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Wall Bio Timeline

June 1969, graduated from Clover Park High School in Lakewood (Tacoma), WA
June 1969, $2,000 scholarship to any engineering college/university
June 1969, employed at Tacoma Motor Hotel
September 1969, enrolled at Northrop University as an aerospace engineering student, Inglewood, CA
October 1969, member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
September 1970, started U.S. Air Force Basic Training, Lackland AFB, TX; Airman Basic (AB)
October 1970, graduated from Basic Training, 1st in my class; Squadron 3704, Flight 985
October 1970, promoted to Airman
October 1970, entered aircraft maintenance school, Sheppard AFB, TX; 3750 Tech Squadron
January 1971, graduated from aircraft maintenance school, 1st in my class
January 1971, assigned to 456th OMS, Beale AFB, CA working on KC-135 tankers and B-52 bombers
April 1971, promoted to Airman First Class (A1C); specialty code was 43151E
November 1971, member of the Air Force Association 1971-1995
December 1971, TDY to Kadena Air Base, Okinawa
December 1971, TDY to U Tapao Air Base, Thailand
January 1972, returned to Kadena Air Base
March 1972, returned to Beale AFB
July 1972, promoted to Sergeant (E-4)
September 1973, assigned to 307th OMS, U Tapao Air Base, Thailand
January 1974, TDY to Andersen AB, Guam
April 1974, promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-5)
May 1974, returned to U Tapao Air Base
August 1974, honorable discharge at Travis AFB, CA
September 1974, SSgt, Air Force Reserve
January 1975, worked in a textile mill, Statesville, NC
January 1976, enrolled at Wilkes College, North Wilkesboro, NC
April 1976, elected President of the Wilkes College Student Government Association
May 1976, Environmental Impact Engineer for NC Department of Forestry, Stone Mt. State Park, NC
September 1976, enrolled at Mitchell College, Statesville, NC
April 1977, nuclear physics course, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
May 1977, Associate of Science degree, Physics from Mitchell College; distinguished graduate
June 1977, counselor and Recreation Director at Barium School for Children, Barium Springs, NC
August 1977, marred Lois Anne Hubbard, Taylorsville, NC
September 1977, enrolled at Lenoir Rhyne University, Hickory, NC
June 1978, production engineer at Super Tire Engineering Co., Statesville, NC
May 1979, B.S. Physics (Astrophysics) from Lenoir Rhyne University
May 1979, entered USAF Officer Training School, Medina Annex, Lackland AFB; class 79-14B, Squadron 3, Flight 12
August 1979, graduated as 2nd Lieutenant, OTS; top academic student
August 1979, student at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
December 1979, member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE)
March 1981, B.S. Electrical Engineering from AFIT
March 1981, Avionics Integration Engineer, Avionics Lab, Wright-Patterson AFB
April 1981, systems engineer for the Digital Avionics Integration System (DAIS), WPAFB
August 1981, promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2); Duty AFSC: 2825
December 1981, Air Force recruiting tour for several US colleges
February 1982, participated in Red Flag exercise at Nellis AFB, NV
March 1982, Operational Flight Program Development Engineer, WPAFB
May 1983, worked on Avionics and Ada compiler work in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Lab (SAIL) at Johnson Space Center, Houston
August 1983, promoted to Captain (O-3) working in the System Avionics Division, WPAFB
September 1983, Executive Officer for Commander of the USAF scientific laboratorties, WPAFB
November 1983, computer automation chairman for the National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON)
December 1983, worked on F-15 avionics at McDonnell-Douglas, St Louis, MO
January 1984, worked on F-16 avionics at General Dynamics, Fort Worth, TX
February 1984, program manager and project engineer for next generation advanced tactical aircraft (Stealth fighters) avionics
March 1984, Air Force engineering recruitment at several US colleges
August 1984, entered Squadron Officer School (SOS), Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama
October 1984, graduated from SOS
November 1984, Air Force engineering recruitment at several US colleges
April 1985, assigned to Space Division, Sunnyvale AFS, CA
May 1985, Computer Systems Engineer, NASA/Ames Research Center, Mt View, CA
June 1985, TS-SCI/SBI/Crypto clearance
August 1985, FBI advisor on several federal cases of computer security crimes
October 1985, Lawrence Livermore National Labs computer security work
May 1986, security engineer at the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS) facility, NASA/Ames
December 1987, delivered a paper on IA security at a computer security conference, Orlando, FL
November 1988, wrote the NASA Incident Report on the Morris Internet worm
December 1988, promoted to Major (O-4)
January 1989, wrote the Standard Practices and Procedures (SPP) for secure processing on supercomputers (Cray X-MP, Cray-2, Cray-YMP)
August 1989, computer security work at NASA Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH
August 1989, computer security work at NSA, Fort Meade, MD
June 1990, attended Computer Emergency Response Team conference at Pleasanton, CA
June 1990, computer security work at Arnold Engineering Development Center, Tennessee
February 1991, considered the "Air Force's premier expert on scientific supercomputing"
April 1991, computer security work and SCIF design at Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM
September 1991, Chief, Product Assessment and Certification Center (PACC), Kelly AFB, TX
April 1992, computer security of embedded processors at Hill AFB, Utah
May 1993, Branch Chief, Technical Assessment Division, Air Force Information Warfare, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX
November 1993, multi-level security work at Hanscom AFB, MA
August 1994, security products assessment at Rome Labs, Griffiss AFB, NY
June 1995, honorable discharge from the USAF
June 1995, Senior Analyst, Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team, Kelly AFB, TX
September 1995, Air Force Network Control Center security work at Scott AFB, IL
June 1996, Senior Information Security Consultant at Trident Data Systems, San Antonio, TX
May 1997, computer security work and penetration testing for American Express, Phoenix, AZ
July 1997, computer security work and penetration testing for American Express, Minneapolis, MN
November 1997, penetration testing for ad company, Mountain View, CA
November 1997, computer security work for Atlanta security tool company
December 1997, Computer Security Engineer, Harris Corporation, Melbourne, FL
January 1998, provided computer security for Thicket program, Harris, Palm Bay, FL
February 1998, created STAT (Security Threat and Avoidance Technology) vulnerability assessment tool for Harris; 1998-2007
January 1999, STAT demo at MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL
February 1999, STAT demo at Scott AFB, IL
March 1999, charter board member of the Mitre Computer Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
May 1999, presented security paper and STAT demo at SANS conference, Baltimore, MD
June 1999, penetration testing at Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX
June 1999, STAT demo for the Army at Fort Huachuca, AZ
July 1999, STAT demo at Fort Belvoir, VA
October 1999, presented paper and STAT demo at SANS conference, New Orleans
November 1999, presented paper at the Computer Security Institute, Washington, DC
November 1999, attended the Interservice/Industry Training Education Conference, Orlando
December 1999, STAT demo for the Army and Marines at Washington, DC and Quantico, VA
January 2000, STAT demo at Fort Huachuca, AZ
January 2000, STAT demo for the National Guard at Camp Robinson, Arkansas
January 2000, gave security briefing and STAT demo at the Army CERT, Fort Belvoir, VA
February 2000, Senior Information System Security Engineer (ISSE), Harris Corporation
March 2000, presented paper on Computer Vulnerabilities and Exposures, SANS Conference, Orlando
April 2000, Harris booth to demonstrate STAT and security products, INFOSEC 2000, Buena Vista, FL
April 2000, STAT demo at TECHNET 2000, AFCEA Conference, Ottawa, Ontario
April 2000, STAT demo and security briefing for the Army, Heidelberg, Germany
June 2000, presented security paper and STAT demo at SUPERCOMM, Atlanta, GA
June 2000, STAT demo for the Air Force at Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs, CO
November 2000, STAT demo and pen testing on the USS Coronado, San Diego and Mazatlan, Mexico
December 2000, computer security work at Raytheon, St. Petersburg, FL
January 2001, STAT Scanner and Analyzer demo at SANS conference, New Orleans
February 2001, INFOSEC 2001, MISTI conference STAT demo, Buena Vista, FL
March 2001, computer security interviews an IA articles for computer magazines, Boston, MA
May 2001, STAT demo and security paper at SANS conference, Baltimore
June 2001, guest speaker at AFCEA meeting for computer security incidents, Patrick AFB, FL
September 2001, computer security work at Avnet and Dynergy, Houston, TX
November 2001, STAT demo and briefing at Naval NAVCIRT, Norfolk, VA
April 2002, STAT demo and security briefing at DISA, Hagerstown, MD
June 2002, provided security training at Army RCERT, Alexandria, VA
July 2002, guest speaker at Orlando ISSA; talked on recent computer incidents
July 2002, STAT demo for Veterans Administration (VA) in Los Angeles and Long Beach
September 2002, STAT demo at Rome Labs, Griffiss AFB, NY
September 2002, STAT demo at SecureInfo, San Antonio, TX
October 2002, STAT demo for Veterans Administration at Martinsburg, WV
October 2002, STAT demo for STRATCOM, Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska
December 2002, STAT demo for the Navy on the USS Leyte Gulf, Norfolk, VA
January 2003, STAT demo at AFCEA trade show and Navy SPAWAR, San Diego
February 2003, STAT demo at DISA, Washington, DC
April 2003, STAT demo and security work at Veterans Administration, Washington, DC
July 2003, presented paper on computer security at Army Material Command, College Park, MD
October 2003, computer security work for HP and Veterans Administration, Silver Spring, MD
January 2004, STAT demo at Hines Veterans Administration Hospital, Chicago, IL
Feb 2004, STAT demo at RSA Conference, San Francisco
May 2004, STAT demo for DISA and USAF at Kelly AFB, TX
May 2007, SCADA security work for Florida Power & Electric (FP&L) at Juno Beach, FL
June 2007, provided computer security for Algeria border security proposal
July 2007, penetration testing on the Health portal
August 2007, provided computer security for Air Force surveillance satellite (ADS-B)
September 2007, provided security to Digital Rights Management (DRM) content assurance
October 2007, provided computer security for Boeing MLS network processor
November 2007, provided computer security for Army MET terminals
December 2007, provided computer security advice for Army Node Transit Case, HNRv2
December 2007, worked security issues for the Netherlands Compatriot Missile Program
January 2008, attended NIST Computer Workshop on SCAP tools, Gaithersburg, MD
January 2008, provided security advice for IBM High Assurance Platform (HAP)
January 2008, provided computer security info for the Marine Domain Analysis proposal
February 2008, did a trade study for single sign on and Information Assurance tools for GPS-OCX
February 2008, provided security for the Common Avionics Terminal (CAT)
March 2008, led the FP&L wireless vulnerability assessment effort
April 2008, security work at FP&L, Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 2008, provided security for the PACAF Range Encryption effort
September 2008, security work at the Red Flag Alaska Range, Elmendorf AFB, Fairbanks, Alaska
September 2008, briefed FP&L CEO and others on computer security, Juno Beach, FL
November 2008, provided security input for the Consolidated Afloat Networks Enterprises Services
November 2008, provided security support for the UAE Integrated Management System
December 2008, provided security for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
February 2009, attended SANS SCADA security conference, Buena Vista, FL
March 2009, provided security inputs for the Commercial Broadcast Satellite Program (CBSP)
April 2009, attended NIST Smart Grid workshop, Reston, VA
May 2009, attended NIST Smart Grid workshop, National Harbor, MD
June 2009, provided security comments on SCADA security for the Army Corps of Engineers
July 2009, wrote security requirements for the Alaska Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure
September 2009, attended NOAA Weather Radio Information Program (WRIP) kickoff meeting, Silver Spring, MD
October 2009, became Certified Information Systems Profession (CISSP)
October 2009, attended NOAA WRIP Systems Requirements Review (SRR), Silver Spring, MD
October 2009, security advisor at Weather Forecast Office in Mt. Holly, NJ
November 2009, Chief Computer Security Engineer for Weather Radio Information Program (WRIP)
December 2009, attended WRIP preliminary design review (PDR), CommPower, Camarillo, CA
March 2010, attended WRIP critical design review (CDR), Camarillo, CA
August 2010, penetration testing and security hardening on WRIP, Camarillo, CA
September 2010, Senior Information Security Engineer, Harris CapRock
October 2010, security work at FP&L, Juno Beach, FL
January 2011, created WRIP System Security Plan, Camarillo, CA
August 2011, provide security for the Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment - SGSS
January 2012, WRIP program management review (PMR), Silver Spring, MD
May 2012, provided computer security requirements for cruise ship security
June 2012, provided security analysis for data link source code in encrypted radios
July 2012, hardened GOES-R antenna systems at General Dynamics, Richardson, TX
August 2012, Senior Computer Security Engineer, NOAA GOES-4 (GOES-16) program
January 2013, hardened GOES-R antenna systems at General Dynamics, Richardson, TX
December 2013, hardened GOES-R antenna systems at NSOF, Suitland, MD
January 2014, hardened GOES-R antenna systems at WCDAS, Wallops Island, VA
November 2014, provided security rqmts for the Geostationary Weather Satellite Antenna System
April 2015. Provided security requirements for the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
June 2015, Senior Security Engineer for Emirates Land Tactical System (ELTS) Abu Dhabi
October 2015, senior Information Assurance (IA) engineer for GOES-R (GOES-16) core system
February 2016, did trade studies on IPv6, thin clients, and IT shelters
June 2017, wrote System Security Plan for Products Processing Zone (PPZ) for GOES-R

NAS Worm/Virus Attack Incident Report, Report of Computer Virus Incident at NASA Ames Research Center, Nov 2-5, 1988
How to Secure Windows NT, DTIC Information Assurance Newsletter, 1999
STAT Security Advisory — Antivirus Vulnerability, NTBugtraq, 30 Mar 01
Trojan Horses — Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifs, Harris STAT Security Article, 2001
NT Passwords, Sunbelt Tech Briefing, 2001
Computer Security Incidents, Central Florida ISSA Chapter Guest Speaker, 1 Jul 02
Steps to Improve Security, Information Week, 8 Jul 02
Vulnerability Assessment Strategy, Security Leadership Council, Security & Technology Online, 30 June 04
Algeria Border Security Computer Security Requirements, June 2007
Health Portal Security, July 2007
Covert Analysis, Jan 2008
SOA Security Controls, Aug 2008
FP&L Cyber Assessment Report, Oct 2008
UAE Integrated Management System IT Security Requirements, Mar 2009
CapRock Secure Network Operations Center Security Assessment, Dec 2010
Space Network Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) Security Requirements, Aug 2011
Weather Radio Improvement Program (WRIP) System Security Plan, Sep 2011
Data Link Source Code Security Assessment, Jul 2012
White Paper on Maritime Security, Aug 2012
QNX Hardening Recommended Procedures, Sep 2012
Hardening Microsoft Windows Platforms, Dec 2013
Windows Security Configuration Guidelines, May 2014
NOAA GOES-R Antenna Security Vulnerability Mitigation Plan, Nov 2014
GWSAS IT Security Requirements, Mar 2015
AWIPS Information Assurance Guidance, Apr 2015
UAE PKI Design Recommendation, Aug 2015
UAE Certificate Policy, Aug 2015
UAE PKI Design Recommendations, Aug 2015
Emirates Land Tactical System (ELTS) Technical Security Architecture, Sep 2015
ELTS Information Concept Document, Sep 2015
ELTS Identity and Access Management Governance, Sep 2015
ELTS Information Knowledge Management Governance, Sep 2015
ELTS Security Features Users Guide, Sep 2015
ELTS Security Manual, Sep 2015
ELTS Security Design Document, Sep 2015
ELTS Security Reference Architecture, Sep 2015
Encryption in ELTS, co-authored with Marty Durham, Sep 2015
ELTS Cross Domain Solution Recommendation, Sep 2015
NIST 800-53 Rev 3 to Rev 4 Security Requirements, Dec 2016
GOES-R NOAA5050 and PPZ System Security Plan, March 2017
GOES-R NOAA5050 Vulnerability Assessment Report, April 2017
GOES-R NOAA5050 Penetration Testing Rules of Engagement, May 17, 2017

Bill Wall Courses and Training

USAF Traffic Safety Course, Nov 27, 1970, Sheppard AFB, TX
Jet Aircraft Maintenance (Honor Graduate), Oct 1970 — Jan 25, 1971, Sheppard AFB, TX
Calculus, U of Wisconsin correspondence, Jun-Dec, 1971
CIE Electronics Correspondence Course (1972-73)
Squadron Officer School correspondence, Apr 14, 1981, WPAFB
Management Class, April 23, 1981, WPAFB
Threat Assessment, Apr 23, 1981, WPAFB
US Military Forces, Apr 23, 1981, WPAFB
Communication and Leadership, Apr 23, 1981, WPAFB
Jovial/J73 Programming Course, SoftTech, Dayton, OH 27 Apr 81 - 1 May 81
Systems Acquisition Course, Wright-Patterson AFB; 22 Jun 81 - 26 Jun 81
Communications and Leadership Course, SOS, 23 Apr 81 - 17 Jul 81
BASIS User's Training; Wright-Patterson AFB; 14 Sep 81 - 16 Sep 81
Management Course, SOS Apr 81 - 14 Oct 81
Threat Assessment Course, SOS, Apr 81 - 4 Dec 81
Executive Officer Training Course, 1 Sep 1981 — 30 Nov, 1981
US Military Forces Course, SOS, Apr 81 - 5 Feb 82
Squadron Officer School, correspondence (1981 — Feb 12, 1982)
Introduction to PASCAL; AFIT, Dayton, OH; 26 Apr 82 - 7 May 82
Radar Technology, Jun 21, 1982, Fairborn, OH
Ada Programming, Aug 19-20, 1982, Dayton, OH
Digital Signal Processing Course; AFIT, WPAFB; 7 Feb 83 - 11 Feb 83
OPSEC/COMSEC training, WPAFB — Apr 83
Protection of the President training, WPAFB - Feb 84
Creative Problem Solving Workshop; WPAFB; 22 Feb 84 - 24 Feb 84
Database Mgt workshop, Jul 30-31, 1984, Wright State University, Dayton
Squadron Officer School; Maxwell AFB, AL 6 Aug 84 - 5 Oct 84
UNIX, 1985, Ames Research Center
Computer courses, Stanford, 1985-86
TEMPEST Facilities Course; Moffett Field NAS; 27 Jan 87 - 30 Jan 87
Information Security Orientation Course, Onizuka AFB, CA; 4 Jun 90 - 6 Jun 90
CP-510, Trusted Criteria; Kelly AFB, TX; 23 Sep 91 - 27 Sep 91
Total Quality Management Awareness Course; Lackland AFB, TX; 10 Feb 92 - 12 Feb 92
Supervisor Safety Training; Kelly AFB, TX; 6 Jul 92 - 7 Jul 92
Civilian Personnel Management Course, Kelly AFB, TX; 13 Jul 92 - 17 Jul 92
Sexual Harassment Class; Kelly AFB, TX; 19 Apr 93 - 19 Apr 93
Chemical and Biological Training; Nov 10, 94, Kelly AFB
Self Aid Buddy Care; Nov 18, 94, Kelly AFB
Small Arms Training; Kelly AFB; Nov 21, 94
CPR, Kelly AFB; Dec 14, 94
Sensitivity Awareness Course; Jan 19, 1995
C2W Seminar, Jan 20, 1995, Kelly AFB, TX
Mobile Indications and Warnings Course, Jan 1996 (taught by DIA)
Computer Network Attack and Defend Course; Trident, Jan 1997
Leadership Training, Trident, Feb 1997
Career Development and Sensitivity Awareness Course, Feb 1997 (Trident)
Internet Security Course, NCSA, Sep 1997 (Trident)
Basis of Estimate (BOE), Harris, 10 Mar 98
Systems Architecture Workshop, Harris, 13 Apr 98
Electrostatic Discharge Training, May 22, 1998 (Harris)
Fundamentals of Systems Engineering, Harris, 25-26 Jun 98
Intrusion Detection Course, SANS, New Orleans, 29 Jan 01
Electrostatic Discharge Training, Harris, 16 Feb 01
Media Training, Edelman & Harris, 15 Mar 01
Vulnerability Management Seminar, Foundstone, 22 Jul 02
MIL-STD-1686 ESD - - Harris 13-AUG-02
Wireless Vulnerability Detection, Foundstone, 16 Aug 02
Secure Shell (ssh) training, Harris, 10 Sep 02
Corporate Communications, Jun 8, 2005
PatchLinkTraining, PatchLink/Lumension, 24 Oct 05
Integrated Process Overview, Harris, 4 Nov 05
Webex Training, Harris, 26 Feb 06
Integrated Process Overview, Harris — Sep 8, 2006
Values-Based Ethics Awareness Training, Harris, 23 Mar 07
Computer Desktop Workshop and SCAP Training, NIST, MD, 24 Jan 08
Contracts Government Export Control, Harris, 18 Mar 08
Counterintelligence Briefing, 5 May 08
Systems Architecture Course - Harris 28-JAN-09
SCADA Control Systems Security - Dept of Homeland Security, Orlando 04-FEB-09
NOAA IT Security Awareness Course, 2009-2017
Export Compliance — Commercial Development, Harris — May 14, 2012
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Hardware Handling Certification, Harris, May 22, 2012 (good until 6/30/2014) (MIL-STD-1686 ESD)
TrendMicro training Sep 27-28, 2012
Tripwire training, Oct 25, 2012
Critical Security Controls, SANS, June 30, 2013
Advanced Targeted Attacks, SANS, June 30, 2013
Auditing Windows Controls, SANS, June 30, 2013
Code Injection, SANS 2013
Intrusion Prevention, SANS 2013
Mobile Application Security, SANS 2013
Security Threat Intelligence, SANS 2013
Situational Awareness, SANS 2013
Trusted Platform Modules, SANS 2013
Veracode, SANS 2013
Web Application Penetration Testing, SANS 2013
BIT9 course, BIT9, July 25, 2013
US Export Compliance, Harris, Aug 19, 2013
Forensics, SANS 2014
Heartbleed malware, SANS 2014
Extracting Windows Credentials, SANS 2014
DOORS training, Harris — Jan 2015
Information security essentials, Harris — Nov 2015
Security Analytics, SANS 2016
CIS security controls, SANS 2016
Security profiling, SANS 2017
Threat hunting, SANS 2017
Social Engineering, SANS 2017

College courses

Northrop University (1969-1970)
E 110 Engineering Drafting and Design
E 102 Engineering Orientation (A)
EG106 English Composition and Literature (A)
SS 112 US History (A)
M 120 Calculus and Analytic Geometry
PS 112 General Chemistry (A)

Wilkes College (Jan-May, 1976) GPA=3.65
CHM 112 General Chemistry II (A)
ENG 112 Composition (A)
ENG 212 Literature (B)
HIS 212 World Civilization II (B)
MAT 117 Pre-calculus II (A)

CHM 113 General Chemistry III (A)
ENG 113 Composition (A)
ENG 220 Journalism (A)
HIS 113 World Civilization III (B)
MAT 118 Precalculus III (A)
PSY 219 Psychology (B)

Mitchell College (Aug 1976-May 1977) GPA=3.7
SOC 151 Sociology (A)
HIS 251 US History (A)
ENG 150 Resource Materials (A)
PHY 271 General Physics (A)
ANT 251 Physical Anthropology (A)
PED 169 Gymnastics (A)

EDP 151 Data Processing (B)
ECO 251 Economics (B)
PHY 272 Physics (A)
MAT 252 Calculus (B)
POL 251 American National Government (A)
PED 174 Intermediate Gymnastics (A)

MAT 253 Calculus (B)
PHY 273 Physics (B)
ENG 273 American Literature (C)
MAT 171 Statistics (A)
PED 174 Intermediate Gymnastics (A)
PED 166 Varsity Tennis (A)

Lenoir Rhyne University (May 1977-May 1979) GPA=3.6
COR 200 Fine Arts (A)
MAT 265 Calculus
PHY 300 Scientific Instruments (A)
PHY 303 Intermediate Classical Physics (A)
PHY 480 Astronomy (A)

LAN 657 Russian
AST 100 Astronomy (A)
COR 100 Environmental Science (A)
MAT 266 Differential Equations
PHY 304 Quantum Physics (B)

AST 313 Planetary Astronomy (A)
FRE 110 French (A)
FRE 111 Intermediate French (B)
MAT 270 Computer Communications (A)
REL 400 Christian Faith (A)

AST 319 Astrophysics (B)
COR 220 Ideas of Man (A)
EAR 100 Physical Geology (A)
GEO 102 Regional Geography (A)
GEO 225 Urban Geography (A)

AFIT (1979-1981)
MA 163 Operational Systems
MA 502 Mathematical Methods of Engineering
EE 560 Feedback Systems
CT 200 Technical Writing (A)
EE 201 Electrical Circuit Analysis

EE 202 Electrical Circuit Analysis II
MA 506 Mathematical Methods of Engineering II
EE 662 Feedback Systems II
MA 580 Probability Statistics for Engineers

EE310 Electronic Circuits I
MA 509 Mathematical Methods of Engineering III
EE 325 Electricity and Magnetism
EE 384 Electromechanical energy conversion

EE 450 Introduction to Logic Design
EE 425 Electromagnetic Waves
EE 311 Electronic Circuits II
MC 222 Dynamics

ME 323 Thermodynamics
EE 312 Electronic Circuits III
EE 451 Small Computer Systems
EE 491 Digital Filters

EE 431 Communication Systems
EE 490 Engineering Design Project (A)
EE 620 Pattern Recognition
ST 596 Analysis of Soviet Economy (A)

St. Leo University
PHI 101 The Quest for Wisdom St Leo University Correspondence, Aug-Dec, 2007 (A)
PHI 310 Philosophy — St Leo University Correspondence, Aug-Dec, 2007 (A)
ENG 225 Early Literature - St Leo University Correspondence, Aug-Dec, 2007(A)
ENG 226 Survey of World Literature II, 2008 (A)
Awards & Medals

Air Force Medals (1970-1995)


Aircraft and Munitions Maintenance Badge
Aircrew Badge (Enlisted)
Operations Support Badge
Intelligence Badge
Air Force Special Agent Badge
Air Force Recruiting Service Badge

Other Awards

Northrop Institute of Technology Scholarship from Clover Park HS, May, 1969
Top Airman Basic, Lackland AFB, TX, 1970 (American Spirit Honor Medal)
Airman of the Quarter, Beale AFB, 1971
Harry S Truman Scholarship from Mitchell Community College, 1976
Certificate in Recognition for Outstanding Roadrunner, 130 miles, OTS, Aug 22, 1979
Company Officer Grade of the Quarter, WPAFB, OH, 1983
Air Force Physical Fitness Achievement Award, Dec 31, 1983
Air Force Physical Fitness Achievement Award, Jul 13, 1984
Squadron Officer School Running Award, Maxwell AFB, 1984
NASA Group Achievement Award, Oct 23, 1986 (supported Challenger disaster investigation)
Exemplary Team Performance Award, Harris Corporation
Engineering Award - Outstanding Individual Contribution for STAT, Harris
2000 Engineering Award for Outstanding Individual Contribution, Harris
Special Recognition Award for the development of STAT Scanner, 2000, Harris
Patrick AFB AFCEA Speaking Award for Computer Security, 21 Jun 01
STAT Teamwork Award, Harris, Feb 03
Speaking Award for STAT Scanner Tool, Army Materiel Command, Beltsville, MD, 16 Jul 03
Certificate of CVE Compatibility Award from Mitre, RSA Conference, San Francisco, 23 Feb 04
Harris community volunteer award for teaching tennis and chess, 2005
Certificate of Recognition, STAT, Harris Corporation, Jun 21, 2006
Teamwork Award - Teamwork Award for STAT, Harris, Nov 30, 2006
Certificate of Recognition - 28-MAY-08 FP&L Vulnerability Assessment, Harris
Harris UXcel Award for computer security work on GOES-R antenna — June 8, 2013
Harris URock Award, for work on NIST 800-53 Rev 3 to Rev 4 — Jan 10, 2017


Access control requirements
ActivClient familiarization
Active Directory security settings
Admin server security
Artifact collection for security assessment teams
Audit settings and requirements
Basis of Estimate (BOE) writing
Bitvise installation
Certification and Accreditation documents
Configuration documents and settings
DISA STIG familiarization
Domain Time Server familiarization
ESET antivirus scanner familiarization
FIPS security documents (FIPS 199, FIPS 200)
Firewall rules
GPO policies
Hardening procedures
IA tools
IBM Tivoli Monitoring familiarization
Inventory documentation for hardware, software, firmware
LDAP security settings
Microsoft Windows vulnerabilities SME
Mitigation plans and procedures
Network device security settings (running configs)
Nessus scanner tool
Nipper security reports for network devices and their configuration files
NIST security documentation (NIST 800-53)
Nmap tool
Penetration testing
Rules of Engagement (ROE) documentation for penetration testing
SCADA device security
SCIF design
Security controls
Snare familiarization
Splunk familiarization
QNX familiarization
SCAP tools
SIEM reports
System Security Plan (SSP) documentation
TEMPEST vault design
Transparent Screen Lock (TSL) installation
Tripwire Enterprise installation
Vulnerability Assessment Reports (VAR)
Vulnerability Assessment Tool familiarization
Bill Wall's list of military bases he has been at

Jan 1969, McChord AFB, Tacoma, WA
Jan 1969, Fort Lewis, Tacoma, WA
Jul 1970, Fort Jackson, Coumbia, SC — military physical
Sep 1970, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX — Basic Training
Oct 1970, Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX — aircraft maintenance school
Jan 1971, Beale AFB, Marysville, CA — aircraft crew chief
Dec 1971, Hickam AFB, Hawaii — refueled aircraft
Dec 1971, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa - TDY
Dec 1971, U Tapao Air Base, Thailand — TDY
Jan 1972, Clark Air Base, Philippines
Jan 1972, Andersen Air Base, Guam
Mar 1972, Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, Alaska
Sep 1973, Travis AFB, CA
Jan 1974, Naval Base, Guam
Aug 1974, Yokota Air Base, Japan
Aug 1974, Eielson AFB, Fairbanks, Alaska
Jan 1979, Shaw AFB, Sumter, SC — physical
May 1979, Medina Annex, Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX - OTS
Aug 1979, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio — AFIT
Dec 1980, Fort Benjamin Harrison, IN - chess
Feb 1982, Nellis AFB, NV — Red Flag
May 1983, Fort Knox, KY - chess
Aug 1984, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery AL — SOS
Sep 1984, Eglin AFB, FL
May 1985, Moffett Field NAS, Mountain View, CA
May 1985, Sunnyvale AFS/Onizuka AFB, Sunnyvale, CA
July 1985, Concord Naval Weapons Station, Concord, CA - chess
Aug 1987, Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Mare Island, CA - chess
Jul 1988, Skaggs Island Naval Base, Skaggs Island, CA - chess
Aug 1989, Fort Meade, MD
Aug 1989, Langley AFB, VA
Jun 1990, Arnold AFB, TN
Jul 1990, Andrews AFB, MS — chess
Sep 1990, Edwards AFB, CA
Sep 1990, Los Angeles AFB, Los Angeles AFB, CA
Apr 1991, Kirtland AFB, NM, Albuquerque, NM
May 1991, Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX
May 1991, Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX
May 1991, Randolph AFB, San Antonio, TX
Apr 1992, Hill AFB, UT
Nov 1993, Hanscom AFB, MA
Aug 1994, Griffiss AFB, NY
Sep 1995, Scott AFB, IL
Dec 1997, Patrick AFB, FL
Jan 1999, MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL
Jun 1999, Fort Huachuca, AZ
Jul 1999, Fort Belvoir, VA
Dec 1999, Marine Corps Base Quanticao, Quantico, VA
Jan 2000, Camp Robinson, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Apr 2000, Heidelberg Army Base, Heidelberg, Germany
Jun 2000, Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs, CO
Nov 2000, Navy Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Nov 2001 Naval Station Norfolk, Norfolk, VA
Oct 2002, Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska
Jun 2015, Zayed Military City, UAE

Bill Wall's Travels and Residences

1951.05.11—Raymond, Washington (Pacific County) - birthplace—625 Ellwood St, Raymond, WA
1952.09.01—Portland, Oregon - residence
1952.11.01—Centralia, Washington - residence
1955.04.01—Tacoma, Washington (810 Ferry St) - residence
1956.01.01—Tacoma, Washington (8305 S. Yakima St) - residence
1959.01.01—Winlock, Washington - residence—(McCleary, WA) (Shakertown)
1960.05.01—Tacoma, Washington (Sheridon St) - residence
1961.01.01—San Francisco, California (22nd and Sanchez; 3702 22nd St) - residence
1961.11.01—Daly City, CA (Park St) - residence (Palo Alto, CA)
1962.11.01—Pacifica, CA (464 Inverness St (Glasgow)) - residence
1963.06.01—Los Angeles and Disneyland - Boy Scouts
1963.08.01—Pacifica, CA (520 Heathcliff Dr) - residence
1964.05.01—Tillicum, WA—- residence
1966.06.01—Parkway, WA - residence (Spanaway)
1966.08.01—Maniac Manor, Rt 1, Hwy 99, Yuba City, CA - residence (Lexington Inn)
1966.09.01—15008 Woodbrook Ave (Woodbrook and Grant), WA - residence
1968.01.01—Tacoma, WA (99th St) - residence
1968.08.01—Bellingham, WA - Western Washington State College leadership class
1968.11.15—Seattle, WA - science department at University of Washington
1969.01.01—Tillicum, WA (Union St) - residence (near Gerties Grill)
1969.06.01—Tacoma, WA (901 1/2 S. 9th Ave) - residence
1969.07.01—Seattle, WA - Seattle Science Center
1969.09.28—Northrop University (1155 West Arbor Vitae, Inglewood, CA)
1969.11.30—Santa Monica, CA - American Open chess tourney
1970.01.01—Tacoma, WA (9th Ave) - residence
1970.03.01—North Augusta, SC (806 East Ave) - residence (Augusta, GA)
1970.07.15—Ft Jackson, Columbia, SC; Air Force physical
1970.08.01—169 School Rd, Gloverville, SC - residence
1970.09.03—San Antonio, TX, Lackland AFB; class 69-985 - (6 weeks)
1970.11.01—Wichita Falls, TX, Sheppard AFB; 3750th Tech Sq (12 weeks, 2 days)
1971.01.25—Tacoma, WA (9th Ave)
1971.02.01—Yuba City/Marysville, CA (Beale AFB) - residence
1971.09.11—Lake Tahoe - vacation
1971.12.21—Hickam AFB, Hawaii - TDY
1971.12.23—Naha, Okinawa (Kadena AB) - TDY for 179 days
1971.12.26—U Tapao, Thailand - TDY for a week
1972.01.02—Agana, Guam (Anderson AFB) - TDY
1972.01.03—Philippines (Clark AFB) - TDY
1972.03.01—Beale AFB (visits to Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles)
1972.03.02—Hickim, Hawaii
1972.04.08—Tacoma, WA - family visit for a week
1972.04.10—Winlock; Centralia - family visit
1972.04.16—Aiken, SC - family visit
1972.05.16—returned to Beale AFB
1972.06.02—Reno - vacation
1972.11.15—Reno - vacation
1972.12.05—Los Angeles
1973.02.17—Berkeley, CA - chess tourney
1973.05.07—Aiken, SC - family visit
1973.06.30—New York, NY - World Open chess tourney
1973.09.01—Los Angeles/Anaheim - Disneyland
1973.09.16—Alaska - TDY
1973.09.17—Japan - TDY
1973.09.18—U Tapao, Thailand - residence
1974.02.01—Guam - TDY
1974.08.01—U Tapao
1974.09.01—Beale AFB, CA
1974.09.10—Reno and Lake Tahoe
1974.10.01—Stony Point, NC - residence (222 N. Thomas Lane, PO box 167)
1975.02.15—Los Angeles, CA - US Booster Ch chess tourney
1975.03.01—Hickory, NC - chess
1975.03.15—Statesville, NC - chess
1975.03.29—Morganton, NC - chess
1975.04.26—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1975.05.02—Morganton, NC - chess
1975.05.17—Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - World Class Ch, chess
1975.06.22—Raleigh, NC - chess
1975.07.02—New York, NY - World Open
1975.07.18—Louisville, KY - chess
1975.07.19—Lexington, KY - chess
1975.07.27—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1975.08.30—Chapel Hill, NC - chess
1975.09.27—Greenville, SC - chess
1975.11.29—Raleigh, NC - chess
1975.12.02—Henderson, NC - chess (Walter Browne exhibition)
1976.01.01—North Wilkesboro, NC - college (1328 S. Collegiate Dr, Wilkesboro, NC)
1976.02.21—Durham, NC - chess
1976.03.27—Atlanta, GA - chess
1976.06.01—Stone Mountain State Park, NC - work
1976.07.01—New York, NY - World Open
1976.07.31—Winston-Salem, NC - chess (LPO)
1976.08.01—Stony Point, NC - residence
1976.09.04—Winston-Salem, NC chess ch
1976.11.27—Columbia, SC - chess
1977.03.19—Atlanta, GA - chess
1977.04.15—Oak Ridge, TN - nuclear physics course
1977.05.19—Miami, FL - cruise
1977.05.20—Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas - cruise
1977.06.25—Greensboro, NC - chess
1977.07.01—Barium Springs, NC - residence/work
1977.07.30—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1977.08.07—Columbus, Ohio - US Open chess tourney
1977.08.21—Virginia, honeymoon
1977.09.01—Taylorsville, NC - residence
1977.09.03—Chapel Hill, NC - chess
1977.09.15—Hickory, NC - college
1978.01.21—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1978.04.01—Myrtle Beach, SC - vacation
1978.09.02—Chapel Hill, NC - chess
1979.01.04—Sumter, SC (Shaw AFB) - physical
1979.03.21—Charlotte, NC - Korchnoi chess simul exhibition
1979.04.07—Atlanta, GA - chess
1979.05.30—San Antonio, TX, Lackland AFB, Medina Annex (OTS); class 79-14B
1979.09.01—Fairborn, OH - residence (#13, Cedar Circle Apts)
1979.10.01—Dayton, OH - residence (WPAFB) (5454 Mitchell Dr)
1980.02.16—Columbus, OH - MOTCF chess
1980.12.06—Fort Harrison, Indiana - chess
1981.02.14—Columbus, OH - MOTCF
1981.08.01—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1981.08.05—Charleston, SC - family
1981.08.08—Cape Canaveral, FL - vacation
1981.08.09—Miami, FL - family
1981.08.22—Cincinnati, OH - chess
1981.09.05—Columbus, OH - chess
1981.10.29—Xenia, OH - chess
1981.12.08—Akron, OH - engineering recruiting
1982.02.05—Nellis AFB, NV - Red Flag
1982.02.13—Columbus, OH - chess
1982.04.24—Statesville, OH - chess
1982.05.16—Cincinnati, OH - chess
1982.06.12—Vandalia, OH - chess
1982.07.31—Winston-Salem, NC - chess
1983.02.12—Cleveland, OH - chess
1983.02.26—Columbus, OH - chess
1983.03.26—Xenia, OH - chess
1983.04.23—Statesville, NC - chess
1983.05.02—Houston, TX, Johnson Space Center
1983.05.11—Tallahassee, FL; ada compiler work
1983.05.21—Fort Knox, KY - chess
1983.05.28—Lima, OH - chess
1983.09.23—Columbus, OH - chess
1983.12.15—St Louis; McDonnell-Douglas F-15 work
1984.01.17—Fort Worth, TX; General Dynamics F-16 avionics work
1984.01.22—Springfield, OH - chess
1984.03.20—Milwaukee, WI - engineering recruiting
1984.07.15—Charleston, SC - family visit
1984.08.06—Montgomery, AL - Squadron Officer School
1984.11.11—Charlotte, NC and Clemson - recruiting
1985.02.01—Raleigh, NC - engineering and astronaut recruiting
1985.05.30—Palo Alto, CA - residence (Alma St); NASA/Ames
1985.07.04—San Jose, CA - chess
1985.07.18—Seattle, Winlock, Centralia, Mt St Helens - family reunion
1985.07.27—Concord, CA - chess
1985.08.15—San Francisco - FBI seminar
1985.09.21—Sunnyvale, CA - chess
1985.10.15—Livermore, CA - Lawrence Livermore National Labs security work
1985.12.04—San Francisco, CA - DECA/FBI conference
1986.03.17—Mt View, CA - residence (Easy St)
1986.03.29—Monterey, CA - chess
1986.05.19—Santa Cruz, CA - vacation
1986.06.24—Campbell, CA - chess
1986.07.26—Concord, CA - chess
1986.08.26—Dayton, OH (WPAFB) - Flight Dynamics TDY
1987.03.13—Las Vegas, NV - National Open chess tourney
1987.03.28—Monterey, CA - chess
1987.04.13—Dayton, OH - Flight Dynamics Lab, TDY
1987.04.17—Fremont, CA - chess
1987.06.21—Moffett Field Naval Air Station - residence (626-B Perimeter Rd)
1987.08.08—Mare Island, CA - chess
1987.12.06—Orlando, FL - Computer Security Conference
1988.03.25—Beale AFB, CA - visit
1988.07.23—Skaggs Island, CA - chess
1988.10.01—Vancouver, WA - family visit
1988.11.15—San Francisco - computer work
1989.01.20—Seattle, WA - Karpov-Hjartarson chess match
1989.04.10—Dayton, OH - TDY
1989.07.29—Concord, CA - chess
1989.08.17—Cleveland, OH - Lewis Research Center, NASA - security
1989.08.19—Langley AFB, VA - computer security
1989.08.21—Fort Meade, MD - National Security Agency computer security
1989.08.23—Washington, DC - NASA headquarters computer security
1989.08.24—Baltimore, MD - NASA recruiting
1990.06.01—Visalia, CA - family visit
1990.06.15—Los Angeles, Anaheim - visit
1990.06.19—Pleasanton, CA - Computer Emergency Response Team Conference
1990.06.25—Arnold Engineering Development Center, Tennessee; security
1990.08.04—Mare Island, CA - chess
1990.08.11—Newark, CA - chess
1990.09.21—Edwards AFB, Dryden Research Center
1990.10.03—Dayton, OH (WPAFB); Flight Dynamics Lab, TDY
1990.10.06—New York, NY - world chess ch (Kasparov-Karpov)
1991.04.10—Albuquerque, NM (Kirtland AFB); computer security, TDY
1991.06.02—Andrews AFB, Maryland - chess
1991.07.27—Skaggs Island, CA - chess
1991.09.01—Yosemete National Park, CA; vacation; San Bernadino, CA
1991.09.07—San Antonio, TX (Caney Creek) - residence
1992.04.29—Hill AFB, UT; TDY for reverse engineering of embedded processors
1992.05.05—Dayton, OH (WPAFB); avionics lab embedded processors
1992.06.05—Dayton, OH (WPAFB); avionics lab embedded processors
1992.07.26—Andrews AFB, MD - chess
1992.12.20—Miami, FL - family
1992.12.24—Stony Point, NC - family
1993.07.03—Miami, FL - family
1993.09.28—Andrews AFB, MD - chess
1993.11.30—Boston, Hanscom AFB, MA - multi-level security meeting
1993.12.20—Stony Point, NC - family
1994.03.01—San Antonio, TX, Kelly AFB - residence
1994.08.01—Griffis AFB, New York - Rome Labs; security product assessment
1995.04.28—San Antonio, TX (Marbach) - residence
1995.09.13—Scott AFB, IL - Air Force Base Network Control Center meeting
1996.03.20—Montgomery, AL - technical exchange on databases
1996.09.08—Dallas, TX - Oracle training
1997.03.20—Melbourne, FL - Harris Corp
1997.05.30—Phoenix - computer security work for American Express
1997.06.03—Phoenix - security work for 4 days
1997.06.16—Phoenix - security work
1997.07.21—Minneapolis, MN - security work for 5 days for American Express
1997.07.13—Houston, TX - computer security work for oil company
1997.09.01—Minneapolis, MN - computer security work for 5 days
1997.11.11—Mountain View, CA - computer security work for 4 days
1997.11.18—Atlanta, GA - computer security work for 2 days
1997.12.05—Palm Bay, FL (906 Pine Walk Ct, 32905)- residence; working for Harris Corp
1997.12.24—Stony Point, NC for Christmas
1998.06.01—Miami/Ft Lauderdale - relatives
1998.12.21—Stony Point, NC - relatives
1999.01.21—MacDill AFB (Tampa, FL) - computer security demo
1999.02.15—Scott AFB, IL - STAT demo
1999.05.09—Baltimore, MD/Washington DC - SANS Conference
1999.06.07—Brooks AFB, San Antonio, TX - STAT and security assessment
1999.06.30—Tucson and Fort Huachuca, AZ - STAT demo
1999.07.02—Washington DC/Fort Belvoir, VA - STAT demo
1999.10.07—New Orleans - SANS Conference
1999.11.14—Washington DC - Computer Security Institute conference for 4 days
1999.11.30—Orlando - Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference
1999.12.07—Washington DC - Army meeting for STAT
1999.12.10—Quantico, VA - Marines for STAT
1999.12.23—Stony Point, NC - Christmas
2000.01.12—Tucson and Fort Huachuca, AZ - STAT demo at the TIC for 3 days
2000.01.25—Little Rock, Arkansas - Camp Robinson, STAT demo for national guard
2000.01.26—DC/Fort Belvoir, VA for Windows NT briefing and STAT for ACERT
2000.03.30—Orlando - SANS Conference (CVE with Mitre)
2000.04.03—Buena Vista, FL - Infosec 2000 (MISTI); STAT demo at Harris booth
2000.04.11—Ottawa, Ontario - Technet 2000 (AFCEA Canada); STAT demo; 2 days
2000.04.17—Heidelburg, Germany for 4 days for STAT briefing to Army
2000.06.04—Atlanta, GA - Supercomm for 4 days
2000.06.19—Schriever AFB, Colorado Springs, CO - demo STAT
2000.11.05—San Diego, USS Coronado - demo STAT - Pacific Ocean
2000.11.09—Mazatlan, Mexico - port call
2000.12.19—St Petersburg, FL - Raytheon
2000.12.23—Stony Point, North Carolina - Christmas
2001.01.20—Stateville, NC - Davis hospital
2001.01.29—New Orleans - SANS Conference (STAT Scanner, Analyzer)
2001.02.02—Stony Point, NC - mom's funeral
2001.02.26—Buena Vista, FL - Infosec 2100 (MISTI); STAT demo at Harris booth
2001.03.20—Boston - Network World, Hurwitz Group, Software Mag, SC Magazine, Computerworld
2001.05.15—Baltimore, SANS (Harris booth for STAT Scanner demo)
2001.06.21—Patrick AFB, FL AFCEA guest speaker
2001.09.18—Houston, TX - Avnet, Dynergy
2001.11.01—Norfolk, VA - NAVCIRT, FIWC
2001.12.24—Stony Point, NC - Christmas
2002.04.09—Hagerstown, MD - STAT briefing to DISA
2002.06.27—Alexandria, VA - Army RCERT meeting
2002.07.01—Orlando, FL - ISSA guest speaker - Computer Security Incidents
2002.07.28—Los Angeles, Long Beach - STAT demo for VA; 2 days
2002.08.21—Newport and Parrottsville, TN; genealogy
2002.09.15—Syracuse, NY and Rome, NY (Rome Labs; Griffiss) for STAT demo for USAF
2002.09.19—San Antonio, TX at SecureInfo for STAT demo
2002.10.03—Martinsburg, WV; VA for STAT demo
2002.10.30—Omaha, NE (Offutt AFB); STAT briefing to STRATCOM
2002.12.17—Norfolk, VA; USS Leyte Gulf; FIWC; Scanner and Console demo
2003.01.15—San Diego; AFCEA trade show; SPAWAR; SSC Navy
2003.02.13—Washington DC; DISA
2003.03.03—Washington DC, VA
2003.04.12—Miami; World Chess Hall of Fame; patron member
2003.04.23—Washington DC; Citadel; VA
2003.07.04—Miami - relatives; beach and chess hall of fame and tennis
2003.07.14—College Park, MD - spoke at Army Material Command
2003.10.09—Baltimore, Silver Spring, MD - HP and VA; Citadel
2004.01.10—Cape Canaveral
2004.01.27—Chicago - Hines VA Hospital;—STAT demo
2004.02.23—San Francisco - RSA Conference; STAT award by Mitre CVE
2004.05.10—San Antonio - DISA/STAT testing at Kelly
2007.06.05—Juno Beach, FL - FP&L site visit
2008.01.23—Gaithersburg, MD - NIST Computer Workshop - SCAP
2008.04.29—Fort Lauderdale, FL - Florida Power and Light visit
2008.09.08—Fairbanks, Alaska - Elmendorf AFB for 5 days; Red Flag Alaska Range
2008.09.30—Juno Beach, FL - FP&L site visit
2009.02.28—Jupiter, FL
2009.02.04—Buena Vista (Orlando) - SANS SCADA security; Introduction to Control Systems Security
2009.04.27—Reston, VA - NIST Smart Grid workshop
2009.05.18—National Harbor, MD - NIST Smart Grid workshop; (2 days)
2009.05.30—Miami, FL - Jonathan Wall graduation, class valedictorian
2009.09.22—Silver Spring, MD - NOAA, WRIP II kick-off meeting; (2 days)
2009.10.03—Orlando, FL - CISSP test
2009.10.19—Silver Spring, MD - NOAA Systems Requirements Review (SRR); CommPower (3 days)
2009.10.22—Mt Holly, NJ - Weather Forecast Office Site visit
2009.12.08—Camarillo, California; WRIP PDR; 3 days at CommPower
2010.03.15—Camarillo, CA; WRIP CDR; 3 days at CommPower
2010.08.22—Camarillo, CA for STAT scan; 3 days at commpower
2010.10.11—Juno Beach, FL for FPL possible assessment
2010.12.07—Camarillo, CA for security and WRIP demo; 2 days at CommPower
2010.12.15—Silver Spring, MD; NWS PMR; 1 day at NWS
2011.01.12—Camarillo, CA for System Security Plan 1 day at CommPower
2011.02.07—Silver Spring, MD; NWS PMR; 2 days at NWS
2011.03.21—Camarillo, CA for SSP and scanning; 3 days at CommPower
2011.04.30—Cocoa Beach, FL - 18th space coast open for 2 days
2011.05.27—Fort Yargo (Winder) Georgia; family reunion; 3 days
2011.11.01—Silver Spring, MD - PMR and security meeting; 3 days
2012.01.30—Silver Spring, MD - TIM/PMR and security meeting; 3 days
2012.04.27—Cocoa Beach, FL - 19th Space Coast Open (=2-3)
2012.07.20—Richardson, TX for 3 days; GD; hardened DCS; windows 7
2012.07.30—Richardson, TX for 4 days; GD; hardened IFDSS, Netmac, Glowlink link monitor;—
2012.08.28—Richardson, TX for 4 days; GD;—hardening
2012.11.12—Richardson, TX for 5 days; added agents;
2012.12.03—Richardson, TX for 5 days; added agents;
2013.01.08—Richardson, TX for 4 days; security
2013.01.15—Richardson, TX for 4 days; security
2013.01.28—Richardson, TX for 5 days; security and agents
2013.02.04—Richardson, TX for 4 days; IT-02 tabletop
2013.03.04—Richardson, TX for 4 days; tabletop
2013.03.11—Richardson, TX for 5 days; tabletop
2013.03.25—Richardson, TX for 5 days; tabletop and nessus scan;
2013.04.07—Richardson, TX for 6 days; dry run;
2013.04.26—Cocoa Beach, FL for 3 days; 20th space coast open;
2013.04.29—Richardson, TX for 4 days; common services;
2013.05.13—Richardson, TX for 4 days;
2013.05.20—Richardson, TX for 5 days;
2013.05.28—Richardson, TX for 6 days; FAT;
2013.12.02—Suitland, MD for 5 days; NSOF;
2014.01.13—Wallops Island, VA for 5 days; WCDAS;
2014.02.03—Suiland, MD for 4 days; MSOF;—SAT for active directory
2014.02.10—Wallops for 5 days;—set up AD
2014.02.03—Suitland, MD for 4 days; SAT at NSOF for active directory;
2014.03.03—Wallops for 5 days; SAT at WCDAS;
2014.03.17—Wallops for 5 days;—dry run
2014.04.22—Wallops; network fix, patches, WCDAS-2 common services for 6 days,
2014.04.29—Wallops for 5 days;
2014.05.06—Wallops for 5 days; SAT;
2014.05.16—Norfolk, VA - family reunion
2014.05.27—Suitland, MSl SAT dry run;—
2015.04.24—Cocoa Beach, FL for 3 days; Space Coast Open
2015.06.09—Dubai and Abu Dhabi for 3 months;
2017.03.22—St. Louis for 4 days; world chess hall of fame

MAJ, USAF (Ret.)

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