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FIDE ratings for June: Carlsen - 2830, Caruana - 2805, Nakamura - 2794, Nepomniachtchi - 2770, Abdusattorov - 2766, Gukesh - 2761, Ding - 2762, Erigaisi - 2761, So - 2757, Wei - 2755

Top Women: Hou - 2632, Ju - 2558, Lei - 2548, Goryachkina - 2545, Komeru - 2545

Radosław Wojtaszek and Alina Kashlinskaya, who are husband and wife, won the 2024 edition of the Polish Championships.  It was Wojtaszek's 6th title.

After 7 rounds, Magnus Carlsen leads the 12th Norway Chess with 13, followed by Namakamura.  This is the world's strongest chess tournament.  This is a 6 player event.  World champion Ding Liren is in last place with only 3.5 points.

FIDE World Junior Chess Championship started in Gandhinagar, India.  There are 230 players from 44 countries in the event, including 13 GMs.

On May 19, Carlsen win the Casablanca Chess Tournament, scoring 4.5 out of 6.  Nakamura took 2nd, followed by Anand.

GM Roberto Garcia Panoja of Colombia won the Championship of the Americas, held in Medellin.  There were 387 players from 18 countries with 10 GMs.

14-Year-Old Lu Miaoyi won the Chinese Women's Championship,  Her mother won it 21 years earlier.

GM Alireza Firouza won the 2024 classic.  He beat Magnus Carlsen twice.  He earned $30,000.

England won three gold medals at the European Senior Team Championships: in the 50+ and 65+ events and in the 50+ women's competition. The gold medal in the 65+ women's competition went to Germany. The event was played in Slovenia.

Pranav V of India won the Dubai Masters on tiebreaks.  He scored 7 out of 9.

Former world champion Anatoly Karpov has played more different world champions than anyone else.  He has played 13.

Elon Musk recently made a statement that chess will be fully solved in 10 years. Most GMs disagree.

Happy birthday to Bill Wall, author of over 50 chess books and over 74,000 chess games, who turned 73 today.

GM Wei Yi won the 2024 Superbet Rapid tournament in Poland, followed by GM Magnus Carlsen.  Wei Yi scored 13 out of 18.

With 5.0/6 each, the Indian GMs Aravind Chithambaram and Visakh N R are leading at the Dubai Masters.

Peter Svidler, Arjun Abdusattorov, and Arjun Erigaisi all scored 4.5 out of 7 to tie for 1st at the 28th Sigeman & Co tournament in Malmo, Sweden.

The World School Chess Championship 2024 was held in Peru last week.  Held in six age groups (U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and U17) with separate events for open and girls' categories, the competition in Lima brought together 1,169 participants from 26 countries.  Peruvians led the way with three gold, three silver, and six bronze medals. Mongolia also claimed three gold medals, but with only one silver and one bronze. The USA and Paraguay each boasted two gold medals, while Paraguay, Colombia, and Kazakhstan also had champions.

May FIDE ratings: Carlsen - 2830, Caruana - 2805, Nakamura - 2795, Nepomnuachtchi - 2770, Abdusattorov - 2766, Gukesh - 2764, Erigaisi - 2762, Ding - 2762, So - 2757, Wei - 2755

Nodirbek Abdusattorov won the TePe Sigeman & Co. Tournament in Malmö.

In March, Russia added GM Garry Kasparov to its list of "terrorists and extremists." Last week, they arrested the chess legend in absentia for "terrorist activities."  The Eussian court issued an arrest warrant for the 13th world chess champion, charging Kasparov of "creating a terrorist society, leading it, financing terrorist activities, and publicly justifying them."

India now has 84 chess grandmasters, including 42 women (men's) grandmasters.

Magnus Carlsen fears that Ding Liren may have been “permanently broken” following the world champion’s poor performances at Wijk aan Zee in January and in the Freestyle event in Germany in March.  Shortly afterwards Ding stopped playing for six months, citing lack of motivation plus an unspecified illness, which some sources said was anxiety or depression. At one stage he considered retirement.

GM Levon Aronian recently wrote, “the FIDE Circuit is kind of a joke,” with GM Anish Giri replying to describe it as “completely broken.”  GM Fabiano Caruana, described the 2026 FIDE Candidates Tournament, as “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.”  The FIDE Circuit is a points system devised by FIDE for measuring tournament performances across a year, with a player’s top seven performances added together to make an overall score. 

Aydin Suleymanli won the Azerbaijani Championship 2024. The 19-year-old native of Baku prevailed over Mahammad Muradli in the final match to capture his maiden national title.

8 year old Bodhana Sivanandan scored her first WIM norm at European Women's Chess Championship, gaining 87.6 rating points in the process. In the next rating list she'll be by far the highest rated under-9 player (of either sex) in the world.  Her rating is 2065 and had a performance rating of 2265.

Berkeley, California, residents were surprised on Friday to see the furniture some of them normally play chess on at the corner of Telegraph Avenue and Haste Street was gone for the third time in five weeks. Trash collectors supervised by a Berkeley police officer allegedly took the furniture placed by Telegraph Avenue's unofficial chess club earlier that morning. The three furniture confiscations in the last five weeks have resulted in at least $600 in replacement costs.

We've posted 999 games of Gukesh Dommaraju, who won the Candidates' Tournament at age 17. Get them here!

Introducing the Wall Gambit in Philidor's Defense: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3. d4 exd4 4.c3! It was first played in London, 1851; Horwitz, playing White, drew Henry Bird. Bill Wall has played over 20 games in this line, far more than anyone else it appears, and has won all of them.

After 14 rounds and over three weeks of play in Toronto, 17-year-old GM Gukesh Dommaraju (2763) of India won the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament and is the youngest player in history to win a Candidates Tournament. He scored 9 out of 14 (5 wins, 1 loss, 8 draws).  He will play GM Ding Liren for the world championship.  Zhongyi Tan won the Women's Candidates with 8.5 out of 13.

Tunde Onakoya of Nigeria shattered the Guinness world record with a chess marathon In New York Times Square.  He played chess for 60 hours non-stop.  The previous record was 56 hours.

Alexander Donchenko won the 3rd annual Sunway Formentera Open.  Ivanchuk and Pranav tied for 2nd place.

Ukrainian GM Vitaliy Bernadskiy won the 21st Bangkok Chess Club Open, scoring 7.5 out of 9.

The games from the 2024 Candidates' Tournament are posted under Tourney PGNs. Click here.

Nepomniachtchi and Gukesh lead with 6 out of 10 in the Candidates Tournament.  Tingjie Lei and Zhongyi Tan lead with 6.5 out of 10 on the women's side.

Ivanchuk (2611) and Donchenko (2633) lead at the Sunway Formentera Chess Festival being played on the Spanish island in the Balearic Islands.  They both have 5.5 out of 7.  There are 51 players in the event, with 11 GMs.

For the first time in its history, the Asian Cities Chess Team Championship will be held in Russia, from April 20 to 30, 2024. The venue will be the capital of Ugra — the city of Khanty-Mansiysk.

Continuing its global journey from the Indian subcontinent to Africa and Europe, the FIDE100 Torch Relay, commemorating a century of FIDE, has now reached North America. The ceremony was held on April 13, at the Nathan Phillips square in the center of Toronto.

After 7 rounds, GM Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia leads the Candidates Tournament in Toronto with 4.5 points.  Gukesh is in 2nd with 4 points.  For the seventh consecutive round, the sole leader of the 2024 FIDE Women's Candidates remains the same: GM Tan Zhongyi.

Dommaraju Gukesh (born 29 May 2006), at age 17, is the youngest Candidate competitor since Fischer.  He was born in Chennai, India.  He is the third-youngest person in history to qualify for the title of Grandmaster, the third-youngest player to reach a chess rating of 2700, and the youngest to reach a rating of 2750.

The World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) opened “Clash for the Crown: Celebrating Chess Champions," an all-new exhibition on April 11, 2024, which is being held in conjunction with the 100th anniversary celebration of the International Chess Federation (FIDE).  It explores the histories of the World Chess Championship and Women’s World Chess Championship through a display of artifacts from the collection of the WCHOF, FIDE and loans from world chess champions.

GM Ian Nepomniachtchi has taken a half-point lead at the 2024 FIDE Candidates Tournament.  He has won 2 and drawn 2 for a score of 3 out of 4.  2nd-3rd are Cauana and Gukesh.  On the women's side, Zhonghi Tan leads with 3 out of 4.  Aleksandra Goryachkina is in 2nd with 2.5 out of 4.

GM Arjun Erigaisi won the 2024 Menorca Open on Sunday. The Indian top-GM edged out GMs Kirill Alekseenko and Maksim Chigaev on tiebreaks after all finished on 7.5/9. Erigaisi reached a career-peak live rating of 2761 and briefly occupied the fifth place in the world rankings.

After seven rounds in Baltimore, Maryland, Ohio senior IM Jason Wang (2563) is the 2024 National High School (K-12) Champion.  He scored 6.5 out of 7.

In round 1 of the World Championship Candidates in Toronto, all the games were drawn.  Caruana drew with Nakamura, Abasov drew with Nepomniachtchi, Gukesh drew with Gujrathi, and Firouzja drew with Praggnanandhaa.  In round 2, there were no draws.  Caruana beat Abasov, Nakamura lost to Gujrathi, Pragg lost to Gukesh, and Nepo won against Firouzja.  Nakamura lost in 29 moves, ending his 47-game undefeated streak.

On the women's side. Zhongyi Tan was the only winner in round 1.  She also won in round 2 and is leading the World Championship Candidates (Women) event.

Caleb Levitan, an eighth-grader at King David High School Linksfield in Johannesburg, has set a new record, becoming the youngest person to make the elite chess team representing South Africa at the Chess Olympiad tournament to be held in Budapest this September.

GM Magnus Carlsen beat GM Richard Rapport 1.5-0.5 to win the 7th GRENKE Chess Classic for a third time. GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave beat GM Vincent Keymer in blitz tiebreaks to take third place, while World Champion Ding Liren took fifth by beating GM Daniel Fridman. GM Hans Niemann took clear first with 8/9 in the GRENKE Chess Open, while 12-year-old Turkish IM Yagiz Kaan Erdogmus became the fourth youngest grandmaster of all time.  This was Carlsen’s sixth consecutive tournament victory.

The Mar del Plata International Chess Open, one of the oldest tournaments in South America, celebrated its 53rd edition from March 23-30 at the Hotel Provincial. After nine rounds, GM Johan-Sebastian Christiansen of Norway was crowned undefeated champion.

Latest FIDE ratings - Carlsen (2830), Caruana (2803), Nakamura (2789), Abdusattorov (2765), Ding Liren (2762), Firouzja (2760), Nepomniachtichi (2758), So (2757), Erigaisi (2756), Wei (2755)

GM Magnus Carlsen defeated GM Vincent Keymer with the black pieces and then GM Richard Rapport with White to upend the standings and take a one-point lead. Rapport, who had led the 2024 GRENKE Chess Classic for the first two days, also lost a game to GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave.

Magnus Carlsen predicts that GM Hikaru Nakamura will win the 2024 Candidates tournament in Toronto, starting next week.  The Candidates Tournament participants are Ian Nepomniachtchi, Nijat Abasov, R Praggnanandhaa, Fabiano Caruana, Vidit Gujrathi, Hikaru Nakamura, Gukesh D, and Alireza Firouzja. is giving diamond memberships to cheaters with the best sob stories.

Two-time blitz world champion Bibisara Assaubayeva secured first place at the ninth Swiss Queens Wednesday online chess tournament on March 27.

GM Richard Rapport leads the 2024 GRENKE Chess Classic in Germany by a full point after beating GM Daniel Fridman to score 1.5/2. Elsewhere time pressure saw wins evaporate for world number-one Magnus Carlsen (against GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave) and GM Vincent Keymer (against World Champion Ding Liren).

10-year-old prodigy FM Faustino Oro beat GM Magnus Carlsen in's weekly Bullet Brawl tournament, played with a minute on the clock for each player, after Carlsen blundered a piece following a tense battle and was forced to resign after 48 moves.

After it set off from India, the Chess Torch relay — which will travel the world celebrating the first centenary of FIDE — has reached the African continent. The torch arrived in Ghana’s capital, Accra. Highlighting the transformative power of chess in education, Seth Panwum, Chairman of Ghana’s National Sports Authority, remarked: “We want to develop the best versions of our young ones, and we see that chess in education can play a great role in it”.

Happy birthday to GM Anatoly Lein (1931-2018) who was born March 28, 1931.  He was awarded the grandmaster title in 1968.  He was Moscow champ in 1971. He moved to the US in 1976 and won the US Open that year.  He won the New Jersey championship 4 times.

Saint Louis University won the 2024 Collegiate Chess League (CCL) final against Webster University and the University of Missouri (Mizzou) secured victory in their third-placed playoff on Sunday.

Bassem Amin (Egypt) and Jesse Nikki February (South Africa) are the new African Chess Champions. Amin scored 8½/9 to claim the title in the open section, while February become the outright winner in the women’s category.

The Man vs. machine chess thriller Rematch was awarded the International Competition grand prize at the 2024 Series Mania festival on March 22 in Lille, France.  Inspired by the true story of the historic confrontation between chess master Garry Kasparov and IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue, the AI-themed story was created in France.

14-year-old IM Alice Lee won the 2024 Women's American Cup in St. Louis. She defeated GM Irina Krush for the second time on Thursday, in the blitz playoffs after four decisive rapid games, to win her maiden title at the Women's 2024 American Cup.  She wins $40,000, a luxury chess set, and a Tiffany bracelet.

A group of chess enthusiasts banded together and walked 13 miles across New York on March 16 to raise over $11,000 for The Gift of Chess.  This charitable organization seeks to transform lives through chess, aiming to donate one million chess sets globally by 2030 to expand opportunities and create connections across society.

Romanian grandmaster Bogdan-Daniel Deac won the Reykjavik Open after scoring 7½/9 points.

Happy birthday to Larry Evans and Edmar Mednis today.  GM Evans (1932-2010) was US chess champion 5 times.  GM Mednis (1937-2002) was born in Riga, Latvia and came to the US as a chemical engineer.  In 1955, he took 2nd in the World Junior Championship, behind Boris Spassky.  He took 3rd in the 1961-62 US championship.

GM Levon Aronian won the 2024 American Cup on Wednesday in St. Louis. He defeated GM Wesley So in the final rapid game.

Lisa Lane Hickey, the 1959 US women's chess champion, died on Feb 28 at the age of 85.  Lane died of cancer at her home in Kent, New York.  She appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in the August 7, 1961 edition, making her the first chess player to appear on its cover (Bobby Fischer did so in 1972).

Elon Musk’s first brain chip patient played online chess with his mind.  The Neuralink device was implanted to a quadriplegic man who controlled the cursor of a computer with his mind and used it to play games of chess.

The Executive Board of the U.S. Chess Federation suspended indefinitely the ability of US Chess Tournament Directors and Affiliates to advertise or organize US Chess rated tournaments to be held or hosted in the US Virgin Islands (USVI).  The Virgin Islands is recognized as a separate nation under FIDE. FIDE said that they would not allow anyone to organize or advertise US Chess-rated events to be held on USVI soil.

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Dvoretsky Lessons 1
Dvoretsky Lessons 2
Dvoretsky Lessons 3
Dvoretsky Lessons 4
Dvoretsky Lessons 5
Dvoretsky Lessons 6
Dvoretsky Lessons 7
Dvoretsky Lessons 8
Dvoretsky Lessons 9
Dvoretsky Lessons 10
Dvoretsky Lessons 11
Dvoretsky Lessons 12
Dvoretsky Lessons 13
Dvoretsky Lessons 14
Dvoretsky Lessons 15
Dvoretsky Lessons 16
Dvoretsky Lessons 17
Dvoretsky Lessons 18
Dvoretsky Lessons 19
Dvoretsky Lessons 20
Dvoretsky Lessons 21
Dvoretsky Lessons 22
Dvoretsky Lessons 23
Dvoretsky Lessons 24
Dvoretsky Lessons 25
Dvoretsky Lessons 26
Dvoretsky Lessons 27
Dvoretsky Lessons 28
Dvoretsky Lessons 29
Dvoretsky Lessons 30
Dvoretsky Lessons 31
Dvoretsky Lessons 32
Dvoretsky Lessons 33
Dvoretsky Lessons 34
Dvoretsky Lessons 35
Dvoretsky Lessons 36
Dvoretsky Lessons 37
Dvoretsky Lessons 38
Dvoretsky Lessons 39
Dvoretsky Lessons 40
Dvoretsky Lessons 41
Dvoretsky Lessons 42
Dvoretsky Lessons 43
Dvoretsky Lessons 44
Dvoretsky Lessons 45
Dvoretsky Lessons 46
Dvoretsky Lessons 47
Dvoretsky Lessons 48
Dvoretsky Lessons 49
Dvoretsky Lessons 50
Dvoretsky Lessons 51
Dvoretsky Lessons 52
Dvoretsky Lessons 53
Dvoretsky Lessons 54
Dvoretsky Lessons 55
Dvoretsky Lessons 56
Dvoretsky Lessons 57
Dvoretsky Lessons 58
Dvoretsky Lessons 59
Dvoretsky Lessons 60
Dvoretsky Lessons 61
Dvoretsky Lessons 62
Dvoretsky Lessons 63
Dvoretsky Lessons 64
Dvoretsky Lessons 65
Dvoretsky Lessons 66
Dvoretsky Lessons 67
Dvoretsky Lessons 68
Dvoretsky Lessons 69
Dvoretsky Lessons 70
Dvoretsky Lessons 71
Dvoretsky Lessons 72
Dvoretsky Lessons 73
Dvoretsky Lessons 74
Dvoretsky Lessons 75
Dvoretsky Lessons 76
Dvoretsky Lessons 77
Dvoretsky Lessons 78
Dvoretsky Lessons 79
Dvoretsky Lessons 80
Dvoretsky Lessons 81
Dvoretsky Lessons 82
Dvoretsky Lessons 83
Dvoretsky Lessons 84
Dvoretsky Lessons 85
Dvoretsky Lessons 86
Dvoretsky Lessons 87
Dvoretsky Lessons 88
Dvoretsky Lessons 89
Dvoretsky Lessons 90
Dvoretsky Lessons 91
Dvoretsky Lessons 92
Dvoretsky Lessons 93
Dvoretsky Lessons 94
Dvoretsky Lessons 95
Dvoretsky Lessons 96
Dvoretsky Lessons 97
Dvoretsky Lessons 98
Dvoretsky Lessons 99
Dvoretsky Lessons 100
Dvoretsky Lessons 101
Dvoretsky Lessons 102
Dvoretsky Lessons 103
Dvoretsky Lessons 104
Dvoretsky Lessons 105
Dvoretsky Lessons 106
Dvoretsky Lessons 107
Dvoretsky Lessons 108
Dvoretsky Lessons 109
Dvoretsky Lessons 110
Dvoretsky Lessons 111
Dvoretsky Lessons 112
Dvoretsky Lessons 113
Dvoretsky Lessons 114
Dvoretsky Lessons 115
Dvoretsky Lessons 116
Dvoretsky Lessons 117
Dvoretsky Lessons 118
Dvoretsky Lessons 119
Dvoretsky Lessons 120
Dvoretsky Lessons 121
Dvoretsky Lessons 122
Dvoretsky Lessons 123
Dvoretsky Lessons 124
Dvoretsky Lessons 125
Dvoretsky Lessons 126
Dvoretsky Lessons 127
Dvoretsky Lessons 128
Dvoretsky Lessons 129
Dvoretsky Lessons 130
Dvoretsky Lessons 131
Dvoretsky Lessons 132
Dvoretsky Lessons 133
Dvoretsky Lessons 134
Dvoretsky Lessons 135
Dvoretsky Lessons 136
Dvoretsky Lessons 137
Dvoretsky Lessons 138
Dvoretsky Lessons 139

Chess History
Chess History, 1747
Chess History, 1748
Chess History, 1749
Chess History, 1750
Chess History, 1751
Chess History, 1752
Chess History, 1753
Chess History, 1754
Chess History, 1755
Chess History, 1756
Chess History, 1757
Chess History, 1758
Chess History, 1759
Chess History, 1760
Chess History, 1761
Chess History, 1762
Chess History, 1763
Chess History, 1764
Chess History, 1765
Chess History, 1766
Chess History, 1767
Chess History, 1768
Chess History, 1769
Chess History, 1770
Chess History, 1771
Chess History, 1772
Chess History, 1773
Chess History, 1774
Chess History, 1775
Chess History, 1776
Chess History, 1777
Chess History, 1778
Chess History, 1779
Chess History, 1780
Chess History, 1781
Chess History, 1799
Chess History, 1800
Chess History, 1801
Chess History, 1802
Chess History, 1803
Chess History, 1804
Chess History, 1805
Chess History, 1806
Chess History, 1807
Chess History, 1808
Chess History, 1809
Chess History, 1810
Chess History, 1811
Chess History, 1812
Chess History, 1813
Chess History, 1814
Chess History, 1815
Chess History, 1816
Chess History, 1817
Chess History, 1818
Chess History, 1819
Chess History, 1820
Chess History, 1821
Chess History, 1822
Chess History, 1823
Chess History, 1824
Chess History, 1825
Chess History, 1826
Chess History, 1827
Chess History, 1828
Chess History, 1829
Chess History, 1830
Chess History, 1831
Chess History, 1832
Chess History, 1833
Chess History, 1834
Chess History, 1835
Chess History, 1836
Chess History, 1837
Chess History, 1838
Chess History, 1839
Chess History, 1840
Chess History, 1841
Chess History, 1842
Chess History, 1843
Chess History, 1844
Chess History, 1845
Chess History, 1846
Chess History, 1847
Chess History, 1848
Chess History, 1849
Chess History, 1850
Chess History, 1851
Chess History, 1852
Chess History, 1853
Chess History, 1854
Chess History, 1855
Chess History, 1856
Chess History, 1857
Chess History, 1858
Chess History, 1859
Chess History, 1860
Chess History, 1861
Chess History, 1862
Chess History, 1863
Chess History, 1864
Chess History, 1865
Chess History, 1866
Chess History, 1867
Chess History, 1868
Chess History, 1869
Chess History, 1870
Chess History, 1871
Chess History, 1872
Chess History, 1873
Chess History, 1874
Chess History, 1875
Chess History, 1876
Chess History, 1877
Chess History, 1878
Chess History, 1879
Chess History, 1880
Chess History, 1881
Chess History, 1882
Chess History, 1883
Chess History, 1884
Chess History, 1885
Chess History, 1886
Chess History, 1887
Chess History, 1888
Chess History, 1889
Chess History, 1890
Chess History, 1891
Chess History, 1892
Chess History, 1893
Chess History, 1894
Chess History, 1895
Chess History, 1896
Chess History, 1897
Chess History, 1898
Chess History, 1899
Chess History, 1900
Chess History, 1901
Chess History, 1902
Chess History, 1903
Chess History, 1904
Chess History, 1905
Chess History, 1906
Chess History, 1907
Chess History, 1908
Chess History, 1909
Chess History, 1910
Chess History, 1911
Chess History, 1912
Chess History, 1913
Chess History, 1914
Chess History, 1915
Chess History, 1916
Chess History, 1917
Chess History, 1918
Chess History, 1919
Chess History, 1920
Chess History, 1921
Chess History, 1922
Chess History, 1923
Chess History, 1924
Chess History, 1925
Chess History, 1926
Chess History, 1927
Chess History, 1928
Chess History, 1929
Chess History, 1930
Chess History, 1931
Chess History, 1932
Chess History, 1933
Chess History, 1934
Chess History, 1935
Chess History, 1936
Chess History, 1937
Chess History, 1939
Chess History, 1940
Chess History, 1941
Chess History, 1942
Chess History, 1943
Chess History, 1944
Chess History, 1945
Chess History, 1946
Chess History, 1947
Chess History, 1948
Chess History, 1949
Chess History, 1950
Chess History, 1951
Chess History, 1952
Chess History, 1953
Chess History, 1954
Chess History, 1955
Chess History, 1956
Chess History, 1957
Chess History, 1958
Chess History, 1959
Chess History, 1960
Chess History, 1961
Chess History, 1962
Chess History, 1963
Chess History, 1964
Chess History, 1965
Chess History, 1966
Chess History, 1967
Chess History, 1968
Chess History, 1969
Chess History, 1970
Chess History, 1971
Chess History, 1972
Chess History, 1973
Chess History, 1974
Chess History, 1975
Chess History, 1976
Chess History, 1977
Chess History, 1978
Chess History, 1979
Chess History, 1980
Chess History, 1981
Chess History, 1982
Chess History, 1983
Chess History, 1984
Chess History, 1985
Chess History, 1986
Chess History, 1987
Chess History, 1988
Chess History, 1989
Chess History, 1990
Chess History, 1991
Chess History, 1992
Chess History, 1993
Chess History, 1994
Chess History, 1995
Chess History, 1996
Chess History, 1997
Chess History, 1998
Chess History, 1999
Chess History, 2000
Chess History, 2001
Chess History, 2002
Chess History, 2003
Chess History, 2004
Chess History, 2005
Chess History, 2006
Chess History, 2007
Chess History, 2008
Chess History, 2009
Chess History, 2010
Chess History, 2011
Chess History, 2012
Chess History, 2013
Chess History, 2014
Chess History, 2015

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Karpov-50 World Champion Miniatures
Karpov - Miniatures from the World Champions
300 King's Gambit Miniatures by Wall
Barden-Modern Chess Miniatures
Clarke-100 Soviet Chess Miniatures
Clarke-100 Soviet Miniatures

Other Collections
Bill Wall — King's Gambit Accepted
1. g4 (Grob by Wall)
1. b4 (Orangutan by Wall)
Larsen's Opening (1. b3)
Combinations Collection
Endgame Problems
More Chess Problems
Chess Problems
1. Nh3 Paris Opening
100 Best Games
100 Endgame Studies
Games from 1575-1861
London, 1824
Staunton-St. Amant, 1843
London, 1846
London, 1851
London Provincial, 1851
New York, 1857
London, 1862
New York, 1893
Nuremburg, 1896
Berlin, 1897
St. Petersburg, 1897
Vienna, 1898
London, 1899
200 Open Games, by David Bronstein
400 Endgames
Assaic - The Pleasures of Chess
Mikhail Botvinnik
Bobby Fischer
Jerome Gambit
Paul Morphy
My 60 Memorable Games, by Bobby Fischer
Practical Chess Endings
Chess Tactics
111 Chess Problems
1234 Modern Endgame Studies
200 Brilliant Endgames
Two-move problems
Aachen, 1868
Altona, 1869
Altona, 1872
Amsterdam, 1889
Baden-Baden, 1870
Barmen, 1869
Basic Chess Endings
Berlin, 1881
Bradford, 1888
Breslau, 1889
Budapest, 1896
Chicago, 1874
Cleveland, 1871
Cologne, 1877
Cologne, 1898
Dresden, 1892
Dundee, 1867
Frankfurt, 1878
Frankfurt, 1887
Hamburg, 1868
Hamburg, 1885
Hastings, 1895
Kiel, 1893
Krefeld, 1871
Leipzig, 1876
Leipzig, 1877
Leipzig, 1879
Leipzig, 1894
London, 1872
London, 1876
London, 1877
London, 1883
London, 1892
Manchester, 1890
Moscow, 1899
New York, 1880
New York, 1889
New York, 1894
Nuremburg, 1883
Owen's Defense (1...b6)
Paris, 1867
Paris, 1878
Philadelphia, 1876
Practical Endgames (Paul Keres)
Rook Endgames
St. Petersburg, 1878
St. Petersburg, 1895
Soviet Championship, 1941
Vienna, 1873
Vienna, 1882
Vienna, 1889
World Championship Games 1886-1998
2015 Tata Steel Group A
1999 World Championship
2005 World Championship
Anand-Carlsen, 2013
Anand-Carlsen, 2014
Anand-Kramnik, 2008
Anand-Topalov, 2010
Blackmar-Diemar Gambit (Wall)
Computer Games
Deep Blue-Gary Kasparov
Grandmasters vs. Computers
Instructive Games
Kasparov-Kramnik, 2000
Kramnik-Topalov, 2006
1. b3 (Larsen by Wall)
Smith-Morra Accepted
Games that ended in stalemate
700 Opening Traps PDF Book by Bill Wall
700 Opening Traps - accompanying PGN file
Wijk Aan Zee, 2010
Amber, 2011
2011 European Championships
Reykjavik, 2011
Wijk Aan Zee, 2011
Gibraltar, 2012
US Chess League, 2013
Candidates Matches, 2014
Sinquefield Cup, 2014
AVRO, 1938
Baden-Baden, 1925
Bad Kissingen, 1928
Berlin, 1897
Bled, 1931
Zurich, 1953
Cambridge Springs, 1904
Dunst Opening (1.Nc3)
1993 FIDE World Championship
1996 FIDE World Championship
1998 FIDE World Championship
1999 FIDE World Championship
2000 FIDE World Championship
2002 FIDE World Championship
2004 FIDE World Championship
2005 FIDE World Championship
Karlsbad, 1911
Karlsbad, 1929
Semmering, 1937
Moscow, 1925
Moscow, 1935
New York, 1924
Nottingham, 1936
Nuremberg, 1896
Paris, 1900
1993 PCA World Championship
1995 PCA World Championship
San Remo, 1930
San Sebastian, 1911
San Sebastian, 1912
Smith-Morra Accepted
Smith-Morra Declined
St. Petersburg, 1909
St. Petersburg, 1914
World Championship Matches
1886 World Championship
1889 World Championship
1890 World Championship
1892 World Championship
1894 World Championship
1896 World Championship
1907 World Championship
1908 World Championship
1909 World Championship
1910 World Championship Part A
1910 World Championship Part B
1921 World Championship
1927 World Championship
1929 World Championship
1934 World Championship
1935 World Championship
1937 World Championship
1948 World Championship
1951 World Championship
1954 World Championship
1957 World Championship
1958 World Championship
1960 World Championship
1961 World Championship
1963 World Championship
1966 World Championship
1969 World Championship
1972 World Championship
1978 World Championship
1981 World Championship
1984 World Championship
1985 World Championship
1986 World Championship
1987 World Championship
1990 World Championship
2000 World Championship
2004 World Championship
2006 World Championship
2007 World Championship
2008 World Championship
2010 World Championship
2012 World Championship
Bled, 1961
Bugojno, 1978
Capablanca Memorial, 1963
Dallas, 1957
Gothenburg, 1955
Groningen, 1946
Kasparov-Beliavsky, 1983
Kasparov-Korchnoi, 1983
Kasparov-Smyslov, 1984
Milan, 1975
Montreal, 1979
Moscow, 1971
Moscow, 1975
Moscow Olympiad, 1956
Los Angeles, 1963 (Piatigorsky Cup)
Santa Monica, 1966 (Piatigorsky Cup)
Portoroz, 1958
Saltsjobaden, 1948
Salzburg, 1942
San Antonio, 1972
Sousse, 1967
Stockholm, 1962
Tilburg, 1978
Bled Olympiad, 2002
La Bourdonnais-McDonald, 1834
Buenos Aires, 1978
Bugojno, 1978
Daugavpils, 1978
Fischer-Spassky, 1992
Gibraltar, 2015
Las Palmas, 1982
Lone Pine, 1978
Lone Pine, 1979
Lone Pine, 1980
Lone Pine, 1981
Manila Interzonal, 1990
Millionaire Chess, 2014
Montpellier, 1985
Riga Interzonal, 1979
Rio De Janeiro, 1979
Sinquefeld Cup, 2013
Tilburg, 1977
Toluca Interzonal, 1982
Tromso Olympiad, 2014
US Championship, 2014
USSR vs. the Rest of the World, 1970
USSR vs. the Rest of the World, 1984
Armed Forces Games
Best Endgames
Biel, 2009
Capablanca's Best Games
Games of El Greco
Grenke, 2015
Kasparov-Beliavsky, 1983
Kasparov-Korchnoi, 1983
Kasparov-Kramnik, 2001
Kasparov-Smyslov, 1984
Lake Hopatcong, 1926
Linares, 2000
Moscow Open, 2015
Pan-Pacific, 1991
Power Mates
Chess Problems
Trappy Games
Zurich Rapid, 2015
Zurich Blitz, 2015
Zurich, 2015
Alekhine v. World Champions
Anand v. World Champions
Botvinnik v. World Champions
Capablanca v. World Champions
Euwe v. World Champions
Fischer v. World Champions
Karpov v. World Champions
Kasparov v. World Champions
Keres v. World Champions
Korchnoi v. World Champions
Kramnik v. World Champions
Lasker v. World Champions
Petrosian v. World Champions
Smyslov v. World Champions
Spassky v. World Champions
Tal v. v. World Champions
Alekhine-Euwe, 1926
Alekhine-Levitsky, 1913
Anderssen-Steinitz, 1866
Blackburne-Zukertort, 1881
Capablanca-Corzo, 1901
Capablanca-Marshall, 1909
Janowski-Marshall, 1905
Janowski-Marshall, 1912
Lasker-Janowski, 1909
Marshall-Mieses, 1908
Marshall-Showalter, 1909
Morphy-Anderssen, 1858
Pillsbury-Showalter, 1897
Pillsbury-Showalter, 1898
Rubenstein-Marshall, 1908
Rubenstein-Mieses, 1909
Showalter-Hodges, 1894
Steinitz-Zukertort, 1872
Tarrasch-Schlecter, 1911
1st World Correspondence Chess Championship
2nd World Correspondence Chess Championship
3rd World Correspondence Chess Championship
4th World Correspondence Chess Championship
5th World Correspondence Chess Championship
6th World Correspondence Chess Championship
7th World Correspondence Chess Championship
500 Master Games of Chess
Dunst Opening, 1. Nc3
US Championship, 2015
Gashinov Memorial
Stavanger, Norway 2015
Dortmund, 2015
Michael Adams Wins
Alexander Alekhine Wins
Amsterdam, 1899
Vishy Anand Wins
Adolf Anderssen Wins
Levon Aronian Wins
Barman, 1905
Biel, 1968-2014
Mikhail Botvinnik Wins
David Bronstein Wins
Walter Browne Wins
Buffalo, 1901
Canadian Championship, 2015
Capablanca Wins
Carlsbad, 1907
Magnus Carlsen Wins
Fabiano Caruana Wins
Mikhail Chigorin Wins
Coburg, 1904
Computer Games
Copenhagen, 1907
Correspondence Chess Games
More Correspondence Games
Durkin Opening
Dusseldorf, 1908
Estrin Gambits
Europe Chess
Max Euwe Wins
Bobby Fischer Wins
Boris Gelfand Wins
Efim Geller Wins
German Chess
Anish Giri Wins
Svetozar Gligoric Wins
Great Games
Alexander Grischuk Wins
Hanover, 1902
Hastings Games
Hoogeven Chess
IBM 1961-1981
ICCF Correspondence Games
Illustrative Games
Italy Games
Vassily Ivanchuk Wins
Gata's Gotchas
Sergey Karjakin Wins
Anatoly Karpov Wins
Kasimdzhanov Wins
Garry Kasparov Wins
Paul Keres Wins
Alexander Khalifman Wins
Korchnoi-Ponomariov, 2001
Korchnoi Wins
Vladimir Kramnik Wins
Bent Larsen Wins
Emanuel Lasker Wins
Peter Leko Wins
Linares, 1978-2010
Linares, 2001
Linares, 2002
London, 1900
London Chess
Lone Pine
Mar Del Plata, 1928
Frank Marshall Wins
The Middlegame Game
Monte Carlo, 1901
Monte Carlo, 1902
Monte Carlo, 1903
Monte Carlo, 1904
Paul Morphy
Paul Morphy Wins
Moscow, 1964
Munich, 1900
Hikaru Nakamura Wins
Netherlands Chess
Aron Nimzovich Wins
Nuremburg, 1883
Nuremburg, 1906
Chess Olympiads
Ostend, 1905
Ostend, 1907
Tigran Petrosian Wins
Judit Polgar Wins
Ruslan Ponomariov Wins
Prague, 1908
Samuel (Sammy) Reshevsky Wins
Akiba Rubinstein Wins
Scarborough, 2001
Scheveningen, 1905
Alexei Shirov Wins
Nigel Short Wins
Vasily Smyslov Wins
Vasily Smyslov 1935-1957
Wesley So Wins
Boris Spassky Wins
Howard Staunton Wins
Wilhelm Steinitz Wins
Saint Louis, 1904
Stockholm, 1906
Strategic Games
Peter Svidler Wins
Tactical Games
Mikhail Tal Wins
Siegbert Tarrasch Wins
Veselin Topalov Wins
Tournament Games
UK Championship
US Championship
USSR Championship
Vienna, 1890
Vienna, 1903
Vienna, 1904
Vienna, 1907
Vienna, 1908
Vienna Games
Wijk, 2003 Annotated
Wijk, 2004 Annotated
Wijk Aan Zee
Women Beating Men
Polish 3-movers
100 Practical Endgames
Abbazia, 1912
Abu Dhabi, 2015
Amsterdam, 1920
Baden-Baden, 1914
Bad Pistyan, 1912
Bad Pistyan, 1922
Basic Chess Endings
Berlin, 1920
Berlin, 1926
Berlin, 1928
Blue Book of Chess
Bradley Beach, 1929
Bremen, 1927
Breslau, 1912
Breslau, 1925
Budapest, 1921
Budapest, 1928
Budapest, 1929
Magnus Carlsen Endgames
Chess Endings for Beginners
Copenhagen, 1923
Debrecen, 1925
Dortmund, 2001
Dresden, 1926
Endgame Studies
Gothenburg, 1920
Hamburg, 1910
Hannover, 1926
Hastings, 1919
Hastings, 1922
Hastings, 1923-24
Hastings, 1924-25
Hastings, 1925-26
Hastings, 1927-28
Hastings, 1928-29
Hastings, 1929-30
Havana, 1913
Karlsbad, 1923
Kecskemet, 1927
Lake Hopatcong, 1923
Linares, 2001
London, 1922
London, 1927
Maehrisch-Ostrau, 1923
Manhattan, 1913
Mannheim, 1914
Marienbad, 1925
Mates in One
New York, 1911
New York, 1915
New York, 1918
New York, 1927
Paris, 1925
Rice Memorial, 1916
Scarborough, 1929
Scheveningen, 1913
Semmering, 1926
Sinquefeld Cup, 2015
Stockholm, 1912
Tal Blitz Games
Fischer v. Spassky, 1972 (Analysis by Reshevsky)
The Hague, 1921
Soviet Championship, 1920
Soviet Championship, 1923
Soviet Championship, 1924
Soviet Championship, 1925
Soviet Championship, 1927
Soviet Championship, 1929
Vienna, 1922
Vienna, 1923
Weston, 1924
Women's World Championship, 2013
Zurich, 2014
Amsterdam, 1936
Bad Nauheim, 1936
Bern, 1932
Bled, 1931
Bournemouth, 1939
Buenos Aires, 1939
Dresden, 1936
Frankfurt, 1930
Hastings, 1930-31
Hastings, 1933-34
Hastings, 1934-35
Hastings, 1936-37
Hastings, 1937-38
Hastings, 1938-39
Hastings, 1939-40
Kemeri, 1937
Leningrad, 1934
Leningrad Ch, 1932
Leningrad-Moscow, 1939
Liege, 1930
London, 1932
Margate, 1935
Margate, 1936
Margate, 1937
Margate, 1938
Margate, 1939
Mexico City, 1932
Moscow, 1935
Moscow, 1936
Noordwijk, 1938
Parnu, 1937
Podebrady, 1936
Rosario, 1939
Scarborough, 1930
Semmering, 1937
Stuttgart, 1937
Syracuse, 1934
US Championship, 1936
Soviet Championship, 1931
Soviet Championship, 1933
Soviet Championship, 1934
Soviet Championship, 1939
World Junior Championship, 2015
Zandvoort, 1936
Zurich, 1934

Player PGNs
Gukesh Dommaraju
Bu Xiangxhi
Vladislav Artemiev
Daniil Dubov
Vidit Gujrathi
Jan Duda
Alireza Firouzja
Richard Rapport
Tim Harding
Mackenzie Molner
Carl Janisch
Timur Gareyev
Baskaran Adhiban
Dmitry Andreikin
Mikhail Antipov
Keith Arkell
Cecil Valentine De Vere
Abhijeet Gupta
Gawain Jones
Aleksander Mista
Arkadij Naiditsch
Maxim Rodshtein
Eltaj Safarli
Samuel Sevian
Samuel Shankland
John Van der Weil
Dragoljub Velimirovic
Milan Vidmar
Robert Wade
Gavin Wall
Preston Ware
Simon Webb
Tom Wedberg
Sunil Weeramantry
Max Weiss
Gerard Welling
Michael Wilder
Wei Yi
Mikhail Yudovich
Igor Zaitsev
Alonso Zapata
Rashid Ziatdinov
Eugene Znosko-Borovsky
Nana Ioseliani
Dan Ippolito
Charles Jaffe
Klaus Junge
Xie Jun
Xu Jun
Ilia Kan
Julio Kaplan
Mona Karff
Alexander Kevitz
Hans Kmoch
Rainer Knaak
Boris Kogan
Ignatz Kolisch
Danny Kopec
Jesse Kraai
Nikolai Krogius
Abraham Kupchik
Max Lange
Kick Langeweg
Paul Leonhardt
Irina Levitina
David Levy
Vladimir Liberzon
Gert Ligterink
Eric Lobron
Georg Marco
Sergio Mariotti
James Mason
Aleksandar Matanovic
Milan Matulovic
Andrew Mestel
Barry Milner
Yacov Murey
Niaz Murshed
William Napier
Sunye Neto
Gustav Neumann
Rashid Nezhmetdinov
Jesus Nogueiras
David Norwood
Joop Van Oosterom
Karel Opocensky
Valery Orlov
Viacheslav Osnos
Nikola Padevsky
Victor Palciauskas
Bruno Parma
Jonathan Penrose
Jack Peters
Vladimir Petrov (Petroff)
Helmut Pfleger
Jerome Picket
Albert Pinkus
Albin Planinc
Harold Plaskett
Natalia Pogonina
Craig Pritchett
David Przepiorka
Ilya Rabinovich
Viatcheslav Ragozin
Nukhim Rashkovsky
Yuri Razuvaev
Hans Ree
Karl Robatsch
Ray Robson
Ian Rogers
Ken Rogoff
Oleg Romanishin
Peter Romanovsky
Hector Rossetto
Matthew Sadler
Raul Sanguinetti
Vladimir Savon
Gyula Sax
Emil Schallop
Emmanuel Schiffers
Eric Schiler
Lothar Schmidt
John Schulten
Kamran Shirazi
Jeremy Silman
Jan Smejkal
Gennady Sosonko
Veniamin Sozin
Kevin Spraggett
Michael Stean
Evgeny Sveshnikov
Sir George Thomas
Jonathan Tisdall
Alexander Tolush
Vitaly Tseshkovsky
Vladimir Tukmakov
Gerald Abrahams
Utut Adianto
Andras Adorjan
Simen Agdestein
Vladimir Alatortsev
Adolf Albin
Alexander Baburin
Gedeon Barcza
Laszlo Barczay
Curt Von Bardeleben
Albert Becker
Vinay Bhat
Istvan Bilek
Peter Biyiasas
Calvin Blocker
Fedor Bohatirchuk
Igor Bondarevsky
Jay Bonin
George Botterill
Gyula Breyer
Amos Burn
Bernard Cafferty
Ricardo Calvo
Esteban Canal
Carl Carls
Oscar Chajes
Murray Chandler
Kim Commons
Stuart Conquest
Pia Cramling
Istvan Csom
Moshe Czerniak
Lawrence Day
Maxim Dlugy
John Donaldson
Josif Dorfman
Oldrich Duras
Vereslav Eingorn
Erich Eliskases
Berthold Englisch
Vladimir Epishin
Roy Ervin
William Fairhurst
Ernst Falkbeer
Ivan Farago
Miroslav Filip
Glenn Flear
Janos Flesch
Gyozo Forintos
Lubomir Ftacnik
Joe Gallagher
Mark Ginsburg
Aivars Gipslis
Harry Golombek
George Gossip
Sonja Graf-Stevenson
Bukhuti Gurgenidze
Jon Hammer
Curt Hansen
Daniel Harrwitz
Robert Hartoch
William Hartston
Mark Hebden
Hans Hecht
Johnny Hector
Mark Heidenfeld
Karoly Honfi
Hug Werner
Krunoslav Hulak
Emory Tate
Jacob Aagaard
Manuel Aaron
Weaver Adams
Bill Addison
Michael Basman
Claude Bloodgood
Donald Byrne
Rudolf Charousek
John Cochrane
Edgar Colle
Arthur Dake
Nick DeFirmian
Joseph Diemer
Jan Donner
Yakov Estrin
Ed Formanek
Semyon Furman
Gioachino Greco
Henri Grob
Ernst Gruenfeld
Eduard Gufeld
Jeremy Hanken
Ron Henley
Johann Hjartarson
Al Horowitz
Igor Ivanov
Isaac Kashdan
Raymond Keene
Edward Lasker
Anatoly Lein
Johann Loewenthal
Bill Lombardy
George Mackenzie
Edmar Mednis
Vera Menchik
Jacques Mieses
Vasja Pirc
Cecil Purdy
Ilya Rabinovich
Fred Reinfeld
Nicolas Rossolimo
Anthony Saidy
Pierre Saint-Amant
Anthony Santasiere
Jennifer Shahade
Jackson Showalter
Ken Smith
Wesley So
Charles Stanley
Herman Steiner
Duncan Suttles
James Tarjan
Carlos Torre
Eugenio Torre
Milan Vukcevich
John Watson
William Watson
Normal Weinstein
Raymond Weinstein
Norman Whitaker
Daniel Yanofsky
Frederick Yates
Michael Adams
Varuzhan Akobian
Vladimir Akopian
Lev Alburt
Alexander Alekhine
Evgeny Alekseev
Zoltan Almasi
Viswanathan Anand
Adolf Anderssen
Ulf Andersson
Dmitry Andreikin
Levon Aronian
Maurice Ashley
Yuri Averbakh
Zurab Azmaiparashvili
Etienne Bacrot
Evgeny Bareev
Alexander Beliavsky
Joel Benjamin
Pal Benko
Hans Berliner
Ossip Bernstein
Henry Bird
Arthur Bisguier
Joseph Blackburne
Pavel Blatny
Efim Bogulyubov (Bogoljubow)
Isaac Boleslavsky
Victor Bologan
Mikhail Botvinnik
David Bronstein
Walter Browne
Lazaro Bruzon
Bu Xiangzhi
Robert Byrne
Jose Capablanca
Magnus Carlsen
Fabiano Caruana
Maya Chiburdanidze
Mikhail Chigorin
Larry Christiansen
Nick DeFirmian
Alexander De La Bourdonnais
Arnold Denker
Marcel Duchamp
Ding Liren
Leinier Dominguez-Perez
Alexey Dreev
Roman Dzindzichashvili
Jan Ehlvest
Pavel Eljanov
Max Euwe
Larry Evans
Jon Fedorowicz
Ben Feingold
Reuben Fine
Bobby Fischer
Alex Fishbein
Salo Flohr
Nona Gaprindashvili
Vugar Gashimov
Boris Gelfand
Efim Geller
Kiril Georgiev
Anish Giri
Svetozar Gligoric
Alexander Goldin
Julio Granda-Zuniga
Alexander Grischuk
Boris Gulko
Isidor Gunsberg
Dmitry Gurevich
Mikhail Gurevich
Penteala Harikrishna
Vlastimil Hort
Bernard Horwitz
Hou Yifan
Robert Huebner
Ildar Ibragimov
Miguel Illescas Cordoba
Vassily Ivanchuk
Alexander Ivanov
Igor Ivanov
Boris Ivkov
Dmitrij Jakovenko
David Janowski
Artur Yusupov (Jussupow)
Gregory Kaidanov
Gata Kamsky
Sergey Karjakin
Anatoly Karpov
Rustam Kasimdzhanov
Garry Kasparov
Lubomir Kavalek
Paul Keres
Alexander Khalifman
Ratmir Kholmov
Humpy Koneru
Victor Korchnoi
Anton Korobov
Alexandra Kosteniuk
Alexander Kotov
Vladimir Kramnik
Michal Krasenkow
Irina Krush
Sergey Kudrin
Kateryna Lahno
Bent Larsen
Emanuel Lasker
Joel Lautier
Peter Leko
Le Quang Liem (Quang Le)
Grigory Levenfish
Andor Lilienthal
Lubomir Ljubojevic
Smbat Lputian
George Mackenzie
Vladimir Malakhov
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov
Geza Maroczy
Frank Marshall
Alexander McDonnell
Luke McShane
Henrique Mecking
Vladas Mikenas
Tony Miles
Vadim Milov
Alexander Morozevich
Paul Morphy
Alexander Motylev
Sergey Movsesian
Miguel Najdorf
Evgeniy Najer
Hikaru Nakamura
David Navara
Parimarjan Negi
Ian Nepomniachtchi
Peter Nielsen
Predrag Nikolic
Aron Nimzovich (Nimzowitsch)
Ni Hua
Liviu Nisipeanu
Igor Novikov
John Nunn
Fridrick Olaffson
Lembat Oll
Alexander Onischuk
Ludek Pachman
Elisabeth Paehtz
Oscar Panno
Louis Paulsen
Tigran Petrosian
Francois Philidor
Harry Pillsbury
Hermann Pilnik
Judit Polgar
Sofia Polgar
Zsusa Polgar
Lev Polugaevsky
Ruslan Ponomariov
Lajos Portisch
Lev Psakhis
Miguel Quinteros
Teimour Radjabov
Sammy Reshevsky
Richard Reti
Zoltan Ribli
Michael Rohde
Arthur Rubinstein
Sergei Rublevsky
Friedrich Saemisch
Konstantin Sakaev
Valery Salov
Krishnan Sasikiran
Carl Schlechter
Yasser Seirawan
Gregory Serper
Alexander Shabalov
Leonid Shamkovich
Alexei Shirov
Nigel Short
Yuri Shulman
Ilya Smirin
Vassily Smyslov
Andre Sokolov
Andrew Soltis
Boris Spassky
Jonathan Speelman
Rudolf Spielmann
Gideon Stahlberg
Howard Staunton
Pavlina Stefanova
William Steinitz (Wilhelm)
Leonid Stein
Alexey Suetin
Emil Sutovsky
Peter Svidler
Laszlo Szabo
Mark Taimanov
Mikhail Tal
Siegbert Tarrasch
Savielly Tartakover
Richard Teichmann
Jan Timman
Sergey Tiviakov
Vladislav Tkachiev
Evgeny Tomashevsky
Veselin Topalov
Wolfgang Uhlmann
Wolfgang Unzicker
Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
Rafael Vaganian
Franciso Vallejo-Pons
Loek Van Wely
Nikita Vitiugov
Andrei Volokitin
Josh Waitzkin
Wang Hao
Wang Yue
Simon (Szemyon) Winawer
Radoslaw Wojtaszek
Aleksander Wojtkiewicz
Patrick Wolff
Xie Jun
Ye Jiangchuan
Alex Yermolinsky
Leonid Yudasin
Zhu Chen
Johannes Zukertort
Vadim Zvjaginsev

AlphaZero vs. Stockfish 8
SSDF Games 1991— (Stockfish, Komodo, Shredder, etc.)
IBM's Deep Blue
Opening PGNs
Falkbeer Countergambit
Halloween Gambit
Alapin's Opening
1. Nh3 (Amar)
1. a3 (Anderssen)
1. e4 f6 (Barnes)
1. f3 (Barnes)
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
Blackmar Gambit
1. e4 g5 (Borg)
1. e4 h6 (Carr)
1. e4 e5 2. d3 (Clam)
1. h3 (Clemenz)
1. d4 a5
1. d4 a6
1. d4 f6
1. d4 h5
1. d4 h6
1. d4 Na6
Damiano's Defense
1. Na3 (Durkin)
1. e4 e5 2. b3
1. e4 e5 2. Be2
1. e4 e5 2. g3
1. e4 e5 2. h3
Englund Gambit (1. d4 e5)
Evan's Gambit Accepted
1. e4 f5
From Gambit
1. g4 (Grob)
Jerome Gambit
Kadas h4 Opening
King's Head-1. e4 e5 2. f3
1. e4 Na6 (Lemming)
1. e4 e5 2. c3 (MacLeod)
1. e4 e5 2. a3 (Mengarani)
1. d3 (Mieses)
1. e4 e5 2. Qf3 (Napoleon)
1. e4 e5 2. Qh5
1. e4 h5 (Pickering)
1. d4 b5 (Polish Defense)
1. e4 e5 2. Bb5 (Portuguese)
1. d4 b6 (Queen's Fianchetto)
1. c3 (Saragossa)
1. e4 a6 (St. George)
Tennison Gambit
1. e3 (Vant Kruys/Kruijs)
1. a4 (Ware)
1. e4 a5 (Ware)
1. e4 e5 2. c4 (Wale)
1. e4 Nh6 (Wild Bull)
Alekhine's Defense with 2.Nc3 d5
Alekhine's Defense: Four Pawn Attack
Alekhine's Defense: Exchange Variation
Alekhine's Defense: Modern
Alekhine's Defense: Miscellaneous
Benko Gambit
Bird's Opening (1.f4)
Bishop's Opening
Black Knight Tango
Bogo with 4.Bd2
Bogo with 4.Nbd2
Budapest Gambit
Caro-Kann with 2.c4
Caro-Kann Two Knight
Caro-Kann with 4...Nd7
Caro-Kann with 4...Nf6
Caro-Kann Advance Variation
Caro-Kann Classical
Caro-Kann Exchange
Caro-Kann Panov-Botvinnik
Catalan with 3.Bb4
Catalan with 3.c5
Closed Catalan
Open Catalan
Center Game and Danish Gambit
Colle System
Dunst Opening (1. Nc3)
Dutch with 3.Nc3
Classical Dutch
Leningrad Dutch
Dutch Miscellanous
English with 1...b6
English with 1...c6
English with 1...e6 2.Nc3 d5
English with 1...e6 2. Nf3 d5
English with 1...e6 Main Line
English with 1...f5
English with 1...g6
English with 1...Nf6 2. g3
English with 1...Nf6 2. Nc3
English with 1...Nf6 2. Nf3
English Flohr-Mikenas variation
Sicilian Reversed with 1.g3
Sicilian Reversed with Four Knights
Sicilian Reversed Bremen Variation
Closed Sicilian Reversed
Sicilian Reverse Other B2
Symmetrical English with 3.d4
Symmetrical English Four Knights
Symmetrical English Hedgehog
Symmetrical English Main
Symmetrical English Misc B3
Symmetrical English Double Fianchetto
Four Knights Game
French Advance
French Burn
Classical French
Exchange French
French King's Indian Attack
French MacCutcheon
French Misc.
French Rubinstein
French Steinitz
French Tarrasch with 3...c5
French Tarrasch with 3...Nf6
French Misc Third Moves
French Winawer
French Winawer OtherB4
French Winawer Other W4
Giuoco Piano
Goring Gambit
Grunfeld with 4.Nf3
Grunfeld Exchange
Grunfeld Fianchetto
Grunfeld Other
King's Indian Defense 4 Pawns
King's Indian Defense Averbakh
King's Indian Defense Classical
King's Indian Defense Fianchetto
King's Indian Defense Other 5,6
King's Indian Defense Other 7
King's Indian Defense Petrosian
King's Indian Defense Saemisch
King's Gambit
Latvian Elephant
London System with 2...e6
London System with 2...g6
Modern with 2.Nc3 c6
Modern with 3.Nc3 e6
Modern with 3.Nc3
Modern with 3.Nf3
Modern Benoni with 6.e4
Modern Benoni with 6.Nf3
Modern other 3
Modern Misc.
Nimzo-Indian with 4.f3
Nimzo-Indian with 4.Nf3
Nimzo-Indian Closed with 4.c5
Nimzo-Indian Closed with 4.O-O
Nimzo-Indian Closed Misc
Nimzo-Indian Defense
Nimzo Other 4
Nimzo Rubinstein 4.c5
Nimzo Rubinstein 4.O-O
Nimzo Rubinstein Other
Nimzo Saemisch
Old Indian Defense
Owen's Defense (1...b6)
Wall's Owen Defense Games
Petroff Defense Main
Petroff Other
Philidor's Defense
Austrian Pirc
Classical Pirc
Pirc Misc Black 3rd moves
Pirc Misc White 3rd moves
Pirc Misc White 4th moves
Ponziani's Opening
Queen's Gambit Accepted with 3.e4
Queen's Gambit - Albin Countergambit
Queen's Gambit Accepted Main
Queen's Gambit Accepted Other 3rd moves
Queen's Gambit Accepted Other 4th moves
Queen's Gambit Accepted-Chigorin
Queen's Gambit Declined with Bf4
Queen's Gambit Declined Exchange
Queen's Gambit Declined Orthodox Variation
Queen's Gambit Declined Orthodox other fourth
Queen's Gambit Declined other 3,4
Queen's Gambit Declined Tarrasch Variation
Queen's Gambit Symmetric Baltic
Queen's Indian Defense with 4.a3
Queen's Indian Defense with 4.e3
Queen's Indian Defense with 4.g3 Ba6
Queen's Indian Defense with 4.g3
Queen's Indian Defense with 4.Nc3
Queen's Indian Defense Misc.
Reti Opening with 2.b3
Reti Opening with 2.c4
Reti Opening King's Indian Attack
Ruy Lopez Anti-Marshall
Ruy Lopez Archangel
Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense
Ruy Lopez Breyer Variation
Ruy Lopez Chigorin Defense
Ruy Lopez Classical
Ruy Lopez Exchange Variation
Ruy Lopez Flohr-Zaitsev
Ruy Lopez Karpov-Smyslov-Kholmov
Ruy Lopez Marshall Attack
Ruy Lopez Modern Steinitz
Ruy Lopez Open Variation
Ruy Lopez Other Third Moves
Ruy Lopez Other Fifth Moves
Ruy Lopez Other Sixth Moves
Ruy Lopez Other Ninth Moves
Ruy Lopez Schliemann
Ruy Lopez Moeller-Steinitz Defense
Scandinavian Defense with 2...Nf6 3.d4
Scandinavian Defense with 2...Nf6
Scandinavian Defense with 2...Qxd5 3.Qa5
Scandinavian Defense with 3...Qd6 and 3...Qd8
Scotch Game with 4...Bc5
Scotch Game with 4...Nf6
Scotch Gambit
Scotch Other
Semi-Slav Botvinnik
Semi-Slav Meran Variation
Semi-Slav Other Fifth Moves
Semi-Tarrasch with 5.e3 Nc6
Semi-Tarrasch Main Var.
Sicilian 2...Nc6 4...Qc7 4...Qb6
Sicilian Dragon with 6.Be2
Sicilian 2...d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Qxd4
Sicilian with 2.f4
Sicilian with 2.Nc3 d6
Sicilian with 2.Nc3 e6
Sicilian 2...Nc6
Sicilian 2.Nf3
Sicilian Accelerated Dragon
Sicilian Alapin with 2...d5
Sicilian Alapin with 2...Nf6
Sicilian Alapin Misc.
Sicilian Classical Misc.
Sicilian Sozin
Sicilian Closed
Sicilian Dragon
Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav
Sicilian Gran Prix
Sicilian Kan 5.Bd3
Sicilian Kan 5.c4
Sicilian Kan 5.Nc3
Sicilian Kan 5. other
Sicilian Lowenthal
Sicilian Misc. II
Sicilian Moscov Variation
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.a4
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Bc4
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Be2
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Be3
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.Bg5
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.f3
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.f4
Sicilian Najdorf with 6.g3
Sicilian Richter-Rauzer
Sicilian Rossolimo Variation
Sicilian Scheveningen
Sicilian Smith-Morra Gambit
Sicilian Sveshnikov
Sicilian Taimanov 5.Nb5
Sicilian Taimanov Main
Sicilian Taimanov 5.Other
Slav Defense with 4...a6
Slav Exchange
Slav Main
Slav 3.Other 4.Other
Slav 5.Other
Sokolsky Opening
Three Knights
Torre with 2...e6
Torre with 2...g6
Trompowsky with 2...e6
Trompowsky with 2...Ne4
Trompowsky Misc.
Two Knights Defense
Vienna Game (1.e4 e5 2.Nc3)
Tourney PGNs
Candidates' Tournament, 2024
Tata Steel, 2024
World Blitz Championship, 2023
World Rapid Championship, 2023
Champions Chess Tour, 2023
Tournament of Peace, 2023
Sinquefield Cup, 2023
European Team Championship, 2023
FIDE Grand Swiss, 2023
Qatar Masters, 2023
U.S. Championship, 2023
FIDE World Cup, 2023
World Championship, 2023
U.S. Championship, 2022
Chess Olympiad, 2022
Candidates' Tournament, 2022
FIDE Grand Prix, 2022
World Blitz Championship, 2021
World Rapid Championship, 2021
World Championship, 2021
U.S. Championship, 2021
U.S. Open, 2021
FIDE World Cup, 2021
Candidates' Tournament, 2021
Magnus Carlsen Invitational, 2021
Opera Euro Rapid Ch, 2021
Tata Steel, 2021
U.S. Championship, 2020
U.S. Senior Championship, 2020
U.S. Women's Championship, 2020
Tata Steel Masters, 2020
St. Louis Rapid & Blitz, 2020
Olympiad wins by White, 2020
Olympiad wins by Black, 2020
Norway Championship, 2020
Nations' Cup, 2020
Legends of Chess, 2020
Chessable Masters, 2020
Carlsen Tour Finals, 2020
Carlsen Invitational, 2020
Candidates' Tournament, 2020
Russian Championship, 2020
Sinquefield Cup, 2019
World Junior Championship, 2019
World Blitz Championship, 2019
World Women's Blitz Championship, 2019
World Cup, 2019
World Rapid Championship, 2019
US Championship, 2019
Hamburg, 2019
London Chess Classic, 2019
Sinquefield Cup, 2018
Biel, 2018
Dortmund, 2018
Paris Leg, GCT Rapid & Blitz, 2018
Leuven, 2018
Altibox, 2018
Capablanca Memorial, 2018
Women's World Ch, 2018
Gashimov Memorial, 2018
US Championship, 2018
US Women's Ch, 2018
Grenke Classic, 2018
Candidates' Tournament, 2018
Tradewise Gibraltar, 2018
Tata Steel, 2018
World Rapid Ch, 2017
World Blitz Ch, 2017
London Classic, 2017
Isle of Man, 2017
World Cup, Tbilisi, 2017
Sinquefeld, 2017
Biel, 2017
Dortmund, 2017
FIDE Grand Prix, Geneva, 2017
World Team Championship, 2017
Norway Altibox, 2017
Moscow Grand Prix, 2017
Reykjavik Open, 2017
Gashimov Memorial, 2017
Grenke Classic, 2017
U.S. Championship, 2017
Women's World Championship, 2017
Aeroflot, 2017
Sharjah, 2017
Gibraltar, 2017 (Tradewise)
Wijk Aan Zee, 2017 (Tata Steel)
Stockholm Rilton Cup, 2016
Hastings Masters, 2016
World Rapid Championship, 2016
World Blitz Championship, 2016
London Chess Classic, 2016
World Championship, 2016
Baku, 2016
Sinquefeld Cup, 2016
Candidates, 2016
Zurich, 2016
Zurich Blitz, 2016
Zurich Opening Blitz, 2016
New Zealand, 2016
Qatar, 2015
Isle of Man, 2015
Monte Carlo, 2015
World Blitz Ch, 2015
World Rapid Ch, 2015
Altona, 1869
Altona, 1872
Amsterdam, 1889
Amsterdam, 1920
Amsterdam, 1936
Amsterdam, 1976
Amsterdam, 1977
Amsterdam, 1978
Amsterdam, 1979
Amsterdam, 1980
Amsterdam, 1981
Amsterdam, 1985
Amsterdam, 1987
Amsterdam, 1988
Amsterdam, 1991
Amsterdam, 1993
Amsterdam, 1994
Amsterdam, 1995
Amsterdam, 1996
Astana, 2001
AVRO, 1938
Bad, 1977
Bad Elster, 1937
Bad Elster, 1938
Bad Elster, 1939
Baden, 1870
Baden, 1925
Baden, 1980
Bad Harzburg, 1938
Bad Harzburg, 1939
Bad Kissingen, 1928
Bad Kissingen, 1980
Bad Kissingen, 1981
Bad Nauheim, 1935
Bad Nauheim, 1936
Bad Nauheim, 1937
Bad Niendorf, 1927
Bad Oeynhausen, 1922
Bad Pistyan, 1912
Bad Pistyan, 1922
Baku, 2008
Baku, 2015
Barcelona, 1929
Barcelona, 1935
Barmen, 1869
Barmen, 1905
Bazna, 2009
Beijing, 2013
Belfort, 1988
Belgrade, 1964
Belgrade, 1987
Belgrade, 1993
Belgrade, 1997
Berlin, 1881
Berlin, 1897
Berlin, 1907
Berlin, 1920(a)
Berlin, 1920(b)
Berlin, 1926
Berlin, 1928
Bermuda, 2005
Bern, 1932
Beverwijk, 1967
Biel, 1992
Biel, 1997
Biel, 2004
Biel, 2006
Biel, 2007
Biel, 2008
Biel, 2009
Biel, 2011
Biel, 2012
Biel, 2014
Bilbao, 2008
Bilbao, 2009
Bilbao, 2011
Bilbao, 2012
Birmingham, 1858
Bled, 1931
Bled, 1961
Bled, 1979
Bournemouth, 1939
Bradford, 1888
Breslau, 1889
Breslau, 1912
Breslau, 1925
Bristol, 1861
Brussels, 1986
Brussels, 1987
Brussels, 1988
Bucharest, 1953
Budapest, 1896
Budapest, 1921
Budapest, 1926
Budapest, 1929
Budapest, 1940
Budapest, 1952
Budapest ,2003
Budva, 1967
BuenosAires, 1939a
BuenosAires, 1939b
BuenosAires, 1941
BuenosAires, 1944
BuenosAires, 1960
BuenosAires, 1970
BuenosAires, 1980
BuenosAires, 1994
Bugojno, 1978
Bugojno, 1980
Bugojno, 1982
Bugojno, 1984
Bugojno, 1986
Cambridge, 1860
Cambridge, 1904
Candidates Tournament, 1950
Candidates Tournament, 1953
Candidates Tournament, 1956
Candidates Tournament, 1959
Candidates Tournament, 1962
Candidates Tournament, 1965
Candidates Tournament, 1968
Candidates Tournament, 1971
Candidates Tournament, 1974
Candidates Tournament, 1977
Candidates Tournament, 1980
Candidates Tournament, 1983
Candidates Tournament, 1985
Candidates Tournament, 1985r
Candidates Tournament, 1988
Candidates Tournament, 1990
Candidates Tournament, 1994
Candidates Tournament, 2011
Candidates Tournament, 2013
Candidates Tournament, 2014
Cannes, 2002
Carlsbad, 1907
Carrasco, 1921
Carrasco, 1938
Chicago, 1874
Chicago, 1982
Cleveland, 1871
Coburg, 1904
Cologne, 1877
Cologne, 1898
Copenhagen, 1907
Copenhagen, 1916
Copenhagen, 1924
Copenhagen, 1934
Dallas, 1957
Debrecen, 1925
Donostia, 2009
Dortmund, 1928
Dortmund, 1973
Dortmund, 1975
Dortmund, 1976
Dortmund, 1977
Dortmund, 1978
Dortmund, 1979
Dortmund, 1980
Dortmund, 1981
Dortmund, 1982
Dortmund, 1983
Dortmund, 1984
Dortmund, 1985
Dortmund, 1986
Dortmund, 1987
Dortmund, 1988
Dortmund, 1989
Dortmund, 1990
Dortmund, 1991
Dortmund, 1992
Dortmund, 1993
Dortmund, 1994
Dortmund, 1995
Dortmund, 1996
Dortmund, 1997
Dortmund, 1998
Dortmund, 1999
Dortmund, 2000
Dortmund, 2001
Dortmund, 2002
Dortmund, 2003
Dortmund, 2004
Dortmund, 2005
Dortmund, 2006
Dortmund, 2007
Dortmund, 2008
Dortmund, 2009
Dortmund, 2011
Dortmund, 2012
Dortmund, 2014
Dos Hermanas, 1991
Dos Hermanas, 1992
Dos Hermanas, 1993
Dos Hermanas, 1994
Dos Hermanas, 1995
Dos Hermanas, 1996
Dos Hermanas, 1997
Dos Hermanas, 1999
Dos Hermanas, 2001
Dos Hermanas, 2003
Dos Hermanas, 2005
Dresden, 1892
Dresden, 1926
Dresden, 1936
Duisburg, 1929
Dundee, 1867
Dusseldorf, 1862
Dusseldorf, 1908
Elista, 2008
Enghien, 2003
Foros, 2006
Foros, 2007
Foros, 2008
Frankfurt, 1878
Frankfurt, 1887
Frankfurt, 1923
Frankfurt, 1930
Geneva, 1977
Giessen, 1928
Gijon, 1944
Gijon, 1945
Gjovik, 1983
Gothenburg, 1909
Gothenburg, 1920
Groningen, 1946
The Hague, 1921
The Hague, 1928
Hamburg, 1868
Hamburg, 1885
Hamburg, 1910
Hamburg, 1921
Hannover, 1902
Hastings, 1895
Hastings, 1919
Hastings, 1922
Hastings, 1923
Hastings, 1925
Hastings, 1926
Hastings, 1927
Hastings, 1929
Hastings, 1930
Hastings, 1931
Hastings, 1932
Hastings, 1933
Hastings, 1934
Hastings, 1935
Hastings, 1936
Hastings, 1937
Hastings, 1938
Hastings, 1945
Hastings, 1946
Hastings, 1948
Hastings, 1949
Hastings, 1950
Hastings, 1951
Hastings, 1953
Hastings, 1954
Hastings, 1955
Hastings, 1956
Hastings, 1957
Hastings, 1959
Hastings, 1960
Hastings, 1961
Hastings, 1962
Hastings, 1963
Hastings, 1964
Hastings, 1965
Hastings, 1966
Hastings, 1967
Hastings, 1968
Hastings, 1969
Hastings, 1970
Hastings, 1971
Hastings, 1972
Hastings, 1973
Hastings, 1974
Hastings, 1975
Hastings, 1976
Hastings, 1977
Hastings, 1978
Hastings, 1979
Hastings, 1980
Hastings, 1981
Hastings, 1982
Hastings, 1983
Hastings, 1984
Hastings, 1985
Hastings, 1986
Hastings, 1987
Hastings, 1988
Hastings, 1989
Hastings, 1990
Hastings, 1991
Hastings, 1992
Hastings, 1993
Hastings, 1994
Hastings, 1995
Hastings, 1996
Hastings, 1997
Hastings, 1998
Hastings, 1999
Hastings, 2000
Hastings, 2001
Hastings, 2002
Hastings, 2003
Hastings, 2004
Hastings, 2006
Hastings, 2007
Hastings, 2008
Hastings, 2009
Hastings, 2010
Hastings, 2011
Hastings, 2012
Hastings, 2013
Hastings, 2014
Hastings, 2016
Hastings, 2021
Havana, 1913
Havana, 1962
Havana, 1963
Havana, 1965
Heidelberg, 1949
Hilversum, 1973
Hollywood, 1945
Homburg, 1927
Hoogeveen, 2003
Hoogeveen, 2006
Interzonal, 1948
Interzonal, 1952
Interzonal, 1955
Interzonal, 1958
Interzonal, 1962
Interzonal, 1964
Interzonal, 1967
Interzonal, 1970
Interzonal, 1973a
Interzonal, 1973b
Interzonal, 1976a
Interzonal, 1976b
Interzonal, 1979a
Interzonal, 1979b
Interzonal, 1982a
Interzonal, 1982b
Interzonal, 1982c
Interzonal, 1985a
Interzonal, 1985b
Interzonal, 1985c
Interzonal, 1987a
Interzonal, 1987b
Interzonal, 1987c
Interzonal, 1990
Interzonal, 1993
Jermuk, 2009
Johannesburg, 1979
Johannesburg, 1981
Karlovy, 1948
Karlsbad, 1911
Karlsbad, 1923
Karlsbad, 1929
Kecskemet, 1927
Kemeri, 1937
Kemeri, 1939
Kiel, 1893
Kiev, 1903
Kosice, 1918
Krakow, 1940
Krakow, 1941
Krefeld, 1871
Kuibyshev, 1942
Lake Hopatcong, 1926
Las Palmas, 1972
Las Palmas, 1973
Las Palmas, 1974
Las Palmas, 1975
Las Palmas, 1976
Las Palmas, 1977
Las Palmas, 1978
Las Palmas, 1980
Las Palmas, 1981
Las Palmas, 1982
Las Palmas, 1991
Las Palmas, 1993
Las Palmas, 1994
Las Palmas, 1996
Las Vegas, 2015
Leiden, 1970
Leipzig, 1876
Leipzig, 1877
Leipzig, 1879
Leipzig, 1894
Leningrad, 1934
Leningrad, 1937
Leningrad, 1939
Leningrad, 1977
Leon, 1996
Liege, 1930
Linares, 1981
Linares, 1983
Linares, 1985
Linares, 1988
Linares, 1989
Linares, 1990
Linares, 1991
Linares, 1992
Linares, 1993
Linares, 1994
Linares, 1995
Linares, 1997
Linares, 1998
Linares, 1999
Linares, 2000
Linares, 2001
Linares, 2002
Linares, 2003
Linares, 2004
Linares, 2005
Linares, 2006
Linares, 2007
Linares, 2008
Linares, 2009
Ljubljana, 1938
Ljubojevic, 1975
Ljubojevic, 1977
Lodz, 1935
Lodz, 1938
London, 1851
London, 1862
London, 1866
London, 1872
London, 1876
London, 1877
London, 1883
London, 1892
London, 1899
London, 1900
London, 1922
London, 1927
London, 1932
London, 1946
London, 1980
London, 1982
London, 1984
London, 1986
London, 2009
London, 2012
London, 2015
LosAngeles, 1963
Lugano, 1970
Lviv, 2000
Madrid, 1943
Madrid, 1996
Madrid, 1997
Madrid, 1998
Maehrisch, 1923
Magdeburg, 1927
Manchester, 1857
Manchester, 1890
Manila, 1974
Manila, 1975
Mannheim, 1914
Mar Del Plata, 1934
Mar Del Plata, 1936
Mar Del Plata, 1941
Mar Del Plata, 1942
Mar Del Plata, 1943
Mar Del Plata, 1944
Mar Del Plata, 1945
Mar Del Plata, 1946
Mar Del Plata, 1947
Mar Del Plata, 1948
Mar Del Plata, 1949
Mar Del Plata, 1950
Mar Del Plata, 1951
Mar Del Plata, 1952
Mar Del Plata, 1953
Mar Del Plata, 1954
Mar Del Plata, 1955
Mar Del Plata, 1956
Mar Del Plata, 1957
Mar Del Plata, 1958
Mar Del Plata, 1959
Mar Del Plata, 1960
Mar Del Plata, 1961
Mar Del Plata, 1962
Mar Del Plata, 1965
Mar Del Plata, 1966
Mar Del Plata, 1967
Mar Del Plata, 1968
Mar Del Plata, 1969
Mar Del Plata, 1970
Mar Del Plata, 1971
Mar Del Plata, 1972
Mar Del Plata, 1973
Mar Del Plata, 1976
Mar Del Plata, 1979
Mar Del Plata, 1981
Mar Del Plata, 1982
Margate, 1935
Margate, 1936
Margate, 1937
Margate, 1938
Margate, 1939
Marienbad, 1925
Medias, 2011
Meran, 1924
Merano, 1926
Merida, 2000
Merida, 2001
Milan, 1975
MonteCarlo, 1901
MonteCarlo, 1902
MonteCarlo, 1903
MonteCarlo, 1904
MonteCarlo, 1967
Montecatini, 2000
Montevideo, 1941
Montreal, 1979
Moscow, 1899
Moscow, 1901
Moscow, 1920
Moscow, 1925
Moscow, 1935
Moscow, 1936
Moscow, 1947
Moscow, 1956
Moscow, 1959
Moscow, 1966
Moscow, 1967
Moscow, 1971
Moscow, 1975
Moscow, 1981
Moscow, 1985
Moscow, 1992
Moscow, 2005
Moscow, 2006
Moscow, 2007
Moscow, 2008
Moscow, 2009
Moscow, 2011
Moscow, 2012
Moscow, 2013
Munich, 1900
Munich, 1941
Munich, 1942
Munich, 1993
Naestved, 1985
Nalchik, 2009
Nanjing, 2008
Nanjing, 2009
Netanya, 1968
Netanya, 1969
Netanya, 1973
New York, 1857
New York, 1880
New York, 1889
New York, 1893
New York, 1894
New York, 1913
New York, 1915
New York, 1916
New York, 1918
New York, 1924
New York, 1927
New York, 1931
New York, 1940
New York, 1951
Nice, 1930
Niksic, 1978
Niksic, 1983
Noordwijk, 1938
Nottingham, 1936
Novgorod, 1994
Novgorod, 1995
Novgorod, 1996
Novgorod, 1997
Novi Sad, 1984
Nuremberg, 1883
Nuremberg, 1896
Nuremberg, 1906
Oslo, 1984
Ostende, 1905
Ostende, 1906
Ostende, 1907a
Ostende, 1907b
Ostende, 1937
Palma, 1966
Palma, 1967
Palma, 1968
Palma, 1969
Palma, 1970
Palma, 1971
Palma, 1972
Pamplona, 2006
Paris, 1867
Paris, 1878
Paris, 1900
Paris, 1924
Paris, 1925
Paris, 1933
Paris, 2013
Parnu, 1937
Parnu, 1947
Parnu, 1996
Pasadena, 1932
PCA Candidates, 1994
PCA Qualifier, 1993
Philadelphia, 1876
Podebrady, 1936
Poikovsky, 2004
Poikovsky, 2005
Poikovsky, 2006
Poikovsky, 2007
Poikovsky, 2008
Poikovsky, 2009
Polanica, 1998
Polanica, 2000
Portoroz, 1985
Prague, 1908
Prague, 1943
Ramsgate, 1929
Reggio Emilia, 1985
Reggio Emilia, 1986
Reggio Emilia, 1987
Reggio Emilia, 1989
Reggio Emilia, 1991
Reggio Emilia, 1992
Reggio Emilia, 2012
Reykjavik, 1987
Reykjavik, 1988
Reykjavik, 1991
Reykjavik, 2015
Riga, 1995
Rogaska, 1929
Rosario, 1939
Rotterdam, 1989
Rovinj, 1970
SaintLouis, 2014
Salzburg, 1942
Salzburg, 1943
SanAntonio, 1972 (Fried Chicken)
San Remo, 1930
San Sebastian, 1911
San Sebastian, 1912
Santa Monica, 1966
Sarajevo, 1984
Sarajevo, 1999
Sarajevo, 2000
Sarajevo, 2008
Scarborough, 1930
Semmering, 1926
Semmering, 1937
Shamkir, 2014
Skelleftea, 1989
Skopje, 1967
Skopje Section A, 1972
Skopje Section B, 1972
Skopje Section C, 1972
Skopje Section D, 1972
Sliac, 1932
Sochi, 1973
Sochi, 1982
Sochi, 2008
Sofia, 2005
Sofia, 2006
Sofia, 2007
Sofia, 2008
Sofia, 2009
Soviet Championship, 1920
Soviet Championship, 1923
Soviet Championship, 1924
Soviet Championship, 1925
Soviet Championship, 1927
Soviet Championship, 1929
Soviet Championship, 1931
Soviet Championship, 1933
Soviet Championship, 1934
Soviet Championship, 1937
Soviet Championship, 1939
Soviet Championship, 1940
Soviet Championship, 1944
Soviet Championship, 1945
Soviet Championship, 1947
Soviet Championship, 1948
Soviet Championship, 1949
Soviet Championship, 1950
Soviet Championship, 1951
Soviet Championship, 1952
Soviet Championship, 1953
Soviet Championship, 1955
Soviet Championship, 1956
Soviet Championship, 1957
Soviet Championship, 1958
Soviet Championship, 1959
Soviet Championship, 1960
Soviet Championship, 1961a
Soviet Championship, 1961b
Soviet Championship, 1962
Soviet Championship, 1963
Soviet Championship, 1964
Soviet Championship, 1965
Soviet Championship, 1966
Soviet Championship, 1967
Soviet Championship, 1968
Soviet Championship, 1969
Soviet Championship, 1970
Soviet Championship, 1971
Soviet Championship, 1972
Soviet Championship, 1973
Soviet Championship, 1974
Soviet Championship, 1975
Soviet Championship, 1976
Soviet Championship, 1977
Soviet Championship, 1978
Soviet Championship, 1979
Soviet Championship, 1980
Soviet Championship, 1981
Soviet Championship, 1983
Soviet Championship, 1984
Soviet Championship, 1985
Soviet Championship, 1986
Soviet Championship, 1987
Soviet Championship, 1988
Soviet Championship, 1989
Soviet Championship, 1990
Soviet Championship, 1991
Stavanger, 2013
Stavanger, 2014
Stepanakert, 2005
StLouis, 1904
Stockholm, 1930
St. Petersburg, 1878
St. Petersburg, 1895
St. Petersburg, 1905
St. Petersburg, 1909
St. Petersburg, 1913
St. Petersburg, 1914
Stuttgart, 1939
Sverdlovsk, 1943
Swinemunde, 1930
Swinemunde, 1931
Szcawno, 1950
Tashkent, 2012
Teeside, 1975
Teplitz, 1922
TerApel, 1997
Thessalonika, 2013
Tilburg, 1977
Tilburg, 1978
Tilburg, 1979
Tilburg, 1980
Tilburg, 1981
Tilburg, 1982
Tilburg, 1983
Tilburg, 1984
Tilburg, 1985
Tilburg, 1986
Tilburg, 1987
Tilburg, 1989
Tilburg, 1990
Tilburg, 1991
Tilburg, 1992
Tilburg, 1993
Tilburg, 1994
Tilburg, 1996
Tilburg, 1997
Tilburg, 1998
Titograd, 1984
Trencianske, 1941
Trencianske, 1949
Triberg, 1915
Triberg, 1921
Turin, 1982
Ujpest, 1934
Ventnor, 1939
Ventnor, 1940
Ventnor, 1941
Ventnor, 1942
Ventnor, 1943
Ventnor, 1944
Ventnor, 1945
Vienna, 1873
Vienna, 1882
Vienna, 1898
Vienna, 1899
Vienna, 1903
Vienna, 1907
Vienna, 1908
Vienna, 1922
Vienna, 1923
Vienna, 1937
Vienna, 1996
Vilnius, 1909
Vilnius, 1912
Vinkovci, 1968
Vrbas, 1980
Waddinxveen, 1979
Warsaw, 1947
World Chess Ch Qualifier, 1998
World Chess Ch Qualifier, 2002
World Chess Ch Qualifier, 2007
World Chess Ch Qualifier, 2009
Wijk Aan Zee, 1968
Wijk Aan Zee, 1969
Wijk Aan Zee, 1970
Wijk Aan Zee, 1971
Wijk Aan Zee, 1972
Wijk Aan Zee, 1973
Wijk Aan Zee, 1974
Wijk Aan Zee, 1975
Wijk Aan Zee, 1976
Wijk Aan Zee, 1977
Wijk Aan Zee, 1978
Wijk Aan Zee, 1979
Wijk Aan Zee, 1980
Wijk Aan Zee, 1981
Wijk Aan Zee, 1982
Wijk Aan Zee, 1983
Wijk Aan Zee, 1984
Wijk Aan Zee, 1985
Wijk Aan Zee, 1986
Wijk Aan Zee, 1987
Wijk Aan Zee, 1988
Wijk Aan Zee, 1989
Wijk Aan Zee, 1991
Wijk Aan Zee, 1992
Wijk Aan Zee, 1993
Wijk Aan Zee, 1994
Wijk Aan Zee, 1995
Wijk Aan Zee, 1996
Wijk Aan Zee, 1997
Wijk Aan Zee, 1998
Wijk Aan Zee, 1999
Wijk Aan Zee, 2000
Wijk Aan Zee, 2001
Wijk Aan Zee, 2002
Wijk Aan Zee, 2003
Wijk Aan Zee, 2004
Wijk Aan Zee, 2005
Wijk Aan Zee, 2006
Wijk Aan Zee, 2007
Wijk Aan Zee, 2008
Wijk Aan Zee, 2009
Wijk Aan Zee, 2010
Wijk Aan Zee, 2011
Wijk Aan Zee, 2012
Wijk Aan Zee, 2013
Wijk Aan Zee, 2014
Winnipeg, 1967
World Cup, 2005
World Cup, 2007
World Cup, 2009
World Cup, 2011
World Cup, 2013
Yerevan, 1965
Zagreb, 1965
Zandvoort, 1936
Zug, 2013
Zurich, 1934
Zurich, 2014
Ebook PGNs
Alberston - 303 Tricky Chess Tactics
Baburin - Winning Pawn Structures
Benko - Winning With Chess Psychology
Bronstein - Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953
Korchnoi - My Life in Chess
Larsen - My Games
Lotti - Variants to Win
Monteiro - Chess Poetry
Reinfeld - World's Greatest Chess Games
Schiller - Queen Pawn Openings
Seirawan - Winning Chess Brilliancies
Seirawan - Winning Chess Strategies
Seirawan - Winning Chess Tactics
Soltis - Winning with 1. d4
Spence - Vienna Gambit Tournament 1903
Vainstein - Combinations
Van Reek - Hypermodern Strategy
Van Seters - Chess Olympiads 1927-1974
Varnusz - Lajos Portisch
Varnusz - Play Anti-Indian Systems
Vigorito - Nimzo-Indian
Volchok - Method in Chess
Wade - Chess Tactics for Beginners
Wade - Sousse 1967
Waitzkin - Attacking Chess
Walker - Attacking The King
Walker - Chess Openings For Juniors
Walton - The Benko Gambit
Weeramantry - Lessons of a Chess Coach
Wellmuth - Golden Treasury of Chess
Wells - Winning With the Trompowsky
Wenman - 100 Chess Gems
Wenman - 111 Selected Problems
Wenman - 175 Chess Brilliancies
Wenman - Gems of the Chess Board
Weteschnik - 100 Combinations
White - A Century of Two-Movers
Wicker - 200 Modern Brilliancies
Wieteck - Classic Games
Wieteck - Mate in 20 Moves
Wilson - 202 Checkmates for Children
Wilson - 202 Surprising Checkmates
Wilson - 303 Perplexing Chess Puzzles
Wilson - 303 Tricky Chess Puzzles
Wincor - Baroque Chess Openings
Wolchok - chess tactics
Wolff - Kasparov versus Anand
Yusupov - Chess Lessons
Zambrano - Capablanca
Zichichi - Chess
Znosko-Borovsky - How Not to Play Chess
Znosko-Borovsky - How to Play Chess Endings
Znosko Borovsky - The Art Of Chess Combination
Znosko-Borovsky - Traps on the Chessboard
Averbakh - Endgame Theory
Bakker - Jan Timman
Bellon - Positional Play
Chernev - 12 Great Chess Players
Clarke - Tal's Best Games
Ellerman - USA vs USSR 1945
Euwe - Judgment and Planning in Chess
Hartston - Teach Yourself Better Chess
Hooper - Unknown Capablanca
Kiprov - King Hunt
Koblenz - Chess Tactics 2
Kolesnikov - Checkmate in Ukraine
Kotov - Chess Tactics
Kotov - Think like a Grandmaster
Markland - Karpov
Nesis - Tactics in the Grunfeld
Nesis - Theory of Combinations
Pandolfini - Traps and Zaps 2
Pandolfini - Traps and Zaps
Persson - Tigers Modern
Petrosian - Lessons of Strategy
Ponzetto - Chess Tests
Schuster - What is the Best Move
Seirawan - Take my Rooks
Tal - Tal-Botvinnik 1960
Tamburro - Learn Chess From The Greats
Tangborn - Improving and Staying Sharp
Tarrasch - Die Modern Schachpartie
Tarrasch - The Game of Chess
Tartakower - My Best Games
Taylor - How to Defeat the Smith-Morra Gambit
Taylor - New York 1985
Teschner - Chess Games 1971-1975
Teschner - Master Chess Games
Teschner - The Middlegame
Thorsten - Sicilian Dragon
Timman - Analysis of GM Games
Timman - On The Attack
Timman - Timmans Selected Games
Tolush - Valentinea Tolush
Toran - Chess Strategy
Toran - David Bronstein
Trois - Francisco Trois
Turov - Pearls of Chess
Tykodi - Purdys Fine Art
Unger - Strategical Themes
Urban - The Pawn in Chess
Bagnoli - Chess Stories
Botvinnik - Soviet championship 1941
Dvoretsky - Secrets of Chess Training
Evans - How to Open a Chess Game.pgn
Karpov - Semi-open Games
Koblenz - Chess Strategy
Kotov - Chess Strategy 2
Kotov - Soviet School of Chess
Lindberg - Upsala chess
Lommer - 1234 Modern End-Game Studies
Neistadt - Steinitz
Nimzowitsch - The Practice of My System
Ornstein - Chess
Pyskin - Super Nezh Chess Assasin
Rosen - My Child Plays Chess
Sadler - The Slav
Sapundziev - System Botvinik against Queens Gambit
Schiller - 639 Essential Endgame Positions
Schiller - Defense to King Pawn Openings
Schiller - Defense To Queen Pawn Openings
Schiller - Learn From Bobby Fischer's greatest games
Schiller - Learn From Kasparov's Games
Schiller - Saving Lost Positions
Schiller - Standard Chess Openings
Schiller - Whiz Kids Teach Chess
Schiller - Your Black Openings
Schiller - Your White Openings
Schonberg - Grandmasters of Chess
Schuster - Unforgettable Chessgames
Segal - Tactics Fundamentals
Seirawan - No Regrets
Seirawan - Winning Chess Endings
Seirawan - Winning Chess Openings
Seneca - Chess
Sergeant - Morphy Gleanings
Shamkovich - Modern Chess Sacrifice
Shamkovich - Tactical Chess Training
Shereshevsky - Endgame Strategy
Short - Chess Basics
Shumilin - Chess Tactics Training
Silman - The Complete Book of Chess Strategy
Simen Agdestein - Wonderboy
Siwek - Jose Raul Capablanca
Skinner - Alekhine's Chess Games 1902-46
Smith - Grand Prix Attack
Smith - Smith-Morra Gambit
Smith - Test Your Opening Middlegame and Endgame Play
Smith - Test Your Opening Middlegame and Endgame Play - Vol 2
Smyslov - Selected Games
Snyder - Chess for Juniors
Snyder - Chess Lessons for Juniors
Snyder - More Unbeatable Chess for Juniors
Snyder - Winning Chess Traps for Juniors
Sokolsky - The Game of Chess
Soloviov - Shirovs One Hundred Wins
Soltis - Beating the Pirc
Soltis - Bobby Fischer rediscovered
Soltis - Catalog of Chess Mistakes
Soltis - Colle System Koltanowski Variation
Soltis - Frank Marshall.pgn
Soltis - French Defence Advance Variation
Soltis - Grandmaster Secrets Endings
Soltis - How to Choose a Chess Move
Soltis - New Ideas in Chess
Soltis - New Ideas in Chess Vol. 2
Soltis - Pawn Structure Chess
Soltis - Petrosian The Powerful
Soltis - Pillsbury The Extraordinary
Soltis - Tal the Magnificent
Soltis - The Best Games of Boris Spassky
Soltis - The Great Chess Tournaments
Soltis - The Inner Game of Chess
Soltis - The Stonewell Attack
Soltis - Turning Advantage into Victory
Soltis - White Opening Systems
Soltis - Why Lasker Matters
Soppe - Eliskases
Speelman - Best chess games 1970-1980
Spielmann - The Art of the Sacrifice
Sreenivasarao - 2000 Brilliancies
Stean - Simple Chess
Stefan - Chess Opening Essentials
Steinitz - Steinitz and Blackburne Chess Match
Steinkohl - Look outside
Subramanian - 600 Winning Chess Themes
Suetin - Advanced Chess Book
Suetin - Alexei Suetin
Suetin - Chess Laboratory
Suetin - Chess Training
Suetin - Opening and Middlegame
Suetin - Petroff and Kings Gambit
Suetin - The Great Soviet Players
Sukhin - 1000 Most Famous Chess Combinations
Snyder - Unbeatable Chess Lessons
Watts - Pillsburys Chess Career
Bjelica-Report from Baguio
Bronstein-Grand Chess
Chernev-Chess Strategy and Tactics.pgn
Clarke-Petrosian Best Games
Euwe-Road to Chess Mastery
Euwe-The Logical Approach to Chess
Guerrero-320 games of Richard Guerrero
Hooper-Oxford Companion to Chess
Kahn-The Art of the Checkmate
Karpov-The Games of Chess
Keene-An Opening Repertoire for White
Keene- Duels of the Mind
Keres-Power Chess
Linder-Russian Masters
Luppi-Chess Olympiads
Neistadt-Practical Chess
Nesis-Transition to Endgame
O'Kelly-34 Chess Games
Pachman-Complete Chess Strategy Principles
Pachman - Decisive Games
Pachman - Modern Chess Strategy
Pachman-Modern Games of Chess
Pachman-My 100 Best Games
Pachman-Psychology and Tricks in Chess
Palatnik - The Tarrasch Formula
Palau - Combinations
Palau-Paul Morphy
Palliser - Play 1. d4
Pandolfini - Bobby Fischers Outrageous Chess Moves
Pandolfini Bruce - Endgame Workshop
Pandolfini - Chessercizes
Pandolfini - Chess Target Practice
Pandolfini - More Chessersizes
Pandolfini - One Move Chess by the Champions
Pandolfini - Power Mates
Pandolfini-Principles of Chess
Pandolfini-Russian Chess
Pandolfini-Solitaire Chess
Pandolfini - The Chess Doctor
Pandolfini - The Winning Way
Panov-Selected Games
Paoli-Strategy and Tactics in Chess
Pecci - A Psychiatrist Matches Wits with Fritz
Petrosian-Chess Theory
Petrosian - Petrosian's Legacy
Pezzi - Chess
Pfleger-Best Games of German Chess
Pfleger-TV worldcup 1982
Plaskett - Playing To Win
Plitsetski-Decisive Victories
Polgar- 200 Mate_combinations
Polgar - Queen of the King's Game
Ponzetto-School Of Chess
Porreca-Complete Book of Chess
Raja - Indian Masters beat Grandmasters
Rattmann - Leonid Stein
Reinfeld - An Experts Guide to Chess Strategy
Reinfeld - Attack and Counter-attack in chess
Reinfeld - Chess Masters on Winning Chess
Reinfeld - Chess Mastery by Question and Answer
Reinfeld - Chess - Win in 20 Moves or Less
Reinfeld - Complete Book of Chess Stratagems
Reinfeld - Tarraschs Best Games of Chess
Reinfeld - The Immortal Games of Capablanca
Reinfeld - Win at chess.pgn
Reinfield - Nimzovich The Hypermodern
Reitstein - Test your chess
Reshevsky - Art Of Positional Play
Reti-Chess Studies
Reti-Masters of the Chessboard
Ribli - Winning with the English
Richter-Check Mate
Robertie - Basic Endgame Strategy
Robertie - Master Checkmate Strategy
Robertie - Winning Chess Openings
Robertie - Winning Chess Tactics
Roizman-Chess Duels
Romanovsky-Chess Games
Rubinstein -Chess Masterpieces
Rudel - Colle-Zukertort Revolutionised
Ruvolo-120 Miniature Games
Seirawan - Play winning chess
Silman-Reassess Your Chess Workbook
Soltis - Morphy Chess Masterpieces
Temi-115_games of Petrosian
Teschner - Master Games 1986-1990
Uhlmann-Strategy for Chess
Wade-Palma de Mallorca 1970
Adams-The Games of Karpov
Averbakh-Lessons in Chess
Averbakh-Play Chess
Barden-How Good is Your Chess?
Barden-The Master Game
Borulia-Mastering the Bishop Pair
Braslawski-Middlegame Theory
Capablanca-Lasker vs. Capablanca
Charushin-Lasker's Combination
Charushin-Tactician's Handbook
Chernev-Practical Chess Endings
Chernev-Traps in the Opening
Chernev-Winning Chess Traps
Coles-Your Guide to Better Chess
Cozens-Lessons in Chess Strategy
Crouch-Pawn Chains
Curry-Win at Chess
Czerniak-Selected Games of Botvinnik
Agostini-Basic Chess
Damski-The Break
Damsky-Grandmaster Geller
Davies- Fischer-Spassky 20 Years Later
Davies-The Power Chess Program.pgn
Delchev-Safest Sicilian
Del Rosario-A First Book of Morphy
Demouve-Basics of Chess Tactics
Denker-My Best Ches Games 1929-1976
De Santis-Colle System
Djuric-Understanding the Opening
Dommett-Emil Josef Diemer
Donaldson-Akiva (Akiba) Rubenstein
Donaldson-A Strategic Opening Repertoire
Dorfman-Chess Method
Dorfman-The Critical Momemnt
Druke- Gibbins-Weidenhagen Gambit
Dufresne-Sammlung Leichterer Schachaufgaben
Dunnington-Winning with the Catalan
Durkin-Knightmare, a New Chess Opening
Duz- Zhotmirsky-Selected Games
Dvoretsky-Advanced Course in Chess Analysis
Dvoretsky-Opening Developments
Dvoretsky-Opening Preparation
Dvoretsky-Positional Play
Dvoretsky-Practical Chess Lessons
Dvoretsky-Secrets of Chess Tactics
Eade-San Francisco 1995
Eliskases-Playing Position
Enklaar-Alehine Caro-Kann-Pirc
Estrin-Treatise of Superior Chess
Estrin-World Champions
Euwe-Chess Master and Grandmaster
Euwe-Euwe vs. Alekhine Match 1935
From my Chess Games 1920-1937
Euwe-I Test Myself
Euwe-Chess Master vs. Chess Amateur
Euwe-Practical Chess Lessons
Euwe-Strategy and Tactics in Chess
Euwe-The Development of Chess Style
Euwe-The Middlegame
Euwe-Uncle John Teaches Chess
Euwe-Chess Endgame Quiz
Evans-How Good is Your Chess?
Evans-How to Get Better at Chess
Evans-Lessons with the Masters
Evans-What's the Best Move?
Filip-17th Chess Olympiad
Fine-Chess the Easy Way
Fine-Great Moments in Modern Chess
Fine-Ideas Behind the Chess Openings
Fine-Lasker's Greatest Chess Games
Fine-Lessons from My Games
Fine-The Middle Game in Chess
Fine-The Middlegame
Fine-The World's Great Chess Games
Fishbein-King and Pawn Endings
Flesch-Planning in Chess
Florian-Defense and Counterattack
Forbes-The Polgar Sisters
Gannholms-The Gannholms Special
Gelencze-200 Opening Traps
Gelenczie-Game Against Grandmaster
Gelfer-The Positional Chess Handbook
Giffard-100 Chess Exercises
Gillam-Better Chess
Gillam-Improve Your Chess
Gillam-Winning at Chess
Gillam-Your First Chess Games
Gillam-Your Move
Gipslis-Best Games
Gligoric-I Play Against Pieces
Gligoric- Nimzo-Indian Defense
Golombek-Capablanca's Best Games
Golombek-Reti's Best Games
Golombek-The Game of Chess
Grau-General Treatise of Chess
Grefe-French Defense for Black
Greif-200 Challenging Chess Puzzles
Grief-200 Demanding Chess Puzzles
Griffiths-Exploring the Endgame
Grivianis-Winning Correspondence Chess
Grivas-Chess Training
Grooten-Chess Strategy for Club Players
Gufeld-Exploiting Small Advantages
Gufeld-Improve Your Chess Tactics
Gufeld-My Life is Chess
Hall-Chess Instructions
Hall-Endgame Challenge
Hall-Opening Systems
Harding-Winning at Correspondence Chess
Harley-Mastering the French
Hartston-Guinness Book of Grandmasters
Hartston-Karpov Korchnoi 1974
Hartston - Teach Yourself Chess
Hartston - The Master Game Book Two
Hays - Winning Chess Tactics
Hebert - Border Wars III
Heidenfeld - Draw
Heisman - Looking for trouble
Heisman - The Improving Annotator
Helms-New York 1924
Heyken - Beginner Chess Course
Hochberg-Solve Chess Problems
Hodgson - Attack
Hoffmann - Chess Gladiator
Horowitz-Fifth Book of Chess
Horowitz-First Book of Chess
Horowitz-Fourth Book of Chess
Horowitz - games to remember
Horowitz-How To Think Ahead
Horowitz - How To Win in the Middlegame
Horowitz - How to Win in the Openings
Horowitz - Modern Ideas in Openings
Horowitz - New Traps in the Opening
Horowitz-Second Book of Chess
Horowitz - Solitaire Chess
Horowitz - The Golden Treasury of Chess
Horowitz-Third Book of Chess
Horowitz - Winning Chess Tactics
Hosseini - Chess Strategy Test
Howard - Spectacular Chess Problems
Howell-Essential Chess Endgames
Huertas-Chess Methodology
Iudicello-Modern Course in Chess
Jakobetz-Chess Tests
Jung-Classic Bishop Sacrifice
Kahn-The Game of Chess
Kan-Fundamentals of Chess
Kan-The Art of Defense
Karklins - Modern Grandmaster Chess
Karolyi - Judit Polgar
Karpov-60 Selected Games
Karpov-Chess First Love
Karpov - How to Play the English Opening
Karpov - Learn From Your Defeats
Karpov - My Best Games
Karpov - Semen Furman
Kashdan - Second Piatigorsky Cup
Kasparian-endgames and studies
Kasparov - Kasparov Teaches Chess
Kasparov - the test of time
Kaufman - The Chess Advantage
Keene - Discover Your Chess Strength
Keene - Duels of the Mind
Keene - Good Move Guide
Keene - How to Beat Gary Kasparov
Keene - How to Play the Nimzo-Indian
Keene - Karpov-Korchnoi 1978
Keene - Korchnoi vs Spassky
Keene-Learn From the Masters
Keene - Nimzowitsch
Keene - Pocket Book of Chess
Keres - Combinations
Keres-Investigations on the Board
Keres-My Chess Style
Keres-Practical Endgames
Keres-The Art of the Middlegame
Keres-The Early Games of Keres
Keres-The Road to the Top
Khenkin - Anthology of the Mate Combinations
Kholmov-Best Games
Kindermann - Leningrad System
Kindermann - Spanisch Exchange
King - How Good is Your Chess
King-Kasparov vs. Deeper Blue
King - Test and Training
King - The Closed Sicilian
Kmoch-Pawn Power in Chess
Kmoch - Rubinstein Chess Masterpieces
Koblenz-Analyze Chess Properly
Koblenz-The Magical World
Koblenz-Theory and Practice from Chess
Kofman-Selected Studies
Koltanowski - Chessnicdotes 2
Koltanowski - Chessnicdotes
Koltanowski-TV Chess
Konig-From Morphy to Botvinnik
Korchnoi - Chess is My Life
Korchnoi - My Best Games volume 1
Korchnoi - My Best Games volume 2
Kostiev - From Beginner to Expert in 40 Lessons
Kotov - Alekhine vol 1
Kotov - Alekhine vol 2
Kotov - How To Play Combinative Chess
Krogius-Laws of the Endgame
Krogius-Psychology of Chess
Kuif-Dagschaak 2003
Lane - Find the Winning Move
Lane - Guide to Attacking Chess
Lane - Ideas Behind the Modern Openings
Lane - The Bishops Opening Explained
Lane - The Ruy Lopez Explained
Lane - Victory in the Opening
Larsen - Good Move Guide
Larsen - My Best Games
Larsen - San Antonio 1972
Larsen-Tactics and Technique
Larsen-Test Your Chess Skill
Lasker - Chess Secrets
Lasker - Chess Strategy
Lasker - Common Sense in Chess
Lasker - Lasker's Manual of Chess
Lawton - Tony Miles
Lees - The Games of David Lees
Leininger - Middlegame Strategy
Levenfish - Rook Endings
Levitt - Secrets of Positional Chess
Levy-Opening Repertorire
Levy - Sacrifices in the Sicilian
Lipnitsky - Modern Chess Theory
Littlewood - Chess Tactics
Lombardy - Chess Panorama
Lotti - Gambit to Win
Lotti-Opening Guide
Lysenko-How to Evaluate a Position
Malkin-Alexander Kotov
Malmgren-My Best Games
Marfia - 1982 US Open
Marfia - 1984 US Open
Mariotti-First Steps in Chess
Maroczy-London 1922
Marovic-Opening Repertoire For Black
Marshall - Best Games
Marshall - My Fifty Years of Chess
Marusenko-Kiev 1978
Mason - Principles of Chess
Matsukevich-Opening Blunders
McDonald - Art of Logical Thinking
McDonald - Mastering Checkmates
McDonald - Mastering Chess Tactics
McDonald - Planning in Chess
McDonald's - The Art of Logical Thinking
McDonald - The Sveshnikov Sicilian
Mednis - How Karpov Wins
Mednis - How to Beat Bobby Fischer
Mednis-How to Play Good Openings
Mednis - Lessons in the Endgame
Mednis - Practical Rook Endings
Mednis - Strategic Chess
Messa_Karpov-Kasparov 1985
Messere - The Potter Memorial
Miliani-The Game of Chess
Monticelli- Fischer Spassky 1972
Moran-World Champions
Moskalenko - The Flexible French
Muchnik-Chess Combinations
Nabokov - Poems and Problems
Napier - Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess
Naroditsky - Mastering Positional Chess
Neishtadt - Attacking the King
Neishtadt - Your Mov
Neistadt-Successful Attack
Nesis - Tactics In The French
Nesis-Tactics in the_King's Indian Defense
Nesis - Tactics in the Queens Indian
Nesis-The Art of Simplicity
Nikitin - Sicilian English Attack
Nikolaiczuk-Fischer Endgames
Nimzowitsch-Carlsbad 1929
Norwood - Advanced Chess
Nunn-Secrets of Grandmaster Play
Pachman-Computer Chess
Palmiotto-Vincenzo Nestler
Pandolfini - Kasparov and Deep Blue
Porreca-Opening Theory and Practice
Reinfeld - Great Short Games
Reinfeld - Hypermodern Chess
Reshevsky-How Games are Won
Reti-Scientific Chess
Sergeant-Morphy Games
Silman-How to Reassess Your Chess
Smyslov - Rook_Endgames
Soltis - The U.S. Chess Championship
Spence-New York 1927
Tartakower-Hypermodern Games
Znosko-Borovsky- How to Play the Openings
Znosko-Borovsky- Middlegame
Not Only Chess by Abrahams
Mikhail Chigorin by Adams
The Pleasures of Chess by Assaic
Developments in the King's Gambit 1980-1988 by Bangiev
The Master Game by Barden
Diamond Dust by Berry
2nd, 3rd, and 4th American Chess Congress by Bijl
Profile of a Prodigy by Brady
Perlen der Schachspielkunst by Budde
The Fireside Book of Chess by Chernev and Reinfeld
The 1000 Best Short Games of Chess by Chernev
1000 Games by Chernev (complete)
The Bright Side of Chess by Chernev
The Chess Companion by Chernev
The Russians Play Chess by Chernev
Wonders and Curiosities of Chess by Chernev
Epic Battles of the Chessboard by Coles
My Seven Chess Prodigies by Collins
The Unknown Bobby Fischer by Donaldson
More Miniature Games by Dumont
Chess Catechism by Evans
Evans on Chess by Evans
The Chess Monthly Vol. 1 by Fiske
Chess Olympiads 1927-1968 by Foldeak
The Best Games of C.H.O.D. Alexander by Golombek
The Master Game Book Two by Hartston
Border Wars by Hebert
Chess Gladiator by Hoffman
Chessnicdotes by Koltanowski
Chessnicdotes 2 by Koltanowski
TV Chess by Koltanowski
Chess Strategy by Ed Lasker
Lee's Chess Games
1976 US Computer Championship by Levy
Games of Gligoric by Levy
US Chess Championship by Lombardy
1982 US Open by Marfia
1984 US Open by Marfia
Potter Memorial by Messere
Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess by Napier
Chess Memoirs by Platz
Leonid Stein by Rattman
Whiz Kids Teach Chess by Schiller
Grandmasters of Chess by Schonberg
Smith-Morra Gambit by Smith
Catalogue of Chess Mistakes by Soltis
The Great Chess Tournaments by Soltis
US Championship 1845-1985 by Soltis
White Opening System by Soltis
Vienna Gambit Tournament 1903 by Spence
Blic Nach Draussen by Steinkohl
New York 1895 by Taylor
Lajos Portisch by Varnusz
1990 World Championship by Wall
Grob Attack by Wall
Larsen Opening by Wall
Benko Gambit by Walton
100 Chess Gems by Wenman
111 Selected Problems by Wenman
175 Chess Brilliancies by Wenman
Gems of the Chessboard by Wenman
200 Modern Brilliancies by Wicker
50 mal Matt im 20 Zug by Wieteck
Baroque Chess Openings by Wincor
Aagard-Attacking Manual
Aagard-Excelling at Technical Chess
Aagard-Experts vs. the Silician
Abrahams-Test Your Chess
Adams-Boleslavsky Selected Games
Adams-Chess in the Fast Lane
Adorjan-Black is OK
Albert-Chess Strategy
Alburt-Chess Tactics
Alburt-Chess Training Pocket Book
Alekhine-107 Great Chess Battles
Alekhine-Best Games 1908-1923
Alekhine-Best Games 1924-1937
Alexander-A Book of Chess
Allen-33 Classic Opening Chess Traps
Arrabal-Success and Failures on the Board
Avchaloumov-Fischer's Endings
Averbakh-Chess Endings Essential Knowledge
Averbakh-Chess Tactics for Advanced Players
Averbakh-Endgame Knowledge
Avi-Creative Chess
Bagnoli-Irregular Openings
Bagnoli-1948 World Championship
Bain-Chess Tactics for Students
Baranov-Storming the Royal Fortress
Barden-How Good is Your Chess?
Bareev-From London to Elista
Barnes-200 Chess Problems
Basman-The Central Attack
Basman-The Creepy Crawly
Beheim-Chess with the Masters
Beheim-The Great Chess Book
Beim-Dynamic Chess
Beim-Paul Morphy
Bjelica-Alexander Alekhine
Blake-Chess Endings for Beginners
Bliss-Rate Your Own Chess
Bobekov-Chess Combinations
Boedicker-Amsterdam Chess
Bonacker-Bern 1932
Bondarevsky-Combinations in the Middle Game
Botvinnik-100 Games
Botvinnik-100 Selected Games
Botvinnik-15 Games and Their Stories
Botvinnik-Best Games 1923-1941
Botvinnik-Best Games 1942-1956
Botvinnik-Best Games 1947-1970
Botvinnik-Best Games Volume 1
Botvinnik-On the Endgame
Botvinnik-World Champion Karpov
Bouwmeester-Winning Chess Combinations
Braunberger-Chess Gambit
Bruno-Porto San Gorgio 2004
Budde-Modern Endgame Technique
Burger-The Chess of Bobby Fischer
Byrne-Great Chess Victories and Defeats
Cafferty-Spassky's Best 100 Games
Camara-Learn Chess
Canal-Selected Games
Capablanca-A Primer of Chess
Capablanca-Chess Fundamentals
My Chess Career
Capece-Mastering Chess Openings
Charushin-Alekhine's Block
Charushin-Combination Cross
Charushin-The Steeple Chase
Chernev-12 Great Chess Players
Chernev-200 Brilliant Endgames
Chernev-Capablanca's Best Chess Endings
Chernev-Capablanca's Best Chess Endings
Chernev-Chessboard Magic
Chernev-Logical Chess Move by Move
Chernev-Logical Chess
Chernev-The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
Chernev-Winning Chess
Christiansen-Rocking the Ramparts
Coles-Dynamic Chess
Collins-An Attacking Repertoire for White
Cozens-The King Hunt in Chess
Crouch-Attacking Technique
Diversi and Pezzi-101 Meraviglie Scacchistiche
Dvoretsky-Attack and Defense
Eade-Chess for Dummies
Filip-Learn From Them
Finegold- Smith-Morra Gambit Finegold Defense
Fox and James-Even More Complete Chess Addict
Gelenczei-200 Neue Eroffnungsfallen
Geller-The Application of Chess Theory
Gelo-World Championships 1834-1984
Giudici-Remo Calapso
Graham-Blackburne's Games of Chess
Holt-Karpov's Best Games
Jacobs-Winning with the Benko
Jacobs-Winning with the Benko (supplemental)
Karpov-Caro Kann
Kostyev-40 Lessons for the Club Player
Kotov-Train Like a Grandmaster
Linder-Aesthetics in Chess
Lionnais-Brilliancy Prize
Lizalde-Buddha to Fischer
Marovic-A Repertoire for Black
Mayer-Bishop Versus Knight
Mednis-From the Opening to the Endgame
Neishtadt-Catastrophe in the Opening
Nesis-Winning Endgame
Nezmetdinov-Selected Games
O'Kelly-World Championship 1966
Pachman-Principles of the Middlegame
Pandolfini-Beginning Chess
Paoli-Chess Combinations
Pasquinelli-ABCs of Chess
Persitz-Central Pawns
Purdy-How Fischer Won
Reinfeld-1001 Chess Combinations
Reinfeld-Chess for Amateurs
Reinfeld-The Immortal Games of Capablanca
Roizman-444 Games
Saidy-The March of Chess Ideas
Santis-How to Become a Master
Seirawan-Take My Rooks
Shashin-Attacking the Queenside
Silman-The Amateur's Mind
Smyslov-125 Selected Games
Smyslov-My Best Games of Chess 1935-1957
Soltis-100 Best Games of the 20th Century
Soltis-Art of Defense
Taimanov-Selected Games
Tarrasch-300 Selected Games
Tartakower-100 Master Games of Chess
Tartakower-500 Master Games of Chess
Timman-Chess the Adventurous Way
Timman-The Art of Analysis
Wade-50th USSR Champion Final 1983
Webb-Chess for Tigers
Ziatdinov-GM RAM
Zichichi-Esteban Canal
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