a Canadian GM.  He is married to WGM and IM Irina Krush (1983- ), one of the USA’s strongest female players.  She has won the US women’s championship 4 times.


Richard Costigan is an IM.  His identical twin, Thomas, is a FIDE master (FM).


Pai Cramling (1963- ) is a Swedish GM.  She is married to GM Jaun Bellon.  Pia’s brother, Dan (1959- ), is an IM.


Hans Duhm, Dietrich Duhm, and Andreas Duhm were all Swiss masters.


Pavel Eljanov (1983- ) is a Ukrainian GM.  He is married to WIM Olena Dvoretska (1986- ).


Lucijs Endzelins (1909-1981) was a Latvian-Australian chess master and Correspondence GM.  He was married to Milda Lauberte (1918-2009) a Latvian chess master who played in two women’s world championship tournaments.


Former world champion Max Euwe (1901-1981), learned chess from his mother, Elizabeth van der Meer.

She once played in the Dutch Women's Chess Championship.


Benjamin Finegold (1969- ) is an American GM.  His brother, Mark, is a master.  His father, Ron is a master.  His wife, Kelly Cottrell, qualified for the 2006 US Chess Championship.


Former world champion Bobby Fischer (1943-2008) was married to WIM Miyoko Watai (1945- ), a Japanese women’s chess champion.


Glenn Flear (1959- ) is a British GM now living in France.   His wife, Christine Leroy Flear (1967- ), has won the French Ladies’ championship 5 times.


Robert Fontaine (1980- ) is a French GM.   In February 2009, he married to WGM Kateryna Lahno (1989-  ) of Ukraine.


Arnold van Foreest (1863-1954) was a Dutch chess master who won the Dutch championship 3 times.  His brother, Dirk van Foreest (1862-1956) was also a Dutch master.


Laurent Fressinet (1981- ) is a French GM.  He is married to WGM Almira Skripchenko (1976- )


Daniel Fridman (1976- ) is a German GM.  His brother, Rafael, is an IM.  Daniel is married to American IM and Woman Grandmaster Anna Zatonskih (1978- ).


Anita (1983)  and Ticia Gara (1984- ) are sisters and both Hungarian WGMs.  Both have won the Hungarian women’s championship several times.


Petar Genov (1970- ) is a Bulgarian GM.  He is married to WIM Lyubka Genova (1983- ).


Alexander Goldin (1964) is a Soviet GM now living in the USA.  His twin brother, Roman, is a master.  His elder sister, Maggy, played in the women’s quarterfinals of the USSR championship.


Manuel Golmayo (1883-1973) was a Cuban-Spanish chess master and several-time Spanish chess champion.  His brother, Celso (1879-1924), was also a Cuban-Spanish master and won the 1897 Cuban championship.  Their father, Celso Golmayo Zupide (1820-1898) was also a Spanish-Cuban chess master.  In 1862, he was Cuban champion.


Helgi Gretarsson (1977- ) is an Icelandic GM who won the 1994 world junior chess championship.  He is married to WGM Lenka Ptacnikova (1976- ).  In 2005, she won the Nordic championship.


Karen Grigorian (1947-1989) was an IM who won the Armenian championship 3 times.  His twin brother, Levon (1947-1975), won the Armenian championship 6 times.


Alexander Grischuk (1983- ) is a Russian GM.  He is married to Ukrainian WGM Natalia Zhukova (1979- ).


Aljosa Grosar (1967- ) is an IM from Slovenia.  His sister, Kiti (1976- ), is a WIM.


Sergiu Gruenberg is a former Romanian chess champion.  His son, Mihai-Lucian Gruenberg (1976- ) is an IM and won the Romanian championship in 2003.


GM Boris Gulko (1947- ) was won the USSR and the USA championship.  His wife is WGM Anna Akhsharumova (1957- ), who has won the women’s USSR and USA championship.


Aidyn Guseinov (1955-2003) was a GM from Azerbaijan.  He was married to WIM Elmira Alieva (1954- ).


Zoltan Gyimesi (1977- ) is a Hungarian GM.  He is married to WGM Nora Medvegy (1977- ).


Armenian players Gor, Gevog, and Tatevik Hairapetyans are two brothers and one sister that are all IMs.


Hichem Hamdouchi (1972- ) is a Moroccan GM.  He is married to WGM Adina-Maria Hamdouchi (1979- ).


Wolfgang Heidenfeld (1911-1981) won the South African championship 8 times and the Irish championship 6 times.  His son, Mark Heidenfield (1968- ), is an IM.  He won the Irish championship in 2000.


Gilberto Hernandez (1970- ) as a Mexican GM.  He is married to WGM Claudia Amura (1970- ) of Argentina.


Norman Hill won the South Australian championship 5 times.  His twin brother, Bruce, was also a strong Australian master who played in several Australian championships.


Jozsef (1964- ) and Csaba Horvath (1968- ) are brothers and both are GMs from Hungary.  Csaba won the Hungarian championship in 1994 and 1998.


Barbara Hund, born in 1959, is a woman grandmaster.  She was born 13 days after her mother, Juliane,

played in the German Women's Chess Championship.  Her sister, Isabel Hund (1962- ), is also a strong chess master.  Barbara’s husband is also a chess player and editor of a Swiss chess magazine.  Barbara won the German Women’s championship in 1978.


Adam Hunt is an IM from England with 2 GM norms.  His sister, Harriet Vaughan Hunt (1978- ), is and IM and WGM.


Miguel Illescas (1965- ) is a Spanish GM.  He is married to WGM and IM Olga Alexandrova (1978- ).


GM Alexander Ivanov (1956- ) is married to WIM Esther Epstein (1954- ).  She won the US women’s championship in 1991 and 1997.


GM Vassily Ivanchuk (1969- ) was once married to WGM and IM Alisa Galliamova (1972- ).


Baadur Jobova (1983- ) is a GM from Soviet Georgia.  His brother, Beglar Jobova (1985- ), is an IM.


Hans Johner (1889-1975) was a Swiss International Master.  His brother, Paul (1887-1937), was

a noted violinist and winner of the Swiss Chess Championship 6 times.


Nonna Karakashian (1940- ) is an International Arbiter and 3-time winner of the Azerbaijan women’s championship.  Her daughter, Narine Karakashian (1971- ), is a WIM.


Sergey Karjakin (1990- ) is a Ukrainian GM.  He is married to WIM Kateryna Dolzhikova (1988).


Larry Kaufman (1947- ) is an American GM.  His son, Raymond Kaufman (1982- ), is an IM.


Carol Jarecki (1935- ) is one of the most active international chess arbiters in the world, flying her own plane to most of the locations.  Her son, John Jarecki (1969), is an American master.  In 1981, John was the youngest ever chess master in the USA at the age of 12.


GM Raymond Keene (1948- ) is married to Annete, the sister of IM David Goodman.


Vasanti (1961), Jayashree (1962), and Rohini (1963- ) Khadilkar are three sisters who are all IMs from India.


Andrei Kharlov (1968- ) is a Russian GM.  He is married to WGM Elena Zaiatz (1969- ).


Janis Klovans (1935-2010) was a Latvian GM.  He was married to 6-time Latvian champion Astra Klovane (1944- ).


GM Oleg Korneev (1969- ) is married to IM and WGM Tatiana Kononenko (1978- ).


Gregory Koshnitsky (1907-1999) was an International Master.  In 1966, he won the chess

championship of South Australia.  His wife, Evelyn Koshnitsky (1915- ), took the women's title.


Nadezhda Kosintseva (1985- ) is a Russian GM.  Her sister, Tatiana Kosintseva (1986- ), is also a GM.


Alexandra Kosteniuk (1984- ) is a GM and world women’s champion from 2008 to 2010.  Her sister, Oxana Kosteniuk (1987), is a woman FM.


The Kubbel family, Leonid (1891-1942), Avrid (1889-1938), and Yevgeny (1893-1942), were

all famous Russian chess composers of problems.


Abhijit Kunte (1977- ) is a GM from India.  His sister, Mrunalini Kunte (1973- ), is a WIM.


GM Bogdan Lalic (1964- ) is married to WIM Susan Walker (1965- ).


Gary Lane (1964- ) is an English IM.   He is married to WIM Nancy Lane (1971- ).


Former world champion Emanuel Lasker's (1868-1941) brother, Berthold (1960-1928) was

a chess hustler in Berlin in the early 1880s and won several strong tournaments.  Lasker's

7th cousin, Edward Lasker (1885-1981) was an International Master.


Gustave Lazard (1876-1949) was a French master, problemist, and organizer.  His brother, Frederic Lazard (1883-1948) was also a French chess master and problemist.


Kjetil Aleksander Lie (1980- ) is a Norwegian GM who won the Norwegian championship in 2009 and 2010.  His brother, Espen Lie (1984- ), is an IM who won the Norwegian championship in 2007.


John Eric Littlewood (1931-2009) was one of the top British players for many years.  His brother, Norman Littlewood (1933- ), represented the UK in 4 chess Olympiads.  John’s son, Paul Littlewood (1956- ), is an IM who won the British championship in 1981.


Romuald Mainka (1963- ) is a Polish GM.  His twin brother, Gregor, is a master.


GM Marat Makarov (1963- ) is married to WGM Julia Demina (1969- ).


Vadim Malakhatko (1977- ) is a Ukrainian-Belgian GM.  He is married to WGM Anna Zozulia (1980).


Jana Malypetrova (1947- ) of England is a WGM.  She was once married to IM William Hartston, then to GM Tony Miles, and now to IM Robert Bellin.


Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (1985- ) is a GM from Azerbaijan.   Both his sisters, Zeinab and Turkan, and WGMs.


Alisa Maric and Marjna Maric (now Stamenkovic)), both born in 1970, are twin sisters and both are woman grandmasters.  They are the only two twin grandmasters in history.


Nelson Mariano II (1974-  ) is a Filipino GM.  His brother, Nelson Mariano III (1990- ), has two IM norms.  Their sister, Cristine Rose Mariano (1973- ), is a Woman IM.


Robert Markus (1983- ) is a Serbian GM.  He is married to WGM Ana Srebrnic (1984- ) of Slovenia.


Former world women's champion, Vera Menchik's (1906-1944) sister, Olga (1908-1944) was also

a strong master.  In 1927, Vera won the London ladies' championship.  Olga took 2nd place.  Vera married Rufus Henry Streatfeild Stevenson (1878-1943), the secretary of the British Chess Federation and editor of the British Chess Magazine.


Eugene Meyer (1952- ) is an IM from the USA.  His brother, John Meyer (1944- ), is a FIDE master.


Reginald Pryce Michell (1873-1938) is an English chess master.  His wife, Edith Tapsell Michell (1872-1051), won the British Women’s championship 3 times.


Igor Miladinovic (1974- ) is a Serbian GM.  He was once married to WGM Anna-Maria Botsari (1972).  She has won the Greek women’s championship 7 times.


GM Tony Miles (1955-2001) was once married to WGM Jana Malypetrova.


Paul Morphy (1837-1884) was one of the strongest players of all time.  His uncle, Ernest Morphy (1807-1874), was a strong player.


GM Sergei Movsesian (1978- ) of Soviet Georgia is married to WGM Petra Krupkova.


Anna Muzychuk (1990- ) is a WGM and IM from the Ukraine.  Her sister, Mariya Muzychuk (1992- ), is also a WGM and IM.


Hikaru Nakamura (1987- ) is an American grandmaster.  His brother, Asuka (1986- ), is a strong master.

His stepfather, Sunil Weeramantry, is a FIDE master.


William Napier (1881-1952) was a strong American master.  He married Florence Gillespie, Harry Nelson Pillsbury’s niece.


John Nunn (1955- ) is an English GM.  He is married to Woman FIDE master Petra Fink (1964- ) of Germany.


IM Georgi Orlov (1964- ) was married to WGM Elena Akhmilovskaya.


Milos Orso is an IM.  His brother, Janos, is a FIDE master.


Ludek Pachman (1924-2003) was a grandmaster.  His brother, Vladimir, was a grandmaster

in chess composition.


Thomas Pahtz was a German GM.  His daughter, Elisabeth (1985- ), is a WGM and IM.


Arman Pashikian (1987- ) is a Russian GM.  He is married to WGM Maria Kursova (1986- )


Louis Paulsen (1833-1891) was an American master.  His sister, Amalie Paulsen (1831-1869), was a strong player.  His brother, Wilfried Paulsen (1828-1901), was also a strong master.


Peng Ziaomin (1973- ) is a Chinese GM.  He is married to WGM Qin Kanying (1974- )


Nicholas Pert (1981-  ) is an English GM.  His twin brother, Richard, is an IM. 


Jovan Petronic (1964- ) is a Serbian IM.  He is married to WIM Sanja Petronic (1969- ).


The Polgar family, Judit, Susan, and Sofia, are all famous women chess players.  Judit is a GM, top woman chess player in the world, and once ranked #10 in the world.  Susan was the first woman to earn the title of GM in regular competition.  Sofia is a WGM and married to GM Yona Kosashvili of Israel.


Lajos Portisch (1937-  ) is a Hungarian GM.  His brother, Ferenc Portisch (1939-  ), is an IM.


Cecil Purdy (1906-1979) was a former world correspondence chess champion, and IM, and a Correspondence GM.  He won the Australian championship 4 times.  His father-in-law, Spencer Crakanthorp (1885-1936), won the Australian championship twice.  His son, John Purdy (1935-2011), was a former junior champion of Australia and won the Australian championship twice.  Cecil’s daughter, Diana, was also a strong chess player.  Diana married leading New Zealand chess master Frank Hutchings in 1960.


Vasik Rajlich (1971- ) is an IM and author of the chess engine Rybka.  He is married to WGM and IM Iweta Rajlich (1981- ).


Ramachandran Ramesh (1976- ) is a GM from India.  He is married to WGM Aarthie Ramaswami (1981- ).  They are India’s first Grandmaster couple.


Igors Rausis (1961- ) is a Latvian GM.  He is married to WGM and IM Olita Rause (1962- ) of Latvia.


Richard Reti (1889-1929) was one of the strongest players in the world.  His brother, Rudolph (1885-1957), was a famous musical analyst, composer, and pianist.


Zoltan Ribli (1951- ) is a Hungarian GM.  He is married to WIM Maria Grosch (1954- ).


Aimen Rizouk (1979- ) is a GM from Algeria.  His twin brother, Rydad, is an IM.


Ian Rogers (1960- ) is an Australian GM.  He is married to Woman FIDE Master Cathy Rogers (1957- ).


Peter Romanovsky (1892-1964) was an IM.  His brother, Alexander Romanovsky (1880-1943) was a chess master.


IM Doug Root (1963- ) married WIM Alexey Rudolph (1965- ) in 1989.


Vidrik Rootare (1906-1981) was an Estonian master.  His wife, WIM Salme Rootare (1913-1987), won the Estonian women’s championship 15 times.


Akiba Rubinstein (1882-1961) was one of the strongest players in the world.  His son, Samy Rubinstein (1927-2002), was a chess master.


GM Gennady Sagalchik (1969- ) is married to WFM Olga Sagalchik (1967- ).


Bjarke Barth Sahl (1956- ) is a Norwegian-Danish IM.  He is married to WIM Sheila Barth Sahl (1974- )


Albert Sandrin (1923-2004) was an American blind master who won the 1949 US Open.  His brother, Angelo, was also a chess master.  In 1961, they both tied for 1st place in the Michigan Open.  Angelo won on tiebreak.


GM Yasser Seirawan (1960- ) is married to Woman FIDE master Yvetter Nagel (1964- ).


Jennifer Shahade (1980- ) is a WGM.  Her brother, Greg Shahade (1978- ), is an IM.  Their father, Michael Shahade, was an active chess player and FIDE master.


GM Miron Sher (1952- ) is married to WGM Alla Grinfeld (1953- ).


Walter Shipman (1929) became an International Master at the age of 53.  His son, Joe shipman (1961- ) is a chess master.


Alexei Shirov (1972- ) is a Latvian GM.  From 2001 to 2007, he was married to Lithuanian GM Viktorija Cmilyte (1983- ).  In 2010, he married WIM Olga Dolgova (1987- ).


Almira Skripchenko (1976- ) is a French WGM.  Her mother was a WGM.  Her father was a chess coach.  In 1997, she married GM Joel Lautier (1973- ), but later divorced.


Former world champion Vasily Smyslov, born in 1921, was taught chess by his father.  Vasily's

Father, Vasily Osipovich, was a strong master who once defeated Alexander Alekhine in a tournament in 1912.


Bartosz Socko (1978- ) is a Polish GM.  His wife is GM Monika Socko (1978- ).


Dragan Solak (1980- ) is a Serbian GM.  He is married to Turkish female champion Yildiz Cavusoglu (1980- ).


Former world champion Boris Spassky's (born in 1937) sister, Irena, has won the USSR

women's checkers (draughts) championship several times.


Kevin Spraggett (1954-  ) is a Canadian GM.  His younger brother, Grant, is a FIDE master.


Jha Sriram (1976- ) is an Indian GM.  He is married to IM and WGM Subbaraman Vijayalakshmi (1979- ), India’s first Woman Grandmaster.


Lajos Steiner (1903-1975) was an International Master.  His brother, Endre Steiner (1901-1944), was a strong master.  Lajos was married to Augusta Kingston, who won the New South Wales women’s championship 6 times.


Rufus Henry Streatfeild Stevenson (1878-1943) was a major British chess organizer and secretary of the British Chess Federation.  He was married to Agnes Lawson, a 4-time British Ladies champion.  She died in 1935 when she ran into a propeller blade returning to her aircraft.  He later married women’s world chess champion Vera Menchik.


GM Alexander Stripunsky (1970- ) is married to Woman FIDE master Julia Shiber (1974- ).


Alexey Suetin (1926-2001) was a Russian GM.  He was married to WM Kira Zvorykina (1919- ).


Evgeny Sveshnikov (1950- ) is a Latvian GM.  His son, Vladimir Sveshnikov (1986- ), is an IM.


Praveen Thipsay (1959- ) is an Indian GM.  He is married to WIM Bhagyashree Sathe (1961- ).


George Alan Thomas (1881-1972) was a former British champion.  His mother, Lady Edith Margaret Foster Thomas, was the winner of the first British women's chess championship at Hastings in 1895.


Jan Timman, born in 1951, is a Dutch grandmaster.  His brother, Anton, born in 1948, is a FIDE Master.


Karel Treybal (1885-1941) was one of the strongest players in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s.  His borther, Frantisek Treybal (1882-1947), was a strong Czech master.  He won the Czech championship in 1907.


Maxim Turov (1979- ) is a Russian GM.  He is married to WGM and IM Irina Slavina (1979- ).


Benita Veja (1948- ) won the 1966 Latvian women’s championship.  Her sister, Tamara Vilerte (1954- ), is a WGM.  She won the 2008 World Senior Women Championship.  Their brother, Janis Vilerts (1943-2001) was director of the Kuldiga Chess School.


Milan Vidmar (1885-1962) was a GM from Slovenia.  His son, Milan Vidmar, Jr.(1909-1980), was an IM.


Dragoljub Velimirovic (1942- ) is a Serbian GM.  His mother, Jovanka Velimirovic (1910-1972), was Yugoslavia’s first woman chess champion.


Yuri Vovk (1988-  ) is a Ukrainian GM.  His brother, Andrey Vovk (1991- ) is also a Ukrainian GM.


Susan Walker is a WIM.  She was once married to GM Keith Arkell and now married to GM Bogdon Lalic.


Jay Whitehead (1961-2011) was an American IM and former US Junior champion.  His brother, Paul Whitehead (1960- ), is a FIDE Master who won the 1978 American Open in Santa Monica.


Baruch Harold Wood (1909-1989) was a strong English player, editor and author.  His daughter, Margaret (Peggy) Wood Clarke, won the Britsh Girls’ Championship several times.  In 1966, she won the British Ladies’ Championship.  Peggy married Peter Hugh Clarke (1933- ), a strong English master.  Their sons, Christopher, Frank, and Philip, are all strong chess players.


Chinese IM Wu Xibin (1964- ) is married to WIM Lou Hongyu (1968- ).


Xie Jun (1970- ) is a GM and former world women’s chess champion.  She is married to GM Wu Shaobin (1969- ).


Daniel Abraham (Abe) Yanofsky (1925-2000) was a Canadian GM.  His brother, Harry Yanofsky (1929- ), was a strong master.


Alex Yermolinksy (1958- ) is a GM living in the USA.  He is married to WGM Camilla Baginskaite (1967- )


Mikhail Yudovich (1911-1987) was an IM and Grandmaster of Correspondence Chess.  His son, Mikhail Yudovich, Jr (1932-1992), was a strong master.


Zhang Zhong (1978- ) is a Chinese GM.  He is married to WGM and IM Li Ruofan (1978- ).


Zhu Chen (1976- ) is a former world women’s champion.  She is married to GM Mohamad al-Modiahki.


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